Luxury Bathrooms so drool worthy…

Bask in the ultimate luxury indulgence of this secluded space which needs much needed contemporary glam. If your existing bathroom decor doesn’t reflect that image, or evoke that same pampered feeling, then perhaps it’s time to reassess your surroundings. We are talking about bathrooms which will definitely go for a makeover after you complete reading this blog. Let’s begin.

Mid-century modern bathrooms

Mid-century modern bathrooms are quite in these days. What could be better than vanity drawers and storage to make the space look luxurious? Coleccion Alexandra and its wide array of bath collection is sure make heads turn with its luxurious appeal.

Coleccion alexandra bathroom furniture
The signature cabinets in a coordinated manner adding extra glam to the space.

3D wall frescoes from Affreschi & Affreschi

Visual treat with a trap that is how you would like to define this amazing 3D wall frescoes from Affreschi & Affreschi. Wall and floor frescoes merged strategically creating delightful illusion to the eyes.

Affreschi & Affreschi

Give your concrete wall the new look with Affreschi & Affreschi. This minimalist looking bathroom with all attention to the wall looks is accented well with pebbles rumbled on the floor.

Alex Turco Golden bamboo wall panels

Spa inspired bathroom looks extremely cosy and intriguing. The Alex Turco Golden bamboo wall panels is adding the requisite glamour to the walls.

Christopher Guy’s collection

A bathroom with Christopher Guy’s collection is just the thing you need to make your bathroom look super luxurious. Another spa inspired bathroom projects where all the elements from the brands are nested together to create a harmonious bathroom interiors.

Wallpapers like these from London Art makes excellent choices for creating soothing luxurious texture element to your wall.

The Creative Head and MD of Spacio Mr. Navin Kanodia says “We often neglect this cosy unwinding zone of our homes for luxurious makeovers. At Spacio we have luxurious elements and products to give your bathroom that extra lift creating a cocoon of luxury.”

5 Tips to make durable bathroom paint

Compared to another room in the house, the bathroom tends to privilege. Because the flow of hot water and steam will make the bathroom more humid than other rooms. It requires a special wall coatings that can strengthen the layers of the wall, although constantly exposed to moisture, or even water.


Spacio Designers suggest  5 best tips to make your bathroom paint more durable


1. Adequate air ventilation


Make sure your bathroom has adequate ventilation. Without ventilation, high humidity can damage the paint in the bathroom. You can make a window that can be opened, or use an exhaust fan. In addition to keeping the paint in the kitchen, exhaust fan can also reduce vapor, the dew in the bathroom mirror, and dry wall. The exhaust fan for about an hour after you take a bath.


2. Gypsum is installed neatly


You can use gypsum as a coating bath, especially if the concept of “dry bath”. Two things should be noted: First, use a moisture-resistant gypsum board is relatively stronger than regular gypsum board. Second, make sure the installation is correct. Do not let the sanding process leaving different textures. Ask finishing level 5 to get the best results.


3. Refine gypsum corner


If you are using gypsum cover, make sure the bathroom has a perfect angle. Use pro corner bead to create the perfect angle.


4. Durable paint


If you decide to repaint all or part of the bathroom wall, make sure the good quality paint is durable for the specific locations. These include the area around the window, or other surface that is often used as a “storage rack”.


5. Good lighting


Lastly, make sure you give natural and artificial lighting sufficient in the bathroom. Lighting plays an important role in the appearance of the bathroom. If the sun dominates the lighting, you should check out how the “fall” sunshine all day. Although both have a lot of natural light into the bathroom, but it can also be confirmed painting mistakes in it. Moreover, if you choose the paint shiny (glossy).

Bathroom Lighting and Security Risk

Lighting is one of the most important elements in the bathroom. In the absence of adequate lighting, activities in the bathroom is not only difficult, but also dangerous for children, adults, and the elderly.


Activities in the bathroom without proper lighting at risk of causing accidents. In modest houses, bathroom lighting is generally only come from one source of light, which lights attached to the ceiling in the bathroom.


It is actually not wrong, it’s just, necessary to ensure there is no “dark room” due to the shadow in the bathroom. However, the bathroom with more complex features, improved quality of lighting can be either a reduction shadows and glare. This can be achieved by multiple light sources.


Lighting source that you can consider first is the lighting in the sink or vanity area. For women, the balance of light in this place can also facilitate the use of make-up.


Generally, the lights in the sink is a wall lamp. Make sure the lights are at the correct height.


Put on the sides of the glass to give the amount of light balanced between all sides of the glass. This can reduce the amount of shadow that will be formed if you only have one light source.


The second source of lighting you should consider is the lighting in the shower area. At least, provide a source of lighting in the area. If possible, include the natural light of the sun in your bathroom.


To make sure you still get the privacy, use glass block, dewy glass (frosted glass), or place the window far above your bathroom wall.



The third form of lighting lighting source pointer. Light is important for those who have problems in vision. You can place it in the bottom of the bathtub, on the sides of the cabinet, sink table, or around the bottom of your shower wall.

In addition to lighting the pointer, use a different color tiles between the bathroom floor and shower floor also helps the appointment area.