Bar Furniture and accessories so drool worthy…

Engaging visitors is something we as a whole do and appreciate, regardless of whether it’s every once in a while or all the time. Those that put extraordinary incentive on this plan their homes so that engaging visitors turns out to be simple and natural, with a bar zone and everything else. Be that as it may, much of the time, a few bar furniture is exactly what the home needs. Let’s browse through some of the bar furniture Spacio houses.

Morgan bar stool from Agrippa in a bar setting
Morgan bar stool from Agrippa in a bar setting

Morgan is designed with the sensuality and purity that characterizes Agrippa and invites you to contemplate and enjoy its personality and beauty by its soft and sinuous curves.

An elegant and clean barstool inspired by an artisanal process, raising the wood to its maximum expression, to evoke with harmony the lines and shapes of the great classic and contemporary designs. Its high quality design and construction is shown by details and finishes which enhance the organic shapes with the perfect balance between the element and its proportions.

Hercules Bar cabinet from Agrippa
A take on our popular Hercules Cabinet, now also available as a bar. The prehistoric saber tooth, the largest feline ever to have lived on earth, is the focus of this cabinet. The hand-carved wood sculpture of the saber tooth’s skull functions as the handles for this architectural cabinet.

Solid wood makes these doors solid and grandiose, but a well-engineered hinge system makes the handling of these doors a smooth, luxurious experience.

Champagnera from Nomon Home
Designed and produced by the brand Nomon, Champagnera is a champagne bucket made in walnut wood and crystal with details in aluminum and marble Emperador.

Champagnera is a champagne bucket by the elegant and refined design. Produced in solid walnut wood, this gorgeous champagne bucket will captivate and impress you with its precious materials. A champagne bucket that will enrich your environments thanks to its charm, creating the perfect atmosphere for toasting at your best moments.

The Traveler bar cabinet from Coleccion Alexandra
The TRAVELER bar cabinet is one of the most iconic pieces in the collection. It decorates and dresses any interior design space evoking images of vintage luggage trunks with its swivel wheels for easy transport and locks. Its carefully designed interior makes it extremely functional. The TRAVELER Collection is famous for its natural embossed leather and the attention to detail in the straps, borders and corners also in leather and finished off with pushpins. Available in 50 different colours of leather.

The MD and Creative Head of Spacio Mr. Navin Kanodia says “Bar is an important arena in our house where we tend to entertain our guests by spending some quality time. The furniture and accessories should suit the modern homes and Spacio houses some of the best that one desires for.”

Deco collection of vases from Kose Milano

Rediscovering the charm of old crafts in third millennium through artistic skills is Kose Milano. The brand based in Lombardy, Italy was created to rediscover the charm of old crafts which is strongly influenced by technology and by homologation. We will here go through the brands Deco Collection where tradition and innovation finds a common ground.

Grecale collection of vases from Deco series
Grecale collection of vases from Deco series

This clay vase is a piece of a progression of vases motivated by winds. Grecale is a north-eastern breeze and it is here wonderfully evoked on the hand-painted dash of dark running on a level plane on the immaculate white of the foundation. The perfect outline of the vase, with a hexagonal body laying on a little plinth base and supporting a long neck opening in a rectangular mouth, makes it a complex expansion to a cutting edge stylistic layout.

The deco collection of vases is a mix of playful, richness, sophistication and poise characterised by pure and essential lines.
The deco collection of vases is a mix of playful, richness, sophistication and poise characterised by pure and essential lines.

Palma abstract vase
This advanced handcrafted clay vase includes a basic outline and contemporary enrichments that were connected by hand. The vase includes a white completion with dynamic dark improvements and contacts of genuine gold leaf that light up its surface with a valuable shine of warm light. Alone or matched with different pieces from the Palma arrangement, this object is a glorious case of present day enhancement.

Pacay Medio series of vases
This exquisite vase is part of the Pacay series and features a narrow body, decorated on the side with black paint that enhances the two-dimensional illusion. The front and back panels, with their sinuous profile, are adorned with an abstract decoration that uses black, white, grey, and real gold leaf.

A brief on the Ceramist and Designer
Rosaria Rattin studied architecture in Venice and then attended Marie Ruckié’s fashion classes in Paris. After several years working for world renowned fashion companies, she started Kose, rediscovering the charm of old crafts in the third millennium. This collection is entirely made by hand according to ancient techniques and features one-of-a-kind ethereal pieces characterized by pure and essential lines and a sophisticated design.

Luxurious living room design ideas

Since there’s something to be said about a very much judged, all around designated, hoisted living room or common room, we’re taking a gander at simple to oversee practices to help a standout amongst the frequently utilized rooms in your home. All things considered, luxurious living room interior design isn’t constantly about putting resources into the most costly things.

It’s certainly conceivable to make your lounge or living room look progressively lavish without spending a fortune. As the focal component of your home and regularly the main thing that meeting visitors see, your living room ought to mirror your own taste and identity. Our team of interior specialists at Spacio are here to dish living room structure thoughts that can help make your space look increasingly rich not with standing when your financial plan is restricted – immediately.

Here are few ideas underneath for your perusal and understanding:-

Think about timepieces
Get time pieces that you can pass into next generation. It not only elevates your wall but gives it a very sophisticated and classy look. Just like the Nomon clock displayed above.

Unique wallpapers
We are living in a world when everyday a new invention in happening in every field just like our LED Wallpaper from Meystyle which has its unique appeal in terms of wall decoration and beautification. This is not a regular wallpaper but a LED Wallpaper which can be the centre of attraction in your luxurious living room.

Sculptural furniture
Utilizing large pieces of solid American Walnut, Agrippa & Agrippina’s trademark is its unique and elegant curves. The nesting table pair have handles that merge seamlessly into a fully integrated yet functional design giving an edge to your luxurious living room.

Upgrade your lighting
Bring organic touch to your living room with Serip lights which signifies luxury embodied in the excellence of true craftsmen and haute couture decoration concepts: a whole world of timeless refinement guided by a quest for elegance. Lights sets a tone for drama in the living room adding the x factor that was missing in your house.

Think about accent chairs
Accent chairs plays a vital role in elevating the look of your living room. Grouping two or more accent chairs together will help you create a conversation area perfect for gathering guests or for curling up on your own with a good book. If your living room needs a pop of colour or texture, accent chairs are a great solution as they are often offered in a selection of accent fabric and colours just like this green piece from Christopher Guy adding grandeur to this living room setting.

The Creative Head of Spacio Mr. Navin Kanodia says “There are unlimited potential options for making a living room configuration to suit your identity and way of life. Regardless of whether you’re searching for a formal living room with legacy itemizing or a casual space for spending time with the family and engaging visitors, these best ideas will give you a lot of inspiration to make your living room the luxury abode of your life.

Be party ready with MCCS speakers

The season of parties are on and Mario Cioni brings product that will make your party groovy and luxurious with its crystal sound.

MCCS – Mario Cioni Crystal Sound, is the product of passion and the primary driving force at Mario Cioni & C., MCCS is an innovative high-performance loudspeakers system that introduces a new archetype of interior architecture where purity of sound merges with beauty of shape.

MCCS introduces a new dimension of aesthetics: the aesthetics of sound. Objects created to satisfy the sight and touch, they turn out to be unexpected instruments of acoustic diffusion. The term “crystal clear sound” has never before been used more appropriately.

Twin Hystrix from MCCS Mario Cioni crystal sound box
Twin Hystrix from MCCS Mario Cioni crystal sound box

The sound comes with a low, well-controlled low range that surprises by extension in spite of physical size; the medium and high range is very natural and rich in details, sweet and never annoying or pungent. Acoustic speakers that express all their potential in high-level installations, also suitable for sound environments for a pleasant background music. Superb meeting point between exclusive materials, design and great sound. A product that does not stop at the look of beautiful furnishings, but offers a sound really over the lines.

For all who love bass power, Mario Cioni Crystal Sound introduces the loudspeaker system+ 1. The excellent acoustics of the two loudspeakers is exalted of the subwoofer of remarkable power. To assure an amazing musical experience, MCCS+1 has placed the woofer under and perpendicularly to the horizontal top surface. The bass vibrations magnify the sound in an impressive sound experience. The sensation is to be in front a new and fascinating sound architecture. The cones of the speakers placed in vertical position toward the bottom give a three – dimensional diffusion. The subwoofer of remarkable dimensions, pushes the basses directly to the central part and in the meantime, it strengthens the medium-low range and the moderated volume levels. The result is a deep and total immersion, a sound experience that involves you completely and a sound that reaches every centimeter of your body.

Twin Sphera from MCCS Mario Cioni crystal sound box
Twin Sphera from MCCS Mario Cioni crystal sound box

Mario Cioni Crsytal Sound is the perfect accessory to redefine your space for parties. It uplifts the mood and feel of the party floor creating an ambience of luxurious sound.

Gardeco an Insight Into Wall Décor

Gardeco the company was founded in September 1999 with only one objective: bringing affordable pieces of art to a broader public. Gardeco is a Belgian-based company, offering handcrafted pieces from around the world, selling in stores throughout the world. At the moment, Gardeco showcases the talent of a number of European and South American artists. From the pure line of ceramic sculptures, to the sophisticated bronze sculptures, without forgetting the exquisite glass work and the environmentally conscious paper art. Every piece is unique and handcrafted with care and dedication. Here in this blog we will view some of the mesmerising collection on wall décor from the brands most renowned artists with a brief description on the kind of work they do.

These wall panels are handcrafted in order to create its mosaics. All the products are manufactured with a great respect for the environment. The panels are made of certified teak wood from a plantation in Brazil (according to FSC Standards). The wood used is also treated for moisture and termites. It has outstanding acoustic and thermal control properties besides its beauty.

Disque Frisco

Domingos Tótora is an unusual visual artist who lives and works in the interior of Brazil (Maria da Fé-MG). He produces artworks based on recycled paper Kraft. Nature is the inspiration and commitment of his work. Domingos Tótora’s creations embody sustainable ideals with natural materials and reflects organic processes and cycles within a fresh, contemporary context. Disque Frisco is one such bright example of his work as displayed here.

Floral Joy
Floral Joy

Selma Calheira’s Floral joy and happy faces from Cores Da Terra collection entwined in clay is a marvel of designs.

Happy Faces
Happy Faces

Her artwork is all about people: about us, men, women, and about how we deal with our experiences in life. People are her mirror and our vulnerability is always the underlying idea. Intrigued as she is by what can be seen on faces or bodies, her figures mostly don’t act, they stand still and hold their hands beside their bodies or in their pockets. Her goal is to depict our moods and feelings. AART is Marijke Vijfhuizen’s artwork figure in stainless steel.

Gardeco stands for anonymous, but authentic and pared down art-decoration objects. Made from fine quality materials such as ceramics, bronze and glass. They are created by local artisans, real people that have feelings and respect for the Earth that they illustrate through their craftsmanship. For them, to feel is as important as to see. Hope the above artistic craftsmanship on wall décor mesmerized you the same way it mesmerized us while doing this blog.