7 Ways to Take Care of Your Furniture During Monsoon

It’s that time of the year when you feel the rain by being your cosy best. Curling up in the couch reading your best author’s book might be your intentions. A cup of hot chocolate or tea will add up to the mood of monsoon. In this brilliant weather we must not forget our furniture as they need a lot of care and pampering from us. Below is 7 ways how we can protect and keep our furniture safe for longevity.

Dry it out

In no way you are supposed to clean your furniture using wet clothes. Wet clothes are breeding ground for termites as due to heavy moisture in the air the furniture can soften and get damaged easily.


Just like we apply strong moisturizers during winter and sunscreen during scorching heat of the sun in the same way our furniture need oiling and waxing(bees wax) during monsoon in order to remain smooth or else it will result in expansion of furniture.

De-humidify your room

We all know what humidity does to us. It is equally damaging for your wooden furniture. Use a dehumidifier to get rid of the moisture in the room and say goodbye to moulds on wood.

DIY the saviour

There are lot of moisture absorbing agents available in the market, camphor and naphthalene balls are few of them which keeps our furniture intact. They also keep away termites from making home in our precious furniture. Even neem leaves and cloves acts as a good moisture absorbing agents.

A big no to renovation

Monsoon is the time for maintenance hence do not try to paint or polish wood at your home during monsoon as it may adversely affect your wood. Try to get this done before the onset of monsoon or wait for it to get over until you start this enhancement.

Do not keep your furniture in direct contact with the walls

Our walls tend to absorb moisture faster and get damped during monsoon. In return it passes on the moisture to our furniture if kept in direct contact with the wall. Hence it is always advisable to keep the furniture few inches away from the walls.

Change the placement of your furniture

The intelligent thing to do during monsoon is to keep your furniture away from doors and window where it can come in direct contact with the rain water in the form of drops or leakages. Garden chairs that are nylon webbed or painted metal should be kept indoors during the monsoons to prevent them from cracking or from chipping off paint.

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