Spacio Designers recommend the Hot Decorating Trends for 2013

Spacio Furniture Design Inspirationist – Navin Kanodia recommends the Hot Decorating Trends for the year 2013.

A lot of new stuff on the shelves would be in brighter, saturated hues, metallic or bright pastel laquers in the year 2013. Brass would be making a comeback in the year 2013 as it revs up any space, affordable and is surely timeless. Fabrics could see a comeback of richer texture, tones and prints.


Organic modernism with warm materials would be more widely used. Weathered look, slates, irregular floors, unfinished look and concrete looks would be preferred to slick looks on the floor/ wall. Polish, high gloss and pieces with shine would be placed on these places to create the focal point in the interiors. Mirror finish stainless steel furniture and decor is sure to stay in 2013.

With art being affordable and made available easily, there would be a lot of place for art in the interiors.

Working from hope is being preferred. Both Men & women now preferring to work from home, a lot of importance would be given to reading areas, bar, gadget rooms & home theatres – specially for men! Overall, a lot of mutual interest would be there to do up the decor of homes.







Spacio Furniture Store Design Inspirationists Tip on Decorating Your Home with Stylish Textiles

You can make your home more beautiful and impressive with the right choice of textiles for your beddings, drapes, carpet, throw pillows and table center pieces and place mats. After all, everybody would love to have a comfortable and presentable home. Paying attention to such important details can add an impact to the way you live. For instance, your choice of beddings should be made from quality textiles with a nice feel and texture suitable for a good night’s sleep.

For the rooms of your home, it would be wonderful to make your curtains or drapes well aligned with the color and theme of that particular room. Textiles can make a suitable ambiance with the right blending of colors and textures. Moreover, it makes the surroundings pleasing to the eyes. These minor details of your home’s interior can create a good impression to your guests. More than that, you and your family will benefit more from the ambiance and over-all feel of your home.

Paying attention to the tiny details of your home can also go a long way. For instance, your choice of place mats or table center pieces can also create an impact to your daily living. If these items are made from durable, well-crafted and finely printed textiles, they can serve as decorative pieces as well. These minor pieces can also turn a simple dinner for your family into something more special. Remember, your choice of textiles is an expression of your taste and class.


A Guide on How to Choose the Right Furniture for Your Home

Spacio design inspirationists – Praveen Kanodia shares a few tips on how to choose the right furniture fro your home.

To create the right look and feel for your home, you have to choose the most ideal furniture that will suit your lifestyle. Having the right furnishings can make your home look and feel comfortable. It always makes your home the most ideal place to be in after a very busy day.

In order to make your home ideal for the whole family, you have to choose the right furniture to complement your lifestyle and needs. For instance, if you have a big family, it is important to have a dining set that can accommodate everybody and contrary to that, if your family has few members, a smaller dining set will be just right and most suitable. Home is where the whole family spend time together every single day. Thus, it is important to make it a point to have room for everybody. The size of the family who will live in the house is the primary consideration.

Second consideration is the size of the rooms. Do not put bulky furniture in small rooms. Instead, choose sleek and space-saving designs to avoid a cluttered look. Putting large things in a small room can make it look uncomfortable and crowded as if there is no more room for the people. For large rooms, it is reasonable enough to put bulky furniture to make it less overwhelming and fill up the entire space. The key is to make the rooms functional enough to serve their purpose and accommodate all members of the family and some guests when needed.

Third and final consideration is to put the right furniture in the right rooms. There are different cabinets for the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and dining room. There are also different tables appropriate for every room of your house. For instance, a study table does not make a good alternative to dining table just as an indoor coffee table is inappropriate to use as a patio table. For these reasons, make it a point to choose the right furniture for every part of your home. This will make every part of your home functional and pleasing to the eyes at the same time.


Colour Trends for 2013

Spacio Designers have already started working on the colors and trends for 2013. To bring you the latest, the design inspirationists give you a small peek into the color trends for 2013.

All know the importance of color in today’s times. With color therapy getting popular day by day, all would agree that color gives or can initiate a great influence on the building, especially homes, psychologically – affecting the mood of the occupants or home owner. Thus color selection is a very important thing and has to be taken and done with ease and carefully.


What is worth to know that color mixing would get more bold and interesting in 2013. A lot of thrust would be given in getting neutral and natural colors. Says Praveen Kanodia, Designer Spacio Furniture, “For the year 2013, it is going to be dominated by natural colors such as white and it will be in demand by home owners”. Adds Navin – “Color application for strong colors are possible, but elements of harmonization would remain a major consideration; such that natural elements that add to the impression of natural interior design would push natural colors more”.

A very important role is going to be played by the color of the furniture & home decor products and these would be preferred in strong colors.



Use Glass elements to give the luxurious look!

The theory of reflection to make things look gorgeous is an old trick used by Architects and designers globally. Spacio Designers share this great tip with you to give that cutting look edge to your interiors.

Home accessories and ornaments gives the impression of luxury to the home. Trick of glass can make attractive light reflection. The house will appeal if given the proper ornaments and accessories. One of them is by using with the help of various glass elements. Glass makes impression of the room always – rich, luxurious and elegant.


Using glass as a divider will always make the room look very special and spacious. Glass when widely used in furniture such as dining table, kitchen cabinet door set will always make the room much more spacious and rich as the right reflects through these pieces. Glass on the furniture combined with wood materials by finishing using dark melamine or bright colors not only add a sparkle to these pieces but will will also make it a focal point.

The rich & elegant impression will also arise from dark and bright colors of the room elements when glass is used. With a little planning and playing with light, for example using crystal chandeliers will make the room atmosphere charming and elegant.