5 ways to give your home a new look this festive season

With the festive season just around the corner, have you already started strategizing on how to impress your guests?
Don’t worry we have got you covered! These tips are all you need, to be the best host this festive season. Today in this blog we will show you how to create a lively festive vibe at your home with these simple changes.

Re-arranging is a must
The living room plays a key job during all celebrations. It’s the place you welcome visitors, it’s the place the discussions generally occur. Along these lines, it’s nevertheless common that the family room, where you have the couches and the coffee tables, ought to be overhauled to suit the event much more. We would prescribe you to put the couches in a cluster of sorts with the goal that you can have a relaxed and cozy discussion.

Bright colours
Utilize brilliant shades for home stylistic layout during festive occasions. As Indians, we have constantly discovered comfort in somewhat more splendid, celebratory shading tones instead of western shading palettes that are on the more blunt side. Along these lines, you could re-do the walls or include a collectible or two that sticks out. Spot ethnic floor coverings or shades that give your space a merry soul.

Lighting plays an important role
Light assumes a significant job in setting the disposition, regardless of whether it is normal light or shadows that we are discussing. In the mornings enable normal light to filter through your windows and make a situation of easy going, vaporous discussion. In the evenings, some yellow light sets a comfortable and melodic state of mind. So be exceptionally specific about lighting during such events.

Make a photo wall
A divider brimming with hanging polaroid is entirely elegant these days. You could most likely hang all the old pictures that you took on parties, of family and companions on your walls. This additionally makes an upbeat vibe in your home.

Be creative
When you really plunk down to re-try your home, you will see that you have numerous choices whether you should whitewash this wall or include some paint, or perhaps move the TV unit here or pause, there?? You will confront numerous a difficulty and the most ideal approach to manage this is to be imaginative with the very procedure. Go with your nature and let your home mirror a similar energy that you have in you. The outcome is constantly
bona fide and excellent.

The MD and Creative Head of Spacio Mr. Navin Kanodia says “Get your home ready for the festive season with furniture and decor from Spacio. Impress your guests with a touch of luxury glam carried through from the entryway to the dining room. Enjoy coordinated look pairs luxury furniture with sparkling decor you won’t find anywhere else. This is how you bring warmth and sophistication to your home this festive season.

Revealing new Cricket collection from Coleccion Alexandra

Coleccion Alexandra, the Spanish brand currently offers more than 2000 references from its three defined styles: Heritage, the exquisite luxury of its traditional classical line, Evolution, progressive evolution towards elegant and classical contemporary and Emotions, its most avant-garde and contemporary line; making it one of the largest and most original collections in the world. Apart from furniture, the company also provides bath collections, lighting, textiles, rugs and artwork. Recently the brand launched a lovely collection of dining chair and footstool. Today in our blog we will be focussing in details about both these products.

Reminiscent of English culture and their most traditional sport, the CRICKET collection of dining chairs and footstool was born, inspired partly by the characteristic garments worn by cricket players. The seat back, a throwback to those unmistakeable padded leg guards, offers comfort with its soft cushioning, conferring a unique and individual look to this most singular chair. Available with wood or metal legs; the seat back is also optional either
upholstered or curved wood. The collection comprises a chair and a stool.

CRICKET stools by JM Ferrero
The cricket footstool from the brand comprises of sleek lines with elegant detailing.

The upholstery adds a character to these chairs giving a contemporary touch to your dining room compilation.

Showcasing soft cushioning, conferring a unique and individual look to this most singular chair.
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Dining room ideas to steal

Today in our blog we will be talking about distinct styles of dining room to inspire you with ideas for your own dining space. Let’s get started.

You may agree or disagree with us but what we feel is that all our happy memories involves food. It’s no big surprise that the meal times are considered the most significant moment of the day. Particularly at meals, when the whole family accumulates around the table to trade their day’s encounters. Regardless of whether you’re remaining in another city, supper times give the perfect respite in a feverish day.

What we feel personally that the eating territory merits more love than we show it. Regardless of whether you have a whole room committed to it or a little region of your lounge room or even only a table with few seats around it, we will give you an idea as to how you can upgrade the space with a couple of basic hints and deceives.

There are a few different ways you can play with colour, surface and accomplices to give the dining room its own character. For example, blended seating, eye catching highlights or statement pieces and novel wall accents would all be able to contribute towards making a separated region.

In case you’re one for controlled and limited stylistic layout decisions, then opt for a mix of various charcoal greys gives a differentiating background to the white, wooden table and seats. The look is finished by just two extras – stout pendant lights and crisp greens that give the main burst of colours. Here the style is more bent towards minimalistic designs.

We at Spacio is always up for anything that is luxurious and grand and this dining room lives it huge with a maximal style scheme. In this style, every one of the components need to work in pair to not overpower one another. For example, the pendant light adjusts the design roof and ground surface with strong examples. Also the golden chairs and dining table sits perfectly with the ambience, the table top décor breaks the symmetry adding a punch. The other elements is subdued to keep the dining table in focus. We feel this kind of décor can elevate your décor ideas to top notch settings.

We always has this keen belief that the subtleties improve the bigger picture. The wooden outline on the wall, splendid wooden feasting table and seats with upholstery meet up to make a cutting edge eating space. Having a basic highlight enables the table’s shading to sparkle with its magnificence. A subtle touch of greenery looks quite refreshing in this scenario.

We should say that dinning space should be bright with natural lights, just like in this picture. Inject a dose of brightness and nature therapy with greenery. Smart artwork which portrays your personality can be a very good idea to infuse. Adding elements like a big table accents can play an effective role in enhancing the décor.

We strongly believe that the dining space should speak about one’s personal taste as it is the place where you feel at one with your family members. Too much of elements to get the attention of your guests may take away the charm of personal space. We hope you liked the above ideas. Your valuable comments will always be appreciated. Subscribe to our blog to get latest update on interior styling and more.

Know How on BEV Technology by Planika

Today in our blog we will be talking about the most advanced technology in fireplaces available with Spacio. Planika is the leader in the bio fireplace industry. The BEV or the Burning Ethanol Vapours is the technology ruling the fireplace scenario in India.

Indoor fire tables
Indoor fire tables

Over the years Planika’s group of experienced engineers has been developing the leading-edge technology that would bring fire design to a completely new level and revolutionize the fireplace industry. And the effort paid off! The USP is that BEV is a patented technology by Planika. For the benefit of our customers, the applied technology required the fireplace to be fully automated. An advanced microprocessor monitors and controls the fireplace, ensuring proper and safe functioning of the device. The fireplace construction allowed to significantly reduce the burning surface and provide more oxygen to the fire, resulting in a very clean and efficient combustion process without any unwanted by-products, such as smoke, unpleasant smell, soot or ash. The feature eliminates the need of any additional extraction systems to be connected to the fireplace.

3 side open fireplace from Planika
3 side open fireplace from Planika

The innovation and structure of the fireplace were created in such a manner in order to give an in every case even and nonstop fire. No disturbances in the flame line are worthy. To give the highest amount of wellbeing and solace, the chimney is furnished with different security sensors. This serves to successfully recognize any abnormalities in the activity of the gadget. This particular plan makes it conceivable to stop the consuming procedure in the event of any mistakes that may show up in the chimney activity. With our innovation you have a completely controlled, sheltered, spotless and lovely fire without smokestack or some other hard associations.

Room divider fireplace
Room divider fireplace

By making the Automatic Refill System, Planika makes refueling simple and effective, taking out any issues associated with the human blunder. The exceptionally planned siphon speaks with the gadget, conveying the important measure of the bio-ethanol. Along these lines, the danger of overloading of the tank and fuel spillage has been successfully disposed of.

Custom shape fireplace
Custom shape fireplace

Planika products have effectively breezed through broad quality and wellbeing tests did by the world’s driving accreditation foundations, including OMNI Laboratories and TÜV Rheinland. Because of the connected arrangement the temperature of the fuel and the whole gadget can be completely controlled. The element secures the chimney and gives you greatest safety.

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