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The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire”- Ferdinand Foch

What if our souls falls in love with fire? Well, GlammFire, the brand from Portugal was launched in India by our company S. T. Unicom.

GlammFire, a company from Monção, Portugal is an exclusive player specialized on the development and manufacture of exclusive fireplaces for the luxury market, with exponential growth and international affirmation. The use of noble, resistant and safe materials with excellent quality, outstanding craftsmanship from craftsmen and attention to detail allows the brand to offer the best product and service quality. They create fire places that illuminates our soul.

Technology Involved

A new way to “feel” the ambiance of fireplaces, featuring the most advanced and innovative 3D eco-friendly technology the new 3D Electric Fireplaces ensure a simple and safe use by applying an efficient operability of a water vapour release system. The inner works of the 3D combines the latest technologies such as LEDS embedded in the decorative wood and a water vapour generator to simulate smoke. Water vapour delivers an amazing virtual flame that looks and feels remarkably realistic at any distance, a realistic aspect of real wood fireplace. As ideal solution for public spaces the 3D has the added value of presenting itself as an eco-friendly product that does not contribute to the waste of energy nor harms the environment.

Gema - 3D Water Vapour Fire
Gema – 3D Water Vapour Fire

In this blog we will talk about a very unique product from the collection named Gema which is completely designed in natural stone, it presents itself as a model full of soul and life. In addition to prestige and exoticism, its simple approach gives a unique personality and timeless beauty to spaces.

Kit glamm 3D Electric Fireplaces
Kit Glamm 3D Electric Fireplaces

GlammFire’s exclusive fireplaces are always seen as the heart of the home. GlammFire was founded in September 2008, in northern Portugal, with the goal of developing and manufacturing exclusive fire places. The will for greater efficiency, the search for differentiation, achieved by the development of unique products, and the respectful commitment to ecology are present in every detail of GlammFire products.

glammbox 3D Plus - 3D eco-friendly technology
Glammbox 3D Plus – 3D eco-friendly technology

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