In Focus: New collection by Designer Anna Kraitz for Maleras

Maleras the Swedish crystal art brand honcho since 1890 brings their newest products housed at Spacio. Today in this blog we will experience crystal beauty in products named Padam from the famous designer Anna Kraitz listed with the brand. The products featured under Padam is craftsmanship crossed with passion. The votive and vases communicates beauty in simplicity through crystal art. Some of her work in crystal can be seen below.

Padam yellow vase, mouth blown vase in crystal, handmade in Sweden.
Padam yellow vase, mouth blown vase in crystal, handmade in Sweden.

Padam Votive in green
Padam Votive in green

Padam bowl green
Padam bowl green
Padam vase greige in colour
Padam vase greige in colour


Clear vase from Padam collection looks classy in any setting
Clear vase from Padam collection looks classy in any setting

Brief on the designer

Everyday life inspires me. Sometimes trivial observations that I want to share, other times the topics seem more existential. But mostly, the simple, small and everyday events matters the most.

The above quote and designs by Anna Kraitz shows her uniqueness in work. Born in Sweden itself Anna has studied at Beckman’s Design College in Stockholm and the Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest. She is recognized for her creations in furniture and porcelain items. Crystal is a new domain she has ventured into, but with her curiosity and stylish artistry she manages to create future classics.

Festive ways to decorate for Diwali

Diwali is known as the festival of lights. We are just a few days away from Diwali and the preparations are on full swing. One of the best things about festivities is actually the anticipation, excitement, and the preparation that goes with it. We are sure that the scouting for décor and accessories are in its final stage and we at Spacio are equally excited just like you to open its bag full of accessories to kindle the festive spirit inside you. Let us go through some of the suggestion and products that we have at disposition.

Add warm tones

Let’s do things differently this Diwali. Along with glitter let’s get in warm tones of flowers for our console to get the chic festive vibe.


Traditional yet Modern Chic Décor

Revamp the look for Diwali this season with Dome Deco’s traditional Hurricane lights in their newest form. The hurricane lights sets a different level of decoration standards this season with their illumination which is beyond beautiful.


Be wall Ready

Germanium LED wallpaper from Meystyle is the new classy way of decorating your house this Diwali. Glam up your walls with inbuilt lights, instead of messy fairy lights.


Be celebration ready with Candle light Holders

Grant lighting creates a festive ambiance but t-lights or candle holders like this from Dome Deco brings an air of sophistication and celebration.


Gear up with Coffee Table Décor

Another simple yet effective way of decorating the house for Diwali is to decorate your coffee table with t-lights, fresh flowers and décor accents which proves beneficial for surprising guests during festivals and also helps in adding character to the coffee table. A perfect spot for having all the fun indoor amusement during the season.

The Creative Head of Spacio Mr. Navin Kanodia says – “You might get confused with the myriads of options thrown at you in the name of décor and accessories during Diwali. Spacio is a one stop solution for all your Diwali related interiors where you want to bring your personality before your guests. On a festive note I would like to sign off by wishing our readers a very happy Diwali from Team Spacio.

7 Ways to Take Care of Your Furniture During Monsoon

It’s that time of the year when you feel the rain by being your cosy best. Curling up in the couch reading your best author’s book might be your intentions. A cup of hot chocolate or tea will add up to the mood of monsoon. In this brilliant weather we must not forget our furniture as they need a lot of care and pampering from us. Below is 7 ways how we can protect and keep our furniture safe for longevity.

Dry it out

In no way you are supposed to clean your furniture using wet clothes. Wet clothes are breeding ground for termites as due to heavy moisture in the air the furniture can soften and get damaged easily.


Just like we apply strong moisturizers during winter and sunscreen during scorching heat of the sun in the same way our furniture need oiling and waxing(bees wax) during monsoon in order to remain smooth or else it will result in expansion of furniture.

De-humidify your room

We all know what humidity does to us. It is equally damaging for your wooden furniture. Use a dehumidifier to get rid of the moisture in the room and say goodbye to moulds on wood.

DIY the saviour

There are lot of moisture absorbing agents available in the market, camphor and naphthalene balls are few of them which keeps our furniture intact. They also keep away termites from making home in our precious furniture. Even neem leaves and cloves acts as a good moisture absorbing agents.

A big no to renovation

Monsoon is the time for maintenance hence do not try to paint or polish wood at your home during monsoon as it may adversely affect your wood. Try to get this done before the onset of monsoon or wait for it to get over until you start this enhancement.

Do not keep your furniture in direct contact with the walls

Our walls tend to absorb moisture faster and get damped during monsoon. In return it passes on the moisture to our furniture if kept in direct contact with the wall. Hence it is always advisable to keep the furniture few inches away from the walls.

Change the placement of your furniture

The intelligent thing to do during monsoon is to keep your furniture away from doors and window where it can come in direct contact with the rain water in the form of drops or leakages. Garden chairs that are nylon webbed or painted metal should be kept indoors during the monsoons to prevent them from cracking or from chipping off paint.

Wall Art for Modern Walls

Gone are the days when wall art only meant hanging fossils and skins of dead animals or hanging large size portraits of our forefathers. These days the concept of wall art has taken a huge 180 degree U turn and sync perfectly with the harmony of modern décor.

3d wall from Affreschi & Affreschi
3d wall from Affreschi & Affreschi

Affreschi & Affreschi is known worldwide for producing one of its kind frescoes on slim and flexible supports of wall made of Carrara & Travertine, in 1mm thickness. These plasters can cover large size wall, ceilings and even floors. Affreschi & Affreschi, introduces a contemporary style collection – 3D Wall. The walls looks real with the 3d effect and creates an illusion on our eyes. A wall art for contemporary settings.

This unique mirror sculpture gives a new dimension to your wall which creates an unique space and creates unique story on your wall. The deformed shape of mirror can be portrayed as modern art form redefining this modern dining room space.

Add character to a space and wall with Meystyle’s bespoke LED wallpaper and fabrics. Its an amazing collection of visual art which draws inspiration from world around us.

Metal art is a concept which looks visually very appealing. This collection of metal art from Artisan House gives oomph and a new dimension to your wall. Once you place this beautiful swan spreading its wings it symbolizes as if it wants to communicate with you. A conversational piece to behold.

The Creative Head of Spacio Mr. Navin Kanodia says “Wall art in modern home décor is a fine piece of cake which we all want to have. We as a curator on fine luxury interiors brings multitude of options for souls who loves to style their walls with modern art. From metal art to luxury wall frescoes and panels, we have it all for discerning pallets.

Artificial flowers and Its Importance

Artificial flowers are imitations of natural flowering plants used for commercial or residential decoration. Artificial flowers hold a special place on the world of crafts and designs. Be it a centerpiece, a bouquet or to decorate the favourite corner of your house faux flowers are always in possession for a fresh real look. Typically, people look for elegance and beauty in their floral arrangements, so fresh flowers are easy to fall back on. However, silk flowers can look just as beautiful and realistic! We will fall back on faux flowers for given below reasons.

Cost effective

The process of cutting a flower from its bloom, prepared and then forming a bouquet is an expensive process while the faux flowers is half the price of real blooms plus very easy to handle. Prices tend to increase with more detailed and intricate silk flowers, as these arrangements are of a higher quality.

Faux flowers does not expire

Artificial flowers are not prone to wilting, tearing or falling apart from an arrangements. They are more durable and sturdy can be used for any settings. If taken care properly the artificial blooms can last a lifetime while real flowers can maximum survive 5 says depending on the condition.

Can adjust to climatic conditions

Artificial flowers can easily accommodate during the extreme weather conditions and does not have the fear of not getting a particular type of flower required for particular purpose just like wedding. For a Christian wedding if the bride-to-be wants a type of flower that is out of season, she will have to have them shipped, significantly increasing the price of the arrangements.


Less or Low Maintenance

Faux flowers require almost no attention! You won’t have to worry about under- or over watering your potted plants, or constantly replacing soiled water for your bouquets gathered in a vase. Stems won’t need re-cutting, petals won’t need rearranging. They look just as beautiful as they did when you purchased them.

No transportation hazards

The artificial flowers have 100% level of tolerance as they are least affected during transportation. They are more resistant and you can place it in a box and restyle it as per your need once you reach your destination.

Camouflage of faux flowers 

At the end of the day it is on oneself whether to go for real flowers or faux flowers as it the matter of one’s aesthetics. In this modern era of designing faux flowers have every quality of being the original best version of real flowers.

The Creative Head of Spacio Collections and Interior Stylist Mr. Navin Kanodia says  – “Artificial flowers when used strategically can create wonders. It is a camouflage of the original flowers. One gets the same amount of excitement seeing artificial flower arrangement as you can barely distinguish between real and unreal. Spacio Collections has some amazing bouquet of faux flowers for every pallet.”