Nomon Home Furniture Which Exudes Elegance and Class

Nomon Home fuses passion for furniture design, creating an innovation, where the complementary furniture becomes the main role with elegance, style and sophistication.

Natural materials have an important role in aesthetics and they are related to truth and honest. Pure raw materials are used respecting the natural texture of wood and marble. Craftwork is an essential element when they introduce natural materials. Luxurious touch is obtained when hands caress takes part in the production.

The Designers


Andrés has been part of Nomon’s project from its origin and he wants to reflect in Nomon Home a lifestyle through the design of beautiful and functional objects providing well-being.


Stefano Bigi grew up between France and Italy. Out of this double culture, he acquired a taste for the chic and the beautiful. Studying at Art School, he specialized in design furniture, contributing a sculptural concept, fusion between art and object. Recognizable designs with great presence, artwork pieces worth of any gallery.

Nomon Home beautifies the concept of furniture through four collections namely Moments, Unique, Sculpture & Welcome.

Console from Moments collection
Console from Moments collection


Simplicity is the essence of its appeal

Its bold design is characterized by standing on just one leg. The piece hides an invisible wall-fixing, an amusing visual game that seems to challenge physics.


You will feel like a princess

Inspired by a sensitive, modern woman; without forgetting functionality, they have given care to softness in shapes and materials. Enjoy an intimate moment, a ceremonious act charged with delicacy and femininity. The velvet upholstered pouf with silk trimmings, is set at the base of the vanity for additional functionality. Metallic details and the original jewellery box make it a unique and delicate piece.


Organic design, subtle and essential

Discreet in height and monochromatic finish in black or natural walnut. Innovative positioning on the legs on a diamond shape.


We should all have fun decorating our houses

Tribute to the spinning top and childhood games while the object also becomes a floor mirror. With this special piece, we seek above all, to be happy in the place where we live.

Hence Nomon Home furniture has redefined the art of furniture through its sleek, modern and luxurious appeal which has paved the way for artistic furniture.

Tothora Furniture for Contemporary Settings

Tothora is a brand that designs and produces table, Wall and floor clocks along with sleek modern utility furniture. It has reinvented the concept of time keeping and looking for modern spaces, offering a new alternative, to the traditional objects in the decoration.

Tothora create art pieces whether it is a clock or furniture its simple, geometric and minimalist forms that turn into sculptures of time to create focal points in any type of space or simply to decorate any corner. A new opportunity to see the weather in another way, with new models and finishes. “Unique“, “singular” and “daring“, this is how their clients define their time sculptures and furniture pieces.

Innovation is the magic wand of the brand. Designer Josep Vera welcomes you to their time.


Console with rack, a practical and attractive formula for small spaces or to boast of it, no matter the order, easy to assemble, for you who like simplicity.

S’Agaró hanger, a minimalist design, simple and without any screws, easy assembly so you do not waste much time and you can hang your things in a few minutes.

Sa Tuna, wall hanger, friendly and practical, takes up little space, the necessity to hang the bag or leave the keys as you like it.

Agrippa: Putting Face to Dreams

Agrippa furniture’s previously known as Camus is designed with the conviction to find something beyond geometry. They seek the origin of certain feelings, linked to sensory experiences. Their furniture’s are designed in certain way where they are to be seen, touched and above all to feel. Putting a face to dreams is what they believe in.

Their designs are handcrafted, with all rigor and perfection of craftsmanship. We will be witnessing some of their mesmerising furniture pieces through this blog.

American walnut, Esgrima Console
American walnut, Esgrima Console

Made with solid American walnut, Esgrima Console utilizes the naturalistic concept of simple shapes joining to create a sum of beautiful unison.

Agrippa & Agrippina
Agrippa & Agrippina

Who would imagine a furniture in the form of a couple? Well Agrippa has in its bouquet a furniture set which acts like one.

Agrippa and Agrippina make virtue of frailty and explore the concept of a couple as a matter of design.

The male-female duality is present in its multiple positions. The pair of assassins ready for action from the top of the sky. We can also see identical twins with a slight difference in size that mark their quadrupedal step with military discipline.

Agrippa and Agrippina, two tables ready to walk, fly and make love at any time.

Isadora Lounge Chairs
Isadora Lounge Chairs

The Isadora Lounge Chair features a sculptural solid American walnut frame. The beautiful pitch and the curve back wraps around the body like a glove. The resilient seat gives great support while also keeping maintaining its shape with a taut finish. The back has a sculptural shaped support which gives it a beautiful look on all sides.

The MD & Creative Head of Spacio Furniture Mr. Navin Kanodia says “Furniture is the amalgamation of art and craft for me. What separates Agrippa from the rest is that you can actually feel their furniture where the law of geometry is defied in order to create something so beautiful that your jaw literally drops. Quirky and classy that’s how I would like to define Agrippa furniture.”

The first 5 things anyone coming to your house will notice about it

Home is where the heart is. Our home is our temple these are the few phrases we believe in. The way you look at your house may not create the same impact as your guests. Your guests will try to scrutinize every element present in your house. They will especially pay attention to the mess and clutter in your house. The good news is that while everyone will definitely notice mess, some people see it in a more positive light and it makes them feel better about their own less-than-perfect homes.

The wall is your canvass

The colour of your wall may invoke a strong response. If you are trying to use bright colours like red or brown,it will surely be a turnoff for many. Stick to neutral shades if you want to give the best impressions. A wall art gives a cutting-edge to the wall décor and accentuate its beauty in two folds. Our home grown brand Just for Décor caters to some of the marvellous pieces.

The wall is your canvass
The wall is your canvass
The wall is your canvass
The wall is your canvass

Placing you Furniture right
The moment you enter someone’s house you are asked to be seated in a sofa or a chair. You mentally tend to place the sofa or chair in some other location considering the layout of the house. Hence placement of your furniture plays an important role in creating the first impression of your house. Spacio Furniture has solution for every aspect in furniture décor.

Placing you Furniture right
Placing you Furniture right

The Managing Director & Interior Stylist Mr. Navin Kanodia says “If you ask me I always look for the luxury items in a house. It may not be a masterpiece but a very selective piece which has a unique appeal of its own.

Let the light be your guiding star

Lights creates a sense of path in a house. It not only guides us in the dark but also plays an important role in decoration of a house. Natural light flooding a room is guaranteed to create a good impression, but if you need to fake it then the flicker of candles or soft spotlights will also look good. One must not use too harsh an artificial source of light as it is a big turn off for any household. has some lighting solution for your house.

Let the light be your guiding star
Let the light be your guiding star

Greenery is a big thumbs up

Freshness and greenery catches people’s eye. Flowers, In-house planters spread a very positive vibe around the house. However if your arrangement is wilted and tired looking it might spread a negative wave to the guest in your house.

Greenery is a big thumbs up
Greenery is a big thumbs up

Let art and books be the king and queen of your house 

Any artwork you have hanging on the wall will capture people’s attention, so it’s crucial to give a good impression. Many people pointed out that taste in art says a lot about the individual’s personality, so it shouldn’t be too generic. Similarly, people reported being happy to see a well arranged bookcase with titles that say something about the homeowner.

Let art and books be the king and queen of your house
Let art and books be the king and queen of your house

These are some of our observations. One must free feel to add points as per their understanding.

Dining Tables & Chairs for Modern Set-up

Every lesson I learned as a kid was at the dinner table. Being Greek, Sicilian and Ruthenian – we are an emotional bunch. It is where we laughed, cried and yelled – but most importantly, where we bonded and connected. – Michael Symon

A dining table is one of the most integral part of our home! Our dining table is the place which sees many things; yes, it’s a place for dinners, family lunches and lazy breakfasts, but it is also a place to do our daily course of activities like making kids do their homework, play scrabble and lot many things. It is a vital centerpiece for your home and key anchor for your interior style.

If your table is well crafted and strong, it should outlive you by a long while and can even be a half decent investment piece, so it should never be something you purchase on a whim. We give you the need to know pointers to help you find the perfect piece to sit at the heart of your dining space.

The key for modern dining room

It is said that a family that prays and eats together always stays together. Keeping the eating part in mind, the perfect modern dining room would be a place where the entire family can sit together comfortably and enjoy a good meal. From breakfast to dinner, any meal that is served in the dining room should be consumed in the most comfortable manner, the dining table and chairs should be modern and the entire ambience of the room should be cheerful and joyful. All this put together would make the modern dining room. Comfort is one part and the other thing that should be kept in mind is that it is the prime focus of our dining room, the main centre of attractions lays on it hence it should carry the gravity with itself.

Finding inspiration for the right dining room & chairs

The modern dining room décor ideas are very easy to find. You will find some very innovative ideas on the internet just browse through our website and Inspiration for the ideal design for your modern dining room are abundant in your surroundings. Taking the advice from an interior expert and stylist is also suggested or browsing websites for interior décor magazines are other options to find some really innovative ideas and inspirations for the modern dining room.

Designing Dining room in modern style

Play with different colors and patterns. Every part of the room including the doors, windows, furniture and decoration items play an important role so you need to make sure that all these elements come together in perfect harmony. Also, the modern styling theme is about minimalism so you might want to consider not filling the room with unwanted things.If you are running short of ideas, then check designs for your particular room size, see what will brighten up your room, use the internet and take ideas from the experts to design your dining room. You can keep the shades of the furniture vibrant, yet chic, buy the latest design of the cutlery and glassware, use the lights efficiently and the latest designs of lamp shades.

Modern dining room furniture

While buying the modern dining furniture one should make sure they are simple, elegant and in sync with the overall theme that has been decided. It would be wise to invest in furniture that is easy to clean and not likely to get worn away if food or liquids are dropped on it. Dining room furniture includes not just the dining table and chairs, but also wall cabinets, wine holders, side tables and side cabinets etc. It is easy to get carried away when buying dining room furniture but one needs to be careful that they have space to accommodate all the things they buy. The upholstery, furniture, décor, cutlery, art pieces, lights and the good food are all that add charm to the modern dining room. Let us see some of the modern stylized furniture set up.

There is nothing cooler than a really great looking modern Italian style and this dining table is definitely keeping up with the times for modern Indian décor. Glass top dining table with curves of bent wood is perfect for the minimal modern décor especially when they are combined with latest dining chairs.

Get the joy of Art Deco in your dining room with an Italian solid wood rectangular shaped dining table combined with leather upholstered chairs.

Finished with glass top richly finished veneer in teak colour, this rectangular centre table is another in the series of fashionable and stylish designs. Besides being practical and durable, it will offer you a leisurely enjoyment. This dining set will definitely show off your sophisticated taste with a great icon of modernism. The matching chairs is a beautiful example of space saving furniture.

Circular dining set with a sturdy central base can accommodate a lot of people involving in chatters. It also offers plenty of leg room for your guests. A conventional yet modern set for contemporary interiors.

Marble dining table looks really trendy with its high polish base. The shine creates a sense of drama surrounding the set. Straight line designing is pretty inn these days that will truly enhance your dining experience.

Modern rooms are all about keeping in tune with the most up to date trends in interior design. Modern dining space will therefore often be easy to reshape and renovate, so that they keep up with style developments. Expect to use glass-topped tables, sleek metal chairs and plenty of natural light provided by large windows. The energy of the best modern dining rooms is also generally complemented by clever use of décor like modern artworks.