Spacio Color inspirations for decorating your home

Sometimes a single great pice of furniture or home accent can capture a homeowner’s imagination, thus inspiring the color theme or palette for an entire room, or ten the whole house. Spacio furniture store’s designers share that how what you love, maybe a single chair, favorite rug, favorite fabric, flower vase or a painting can beautifully determine the harmonious hues surrounding it.

In this living room below, the sofa’s silk pillows determined the soothing palette. The walls were painted by the home maker with a soft mint green, while the the pops of pastels appear in the window panels, ottomans and the accent chair.

Have you ever wondered how your billiard table can make a difference to the billiards room? The classic burgundy of a pool table’s felt has been the source of this billiard room (pic below). Fiery reds appear in the grasscloth wall covering, club chairs and the geometric folding screen. The round mirror above the mantel (fire place) takes its “cue” form the billiard balls.


Spacio Furniture Red color inspiration

The colorful and luxurious floral fabric on the accent chairs inspired with the theme of this home (pic below). The co-ordinated cushions sitting on the sofa echoes the floral fabric’s soaring note. Infact, the whole designing of this room started with the fabric. The weave of the fabric is fancy, but the coloration makes this a fun filled living room.


Spacio furniture floral inspiration

This is a beautiful example how the accents and the fabric color sets the pace of design inspiration. The proud owner of those blue & white china decorations with a matching and coordinated fabric on the chairs and a stark rug is the most strong element visible in this room. “The design of this house really evolved around a classic look,” says product designer Navin Kanodia.


Spacio Furniture Blue & white inspiration

The strongest hues from the homeowner’s art collection has been pulled to punctuate the living space in bright corals and tangerines (pic below).


Spacio Furniture color hues inspiration

The mellow golds and browns from the Parisian chairs continue into the dining room. Window panels are a cooler shade of cream to balance out the rich Fabricut fabric on the chairs.


Spacio Furniture golden color inspirations


For a less obvious neutral palette, Designer Navin Kanodia suggests the use of a “dry beach” concept. Propelled by the water, sand, driftwood on the beaches, the sailboats with their canvas sails, the use of this color palette will surely give a calm look to a living room.


Spacio Furniture neutral color inspiration



Want more color inspiration? Keep watching this space.



Useful tips on choosing the best furniture for Living Rooms

One of the most important areas of a home is the Living room. It is generally the first space visible to all your guests and which also defines your taste and sets the character of the house. It is undoubtedly also the liveliest area of the home. A place where all family members get together for daily chats. It is the space which is widely used to entertaining visitors and guests.

Different components make a living rom and different kinds of furniture and decor accents can be used for doing up this space keeping the family and visitors in mind. Everybody likes making their living room look the most attractive area of the house and consequently a popular place to flock to.


Spacio Furniture inspirationists share a few furniture ideas that important points that one needs to keep in mind.

A great design tip that is top of the list is to opt for furniture items that are of neutral shades. Choosing the right color is very important and with neutral shades or white, you can never go wrong!

Sofa, which makes the living room and is the most visible piece of furniture in a living room, made of leather or fabric would always look nice. A neutral shade of leather or upholstery on the sofa would make the living room seem like an airy and open space.


Sectional sofa or sofa which converts into a bed when required should be opted for small apartments. Such a sofa set would be especially useful to have when thinking of having a guest over for the night.


The coffee table is considered to be some times more vital in terms of its aesthetics and design. A lot of importance and stress has been given to the shape, size, medium of materials and utility of the centre table. One should definitely consider about buying extendable centre tables which can be revolving or telescopic so that you get extra space when entertaining many people together in your living room. Glass top coffee tables always makes the living room appear larger. Please refer to our earlier article – Use Glass Elements to give the luxurious look!


The idea of placing a television in a living room has to be considered depending on your individual life style. If you are into sports and a lot of socializing revolves around popular sports event, then you should definitely consider the idea of placing a television. If the living room is visible from the dining space and watching your favorite television channels while dining has to be also considered when making a decision. But overall, living room is considered to be an entertainment destination and ideally should be equipped with a large television screen and a music system supported a good design of TV/ Entertainment Unit.


The television set should be strategically positioned. It would be a good idea to place furniture in the living room which serves more than one purpose. For instance, one can place sofa sets in the living room which can be transformed into beds in the night.

Nest of Tables and side tables are very handy for placing the decor accessories around in the living room. “Ideally, look into buying coordinated piece of accent tables matching to the coffee table” says Praveen Kanodia, Design & Furniture inspirationist at Spacio Furniture. This should be adorned with decorative items like vases preferably with flowers inside of them. Flowers add beauty and elegance to whichever room they are kept in.


Bookshelves can look very attractive in living rooms. These can create an intellectual aura in the room and make it a favorite place for the residents of the house to flock to after they return home. Great and innovative designs of book shelves are now available which make them look very attractive and trendy.


Thus, there are quite a few living room furniture ideas that one can consider in order to make the living room or the lounge in the house a delightful place to occupy. It should serve its purpose as the entertainment hub of the home.

How to Choose the Perfect Reading Chair

We all are fond of reading. We all love to read. Some call it hobby, some habit and for some it is the most favorite pastime. You would agree, books provides us with hours of non stop entertainment or in other words “entertainment at our convenience”. We can start or pause it at the desired time or stage of performance (reading)! From knowledge to escapism, romance to mystery, spiritual to biographies – no matter what your taste is, there is always a book to read.

But a comfortable place to read or a comfortable seat can hold the real key to your reading enjoyment.

Everybody finds very diversified reading places like the topics we chose to read about. A recliner, rocking chair, lounger, bed, office chair or just the comfy sofa are a few favorites of all. Other places like the library, garden or just a sunshine laden window seat – all these offer the perfect corners or ideal nooks for sheer indulgence to the interest of reading books.


However it takes time to find the best place suitable and over period of time – this changes! We sometimes do not find the same place or the reading positing also comfortable for long and do like to change it.

The reading place can be anywhere. But most important, you should find the right reading chair or the seat that will offer you the comfort for the long haul as sometime our stories can draw us into them for real long hours. We at Spacio Furniture appreciate your concern and understand very well that – “nothing should detract you from your reading pleasure by giving you stiff joints or a sore back” says Praveen Kanodia.

Here are few things that design inspirationists from Spacio Furniture suggest you should look for in a reading chair:

  • Look for a reading chair that is ideal for your body type, shape or weight as there are some chairs which are built for tall people and some for the broad built and some for the thin.
  • The ergonomics of your reading chair is most vital! It should offer you a very good lumbar support as you would be definitely lounging for more than a hour or two on it with your favorite book.
  • Try to find a reading chair which has a tall back to give your neck a good support.
  • Look for that extra padding on the arms/ handles of the chair as it would give you good support and comfort to your elbow when you are holding the book over a longer period of time.
  • A reading chair with a foot stool or a recliner with a built in foot rest is ideal for home library as it will give rest to your leg, provide support and keep you body more relaxed
  • A rocker (rocking chair) or a swivel chair or a swing is also a good option for those who like a gentle soothing motion while enjoying your favorite book
  • Lastly, a reading chair with good padding & the right kind of cushioning is very important to protect your body from getting numb or cramped.

Some people are very comfortable reading anywhere – on a concrete bench or on the grass, where as some look out for a chair that is just perfect and would add or improve the pleasure derived from reading. “Your reading chair is like a vehicle for your trip inside the world of romance, mystery and knowledge that the book holds” – says Praveen Kanodia.

Finding the perfect reading chair may take time for some, but it is worth when you really find it. Visit and talk to the design and furniture inspirationists today at Spacio Furniture, and let them help you find “your” reading chair which will be treasured and kept by you for years of comfort and enjoyment.