Unveiling New collection from Mario Cioni

MARIO CIONI, the memorable accumulation which bears the name of the creator, stands out for its reaches dependent on the great groups of high caliber, artistic crystal ware. The Italian crystal brand in all its masterpieces, the exquisite quality of glass and crystal and the use of traditional crafting methods create eye-catching designs that bring ethereal elegance, unique decorative patterns, and intriguing designs into sophisticated homes. We bring to you some of its latest launch to be available only with us here in Spacio.


It is a formed name that gets from the Greek and signifies “endowment of Isis”.

Isis, in Greek folklore, is the Goddess of parenthood and ripeness.

The cone like and geometrical shape speaks to the expansion of the heavenly nature’s arms that are open in a grasp.

The reasonable and symmetrical etchings are the signs that dress the precious stone with splendid differentiations or smooth iced wrapping up. The shading precious stone circle is the association to its natural element to raise up its volume.

(the rocks rose)

Common Mediterranean bloom with a round and conspicuous shape. In nature the blossoming endures only one day. This remarkable minute is presently becoming animated in precious stone. Cistus collection is born. Every petal, each blossom is hand-shaped regarding the characteristic ease of the glowing precious stone, and the air held is fundamental soul. The delicate quality of the curves upgrades the shape to give spaces a blooming of light and hues.

Available in clear, bronze, amethyst, amber and violet flowers these Cistus vases are an extraordinary creation in crystal.


It is the water pushed by the pivot of the propeller. The speed has left pathways on its surface. It is the vitality of the hands that have engraved this unending development. The development leads to this creation called Speed.

This eponymous brand celebrates artistic crystal artifacts and glassware in several historic collections that showcase impeccable craftsmanship and timeless style and the above collection is one such fine example of it.

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Nomon unveils new collection of sophisticated coffee tables

Nomon Home designs a new generation of occasional furniture pieces that win our hearts. They are meant to become design icons with its unique appeal.

Their furniture are objects, small jewels, for our homes, that generate a luxurious experience based in the beauty of simple, well-made things. Having the materials to achieve this experience is a privilege.

The treatment of noble materials with traditional flavor and contemporary attitude convert these furniture pieces into modern classics designs, timeless and eclectic. Craftwork is essential when natural materials as walnut wood or marble are included in the production. One can only obtain that luxury and exclusivity touch that makes the owner of the furniture piece be proud of it, when it has been produced with care by a human hand. We will be witnessing two of its latest designs revealed at Salone Del Mobile lately.

TRIO MIXED Coffee Table Mesa Mixta
TRIO MIXED Coffee Table Mesa Mixta

The Mesa Mixta table’s Its design invites to participate in the creation, combining elements of walnut and marble Sahara Noir, Emperor or Calacatta Gold materials. Envelopes plated in natural walnut or on Emperador marble, Sahara Noir or Calacatta Gold. Legs in natural walnut wood which reflects the power of natural material.

Mesa Mixta coffee table in white background showcasing simple joy of luxurious touch.
Mesa Mixta coffee table in white background showcasing simple joy of luxurious touch.
Coffee table Nomon Mesa Vaiven
Coffee table Nomon Mesa Vaiven

Coffee table made with walnut structure and emperador marble base or made of black stained ash and a Sahara Noir marble base

It can be used as a bedside table or as a support point in the reading corner or with a thousand other uses.

The purity of the wood and the simple lines make it suitable for any type of interiors.

Mesa Vaiven
Mesa Vaiven

A must have coffee table for indoors which denotes elegance and sophistication.

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Ideas to set your dining room for summer

This summer get your home into a cheerful mode with simple changes in dining room. Spacio will tell you how to do it in simple strokes. With all the beauty that summer has to offer, you probably find yourself wanting to enjoy it both indoors and out. Let our dining room get the desired look this summer. Let’s begin!

Breezy dining room is always a thumbs up during summer. What can be fun than grouping flowers and blooms picked up naturally from the garden? Fresh picked flowers are a must for summer style dining table décor.

Complementary shades can feel fresh, not jarring when done correctly. A cool palette on this dining room enclosed keeps heat at bay. Nautical setting adds a very simplistic and modest summer tone for the dining room.

Vibrant colors, a mix of patterns and flowers everywhere — real, painted and printed — make the dining room “cheerful, bright and playful. The walls plays crucial role as a pert of the summer living room.

One should not miss out on the dining table décor in terms of coasters, runners, cutleries, crockeries etc.

Focusing in on one color can help you streamline your table top décor along with the dining room. Plus, it looks superbly fresh. This blue tone setting beautifully embodies the cheerful spirit of summer in your dining room. The chandeliers is adding a luxurious touch to the summer vibe.

The Creative Head and MD of Spacio Mr. Navin Kanodia says “Summer is about bringing elegant vibe to your dining room which provides a soothing visual interest to the eyes. Spacio provides multi-level effect to your dining room with its décor, accessories and furniture which is stunningly unique and seasonal eye candy.”


Cool stools

If there’s one piece of furniture to consider for your homes it has to be the humble stool. It’s perfect for so many areas of our homes, especially if you’re lacking in space which so many of us do.  The stool is one of those pieces that are easily adaptable to suit a variety of uses and not necessarily just for perching your bottom on. Let us look at some of these fancy stool available with Spacio.

Bend bar side chair with a look and feel of a bar stool from Dome Deco can be your ideal space to spend a romantic evening with your loved one. With brown legs and aspen fabric the stool gives a luxurious touch to the cosmopolitan living concept.

Morgan is designed with the sensuality and purity that characterizes Agrippa and invites you to contemplate and enjoy its personality and beauty by its soft and sinuous curves.

An elegant and clean barstool inspired by an artisanal process, raising the wood to its maximum expression, to evoke with harmony the lines and shapes of the great classic and contemporary designs. Its high quality design and construction is shown by details and finishes which enhance the organic shapes with the perfect balance between the element and its proportions.

CASABLANCA BAR STOOL EMOTIONS has been crafted to meet the needs and aspirations of the modern day Cosmopolitan, whilst reinforcing Coleccion Alexandra’s uniqueness.
The stool is upholstered without a fabric finished on wood with stainless steel protection

The LOUISE bar stool from Paulo Antunes with curved back ensure maximum comfort while the solid beech wood frame and show wood finish exude quality and style. This stool sits well within both the commercial and domestic environment.

Round shaped stool looks extremely dapper in any setting and Dome Deco stool with Vincenza fabric creates the magic for a quiet and vibrant setting in an interiors. It is a very easy to go furniture piece which creates a very relaxing vibe.

The MD & Creative Head of Spacio Mr. Navin Kanodia says “We often forget about this small piece of furniture in our interiors which helps in creating great aesthetics and designs. Spacio houses some amazing designs which compliments the interior settings of our homes.”


YY collection of wallpapers from Meystyle to rejuvenate during summers

Welcome to the world of Meystyle where LED wallpaper create deep visual experience and transforms wall into a work of art in this summer season and forever. Meystyle, the London based luxury design brand, innovative LED designer wall paper and fabric provides bespoke solutions where each wallpaper is hand-made to create tailored patterns to compliment other fixtures in the room. Today in our brand focus segment we will be concentrating on YY collection which has some charming neutral tones for fresh summers.

Resonance repeat and interval silver grey
Resonance repeat and interval silver grey

Reinventing the concept of bespoke wallpaper, the YY collection is made for those who want the benefits of a personalized wall without the bespoke lead times. Each YY design is printed on standard rolls measuring 625mm width by 3000mm height.  This allows for every design within a same colour theme to be mixed and matched with the others to form a continuous repeat or a feature display on a part of your wall that gently spreads out on your wall.

Interval sunny beige is a wallpaper is a soothingly beautiful wallpaper which reflects the summer vibe inside an interiors

Echo sunny beige is a wallpaper in grey tone which looks dapper.

These rolls looks extremely dynamic and totally apt to revamp the look of your summer walls. The YY Collection brings revolutionary ideas which displays a stunning range of bespoke wallpapers. Add characters to your walls with YY and let the world talking!