Top 10 Most Talked About Interior Design Trends for 2013


We are looking forward to fascinating interior design projects in 2013 and by the looks of things, our expectations will be met. Even though we can not anticipate how most of the projects will look, SpacioFuniture Design Inspirationists Navin Kanodia & Praveen Kanodia ran across some interesting trends for this year, which we would like to share further. Here are the top 10 most talked about key tendencies in interior design for 2013:



#1. A New Relationship Between Men and Interior Design

Society is changing and its “movements” have collateral effects on all aspects of life as we know it. In developed countries, men are known to spend a lot more time at home than in the past, helping out with children and housework, as a result of the proclaimed men-women equality. In 2013, interior design will thus begin to mirror male preferences like never before.


Sober furniture details, less flashy colors and functionality over “cuteness” are just some of the features expected in a home with male dominance. If you think about it- strictly from an aesthetic point of view- this situation can create a great visual balance, one that will make both partners feel at ease in their own crib.




#2. Group Dynamics

Men being more involved in interior design is not the only social trend for this year. Another interesting shift will be made from personal tastes to group tastes and from a single designer to interior design teams. Efficiency will go sky-high, as project tasks will be well managed by more than one person.


For example, when it comes to designing a room, one team member could do the planning, another could take care of the lighting effects and the third designer could take on the finishing touches. Having more people dealing with a project is a good way to share responsibilities and speed up the work process for the client.




#3. DIY projects

Desire for self expression is more and more obvious in the houses of people everywhere. We want to have furniture and decorations that mean something, that make us smile and that ultimately make the place feel like home. Re-purposing various objects and materials is now both a passion and a form of art.


“DIY projects are slowly starting to gain power in the process of interior design, whether we are talking about old chairs being revamped or new candle supports being created” says Rajeev Gupta of Spacio Furniture & Accessories. Creativity is once again taken to the next level and the home owner is more than just an innocent bystander- he is now in complete control of the project’s outcome. A lot of posts on DIY projects can be seen at facebook page of Spaciocollections and  Spacioaccessories



#4. Texture and Touch

If people did not pay much attention in the past to how a furniture object feels when touching its surface, this is probably due to the fact that functionality used to be the main sought after characteristic in a household item. Now things are much different. People are in search for “touchable” textures, which inspire warmth and comfort as a way to engage and experience a proper home atmosphere. Suede and wood are two of the materials which will define the interior design world in 2013. Variety of texture will also be a key factor in arranging spaces.



#5. Embroidery and knitting

It’s a shame we did not learn everything our grandmothers thought us; if we did, our homes would probably look a lot more cheerful right now. Nevertheless, embroidery and knitting is a major trend for 2013. From colorful carpets with thousands of knots to various storage baskets and poof covers, handmade is back and appears it will be here for a while.


The modern twist of these items produced by hand gives them a particular charm, one that can not be obtained from any industrially produced household decoration.




#6. Stripes, stripes, stripes

In 2013 social spaces will likely turn to design dynamics, in order to inspire vibrant living and energy. One of the simplest ways to achieve this effect is by employing stripes in an elegant manner. Carpets, wallpapers, upholstery, graphic art- each of these elements can wear the distinct feature of movement as long as they are defined by… stripes.


Bold red and black&white patterns are the highlight of the design themes again, only this time associated with minimalist decor complements. The idea is to make things stand out, without compromising in elegance or visual harmony.



#7. Floral patterns with a white background

Floral patterns are also back in style, only this year they come with a twist: a white background. Ensuring a very romantic touch and giving the feeling of a perpetual holiday, these stylish additions make a strong statement in a room. You can go for a variety of colors, as long as the overall result is appealing. Try new fabric covers, graphic art, wall paintings and wallpapers- the effect will be pretty strong.



#8. African influences

More and more modern villas are starting to showcase unique design themes and African influences are particularly considered dynamic and “exotic”. In 2013, African influences are said to be a major trend, bringing warm colors and animal skin imitations back into the eclectic interiors of most fashion enthusiasts. In luxury holiday villas across the globe you will likely observe wooden furniture elements decorated with carvings or wrought iron, sculptures and handmade decorations, all defined by the African style. A lot of African inspired interiors can be seen on the facebook page of Spaciointeriors



 #9. Hand sketching and wall writing

Hand sketching and wall writing will be more and more popular this year, as graphic artists will start collaborating with interior designers in creating original wall imprints. Imagine your favorite message elegantly written in the hallway or various letters adorning the ceiling.


 #10. Green walls, garden rooftops

Green living will be a key factor in design and architecture this year. From mobile plant panels to framed plant screens with lighting effects, this idea can bring a fresh touch to any apartment or public space. This approach is not only healthy, but also original and elegant. The advantages of having such a green wall?Air cleaning, humidification, evaporation of the air and appreciations from visitors.

We are looking forward to fascinating interior design projects in 2013 and by the looks of things, our expectations will be met. Even though we can not anticipate how most of the projects will look, SpacioFuniture Design Inspirationists Navin Kanodia & Praveen Kanodia ran across some interesting trends for this year, which we would like to share further. Here are the top 10 most talked about key tendencies in interior design for 2013.

How Does the World of Fashion Influence The World of Interiors?

How does the world of Fashion influence the world of Interiors?



According to Editor in Chief of Fashion + Decor, who recently spoke with industry leaders in both the fashion and the home design fields about this very topic, feels that “the worlds of fashion and decor are colliding.” She explains where there was once a 5 to 6 year lag from the runway to furniture showrooms, “then a couple of years ago we were seeing just a 2 year or 2 season lag, and now both worlds are engaging as the creative minds are joining together with the social media forces.”
It seems, according to many, that almost as soon as a collection hits the runway, reporters, photographers and bloggers are sharing these events with their readers and viewers. Through these images that are posted on blogs, websites and across our television screens to the consumer. So, where fashion was once a true driver of the world of interiors, the two are now working together.


Could social media be the real influence here?

Aubuchon believes that “designers are now looking to the same blogs and websites to see what their customers see, what trends seem to be taking off and have holding power.” She continues to tell that “The brands in fashion and home decor are now hearing the same things, at the same time and therefore not really influencing each other.

I do think that fashion will always influence home decor a little bit” However, she adds “I also see decor now stepping in to influence fashion a little bit.” She explains this by using the Icat prints as an example. They were all the rage in the furniture showrooms last year and now they are starting to hit the runways.


The worlds of fashion and decor are colliding.

Another example of this fashion and decor collision Aubuchon continues, “Lonny Magazine’s December issue came out the same week as the Chanel 2013 Pre-Fall collection. Both collections featured tartan and Scottish influences. I believe that we are seeing the merging of these two worlds.” Again she believes that much of this “colliding of two worlds” has much to do with social media. “Never before,” she adds, “have these worlds been more in tune with each other
than they are now.”

The drivers behind the top brands are seeing and hearing the same things as the consumer is, at the same time. Street Style is another important and powerful influence in the worlds of fashion and design.



Our lives are not beige, why should our homes be all beige?

“In the past,” Aubuchon continues, “we were letting the catalogue companies direct our style. We would never do that with our clothes, so why would we do that in our homes?” She adds, “Our lives are not beige and why would we dress in bright colors and come home to nothing but beige?” Now, she believes, that customers are starting to dress their homes with the same personality they dress themselves. “Your home is a reflection of yourself.”

Adds Navin Kanodia, Designer from Spacio Furniture – Interior designers have always believed in decorating your home to suit your way of living, tastes and lifestyles, but this was not always happening. “If you love bright color, and if you love fun prints, you shouldn’t be just wearing them. “They should be in your home as well.” You should be living with them.


Florals, a sign of the times?

Some of the big trends in both fashion and home decor that Aubuchon is noticing are the same in both the world of interiors as well as the world of fashion. “I attended Fashion Week as well as High Point and we are seeing the very same trends. The number one trend across the board is floral.” She also notes that “Vogue had a huge floral spread devoted to such and Vogue is saying that Floral is “it” this spring.

Even the pre-fall collections are featuring florals everywhere, and this is so different from what normally happens.” People are done with their bland beige. “I think this is why people went to color-blocking a year ago and now we’re moving into florals. People want to be happy,” says Aubuchon. It’s a sign of the times. The economy is getting better and people’s moods are lifting.

Classic kitchen interior. 3d render.

Forever in blue jeans

Denim is making a huge comeback. According to Praveen Kanodia of Spacio, “We are also seeing a lot of denim. Denim is all over the runway and also in the home – in all shades and all styles. I’m going against the grain here,” she adds, “but orange is still big for spring 13.” Stripes and checkers are also coming back. Aubuchon predicts a resurgence of both stripes and checkers, both in the home and on the runway.


Emerald green is the Color of the Year

“I love that Pantone has a color of the year,” says Aubuchon. “I love emerald green. However, I don’t think that everyone should be going out to buy emerald green couches. I think we should look at it as though it is a baseline color for things moving into 2013 but we shouldn’t let a color dictate our styles.” Aubuchon is noticing that in fashion as well as in the home people are focusing less on trends and more on buying things that align with their own personal style.

While I love these color trends, I don’t think that we should look at them so seriously that we change our wardrobes or change the way we decorate.” Instead, if we embrace the color, we should look at somehow pulling it into our own wardrobes, Aubuchon suggests – perhaps a scarf, perhaps a pillow, instead of refurnishing, or repainting. Interestingly enough, this color has been popular before Pantone declared it as such. We’ve been seeing emerald for a while now in our
interiors as well as in the showrooms.


Animal instincts

A perfect example of whether a print is in style is how it is being used and picked up. Aubuchon thought that the leopard print was a trend, yet she sees it all over the place from furniture to pillows to rugs. Clearly this is not a pattern that is going anywhere soon. And in New York City, leopard print is being worn by practically everyone you see – whether it is a shoe, bag or scarf. “I think that leopard print will become like the navy and white stripe,” Aubuchon predicts. “It
will be a staple and it is clearly here to stay. It is no longer a trend. It has transitioned well. It’s a classic now.” The cowhide rug, however, she believes has been played too much and is on its way out.


Advice to those just starting their own nests.

Starting a new home can be a large, expensive and daunting undertaking. Aubuchon advises on where to start small and what to build upon. There are certain areas where we do not need to spend a lot of money, and there are areas where money should be spent. Our tastes are all different, as are our lifestyles, so what might be right for one person might not be right for another.

“I believe that curtains and fabric are so important. If you don’t have the funds to go to a high-end fabric source, there are so many discounters that sell really great fabric brands at really great costs. Go there and get deals and have drapes made,” she says. When it comes to furniture,she believes that you buy the best that you can afford. If you can’t afford some of the more expensive chairs, go to an estate sale or antique store and spend a little bit of money, have them
painted and re-covered and they will turn out to look like something that is sold for much more at an upscale furniture store.

There are great pieces out there to be found. With couches, go to Ikea and get some custom made curtains or a custom made slipcover. For those just getting started who do not have a budget for art, find personal items around the house, post cards and frame them. Frame your grandmother’s Hermes scarf. Load up the walls with stuff that’s you. If you can’t afford wall paper, paint your walls or do some stenciling. She also believes that when starting out buy staple pieces of
furniture that suit your personality and lifestyle, perhaps a dining room table with some cool vintage chairs, or a nice couch to accent your living space.

She also believes that we will see fewer discussions around trends and more around what people like, and making sure that they are attaining that style in fashion and in the home and at a quality level. “People will be aligning themselves with brands that represent their personal style instead of simply following the trends.” Aubuchon adds that “Street Style has had a little bit of an impact of what we are seeing in fashion.


We at Spacio believe that “We need to stop looking at the worlds of fashion and decor as two separate worlds. If you feel strongly about the world of fashion, it should be reflected in your home as well” adds Navin Kanodia.

Cool Furniture For Kid’s Bedroom

A kid’s age is normally the determining factor on the sorts of furniture that can be purchased. For instance, as infant should always sleep in secure environment, the acquired furniture must assure its security and comfort among the other things.

Infant bed choice may include cribs, bassinets, co-sleeper and the likes. Things such as changing tables may also be required when it comes to the said infants. As the infant grows, the furniture choice expands concurrently.

Some families simply opt for a mattress on the floor while others go for items such as princess beds complete with matching armoires. Further growth necessitates the said toddler to request for its own types of customized furniture.

547-00 Kid's Room Furniture Kid's Room Furniture


The available budget

Just like the kid’s age, the available budget also determines the sorts of children furniture that can be acquired. Some stores have the most beautiful furniture for the kids but at costs that most of people cannot afford.Nevertheless, there are numerous options that can be opted for when buying furniture for children, particularly when on a constricted budget.


Theme tied furniture for the kids

A bedroom theme in essence plays an important role when it comes to the acquisition of the wanted furniture for the kid. For instance, if a little boy wants his room to be decorated in things such as cars, then the best choice for a bed would be a race car bed.

On the other hand, a theme should not drive the furniture selection as with a bit of customization of items such as pillows, comforters and the likes, everything can conveniently fit in.


Cool Color for Kid’s Furniture

Generally, warm colors tend to give a sense of warmth, intimate atmosphere, and relaxation. This is very different from the cool colors.

Warm colors tend to be intense and to stimulate the viewer. While cool colors have a calming effect to be applied in your child’s room.

It is in the color blue in the color wheel. Although it has a soothing effect, the color is too dark tends to “push” people who see it. You want your child’s room seemed cool, calm, seem more spacious, and elegant, then you can choose these colors.

Blue Kid's Room



The blue color is often associated with peace, depth of feeling, sensitivity, wisdom, confidence, and stability. Blue is a color that can slow the human nervous system and creates a calming effect. This color prepares the body for sleep, because it is able to soften the room brightly and make people feel at ease in it.However, the blue color is too dark can give the same effect with black, which is too much to absorb light and energy.



Meanwhile, the green color is said unable to collect confidence, hope, and give you peace. as long as the green color is not too dark, this color can be refreshing.You also can combine “warm color” like red and orange colors.

Purple Kid's Room


The purple combines the stability of blue and the energy of red. Unfortunately, the purple can make you feel sad and frustrated.

However, if you still want to choose the purple color, you’ll want to choose the light purple. This color can give you a sense of peace, romance, and nostalgia.



The white color can also be a choice of your child’s room. This color is often identified with peace, confidence, happiness, cleanliness and purity. This color reflects 80 percent of light. Therefore, room with bright white and feels more substantial than the room are painted with another color.

White paint in your child’s room is actually a good choice. Various colorful decorations can look beautiful in the room. but, unfortunately the color is easy to get dirty.



Last are the earthy colors such as gray, brown, and beige. These colors are suitable for hyperactive children. These colors create the warm, cozy, and relaxing.

5 Tips for Taking Care of Your Books

If you are a book lover and owner, you are, by default, a conservator. Here are five tools Spacio furniture Designers suggest you use at home to protect your precious library.


• A hygrometer (shown above) is used to detect levels of humidity. You can buy it from a local cigar store in your city, but here the difference is only that we will strive for the opposite range of moisture that cigars enjoy. Cigars like humidity (at 65 percent), while books love low humidity levels, in the 30 to 40 percent range. Less than 20 percent humidity causes paper to become brittle and susceptible to cracking. Rule of thumb: if you are comfortable, your books are as well. A similar looking  Analog Hygrometer is available for less than Rs. 1000 from Amazon.


• Keep your books dust-free with Lambswool Dusters (or something equally soft).

• Book Jacket Protectors (known in the book industry by their trade name, “Brodart”) preserve books and protect they from harmful UV rays.


• Bone Paper Holders are used to apply pressure and crease the corners over dust jackets. This authentic knife-like device is indeed made of bone, but is now also alternatively available made from Teflon.


• Books like a stable temperature (ideally, between 65 and 70 degrees Farenheit).

For more ideas, keep watching this space. And if you have any genius tips, let us know in the comments section.


Designer Navin Kanodia of Spacio shares innovative concepts on how you can style your bedroom with unique headboards for your bed.


Functional Backdrop

Make the bed a focal point by creating a wall-length headboard that features favorite decorative accessories. Punches of bold pinks and greens are toned down with black furnishings, creating a  sophisticated, yet fun, bedroom retreat.



Simple and Neutral

Create dramatic vertical impact by taking the headboard to the ceiling. Designer Navin Kandodia uses the two-toned headboard to help distinguish the sleeping area from the sitting area.



Screen Masterpiece

Headboards can still make an impact in a monochromatic color scheme. Find one with a mixture of textures and finishes to add interest. Here, designer Praveen Kanodia used an elegant wooden screen with a metallic sheen.



Refresh the Classics

Try a twist on the traditional upholstered headboard. Instead of the tufted approach, Navin suggested to create a grid of squares covered in tan fabric for the head of this bed



Storage Smarts

A wall of shelving not only acts as a sleek headboard, but it also maximizes the storage in this bedroom.



A Fresh Canvas

Add a splash of color to a muted or white bedroom with a favorite painting hung over the bed. Be sure to hang it high enough so the pillows won’t rest against the canvas.


Graduated, Padded Headboard

For a unique headboard, find a favorite fabric in three shades. Attach batting to three different-sized pieces of plywood then wrap each piece in one of the fabrics.



Canopy Chic

Extend the headboard with a fabric canopy for a truly dramatic impact. Designer Praveen Kanodia used a neutral striped fabric with an accent panel of metallic red to contrast with the blue walls.



Artfully Designed

An inexpensive option for a headboard is to define the space with framed pieces of artwork. In the picture below, two small pieces of art above the bed and flanked the bed with two display cabinets have been used to add style to the bedroom design.