Simplicity in consoles

The console table has a redeeming quality for little spaces, clumsy spaces and everything in between. It works in pretty much every room of a home (regardless of whether as a corridor side table, at the rear of a love seat in the living room or in a bedroom) making it a shapeshifting ability that everybody should focus on.

Fortunately, its plenty of designs surpasses even that of its employments. From blended materials to sculptural, locate a one of a kind and bespoke console table style which suits you from Nomon Home. Simplicity has a rare beauty and the console from NomonHomes’sMoments collection is here to spread happiness. Let’s see how

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Moments Collection


Simplicity is the essence of its appeal.

Its bold design is characterized by standing on just one leg. The piece hides an invisible wall-fixing, an amusing visual game that seems to challenge physics. Such a simple design making strong statements.

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The console is made up of natural solid walnut wood giving it a very Nordic orientation. The tabletop has two options. It can either have a walnut base top or Emperador marble setting. Nomon Home very playfully adds marble to its furniture making it look very classy and luxurious.

Nomon Home Delhi, Nomon Home furniture in Pune

A console table is a great way of creating a focal point within a room and works as both a stylish and practical addition to space. Proving that walnut wood has the power to uplift any space this setting from Nomon Home embarks upon the journey of simplicity combined with straight lines.

I hope this blog gave you an insight into simple design consoles and how simple furniture creates so much of an appeal. The whole look is an optimal balance of minimalism and elegance. Follow our blog for more updates…

Black is beautiful for Nomon Home

Today we want to ask you a very tricky and interesting question through our blog which might have two answers with varied opinions as per our assumptions. Have you at any point concentrated on what color is the most applied one in the furniture field? The answer we all feel is black. Right? In light of its flexibility, it is amazingly simple to be chosen. Someone cherishes it as an adaptable decision. On another hand, someone disposes of it for the absence of character. Yet, no one can deny that black is the most classic and mainstream color through structure and workmanship history.

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Mesa Unica table which can be a coffee table or a center table

Coco Chanel thought “it is a perfect harmony” while Yves Saint Laurent gave his best words to it: “I love black because it affirms, designs and style.” When all design world goes crazy about color black, why would Nomon be left behind? For this reason, the connection between Nomon Home and black color is applied to their collection. Let us see how they manage to do it.

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Galan a functional piece of furniture jewel for suite or dressing room

Nomon brought fresh new black finish to iSaloni Milano recently. Some Nomonpatrons should definitely know, valuing the regular warm completion and veining of walnut has become just about a convention among the Nomon team. Instead of using solid walnut wood is stained black Nomondecided to choose ash wood to restart this idea. Nomon Home gave the world one whole collection made of stained black ash wood.

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Galan in close up

The idea of including Sahara Noir marble with its orange and white minimalism veining with this unique collection became of the signature pieces ever produced by Nomon. Thus a relationship is built between Nomon Home and black color, fall in love at very first sight!

These pieces of furniture from Nomon Home were accepted well in Milan and the brand is very thrilled to present its new collection and so we are to unveil this collection at our store in Spacio.

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The different kinds of Chairs for comfortable living

Chairs can be easily called an easy interior decorating resource. We can see a lot of varieties of chairs in the market which fits every space and need. Today in our blog we will witness some of the finest collection of chairs available with us.

In spite of the fact that the wing seat is an exceptionally conventional sort of chair, it has been reinterpreted and given a progressively contemporary flavor by numerous cutting edge designers.

Wingback seats are recognized by the side boards or “wings” on the back, which initially effectively shielded from drafts in a room, or inordinate warmth from the chimneys. Today, the wings give an agreeable surface to rest the head for taking naps. Perfect for reading or lounging.

Flute Armchair by Coleccion Alexandra's Emotions Avant Garde collection

Wingback Chair from our brand Coleccion Alexandra is perfect example to let you feel the breeze of this spectacular chair.

Christopher Guy Stylish chairs

Many chairs are only designed to accommodate one person at a time. However, loveseats up the cuddle-factor by allowing just enough room for two people to sit together. Some loveseats are big enough for two people to sit without touching, but many are designed to facilitate closeness.

Like a lot of living room chairs, loveseats come in all styles. Whether you want a modern look or something more classic, you can find a loveseat to fit your living room. Likewise, these chairs come in a wide range of colors and come upholstered in all kinds of fabrics.

This Love seat in the picture is from Christopher Guy and it boasts the signature style of the brand with luxurious blend of style and comfort.

Munna Chair

Accent chair or Complement seat is an umbrella term for an assortment of lounge seats including club seat, wingback, and English moved arm, Bergère, barrel and Lawson seats. They define the corner of a room just like the way this Munna Chair has uplifted this space in notches.

Chaise lounge for outdoors from Sifas

Chaise lounge for outdoors from Sifas. Displayed here is chaises from the Basket collection. A chaise is essentially a long chair, one on which you can stretch your legs without having to use an ottoman. The back is usually at a semi-reclining angle, and this is the chair you use for relaxing.

ottoman from Paulo Antunes

Sit back, unwind, and kick your feet up with an agreeable footrest. As you may expect, the starting points of this sort of furniture go back to the Ottoman Empire of the 1700s. From that point forward, these ottomans have become multi-useful, savvy pillars in parlors around the globe. The ottoman from Paulo Antunes sings the tune of relaxation for our feet.

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Riviera – The Quintessence of outdoor style by Sifas

Sifas the outdoor furniture giant based at the Cannes has been designing our gardens and terraces for more than 50 years, drawing inspiration over the decades from the customs, mores, and wishes of lovers and connoisseurs of outdoor furniture. The values of sharing, authenticity, and durability are embedded in the DNA and history of Sifas. With this values the brand introduced new products of the year 2019 previously. Today in our blog we will be focussing on the Rivera collection which is quintessence of outdoor style.

outdoor furniture Sifas

Brand new for 2019, the Riviera assortment weds altogether different pieces, which regardless consolidate to make an outside Art Deco feeling as agreeable as it is classy.

Riviera ultramodern Sifas Furniture

The settees of the Riviera assortment demonstrate to console casings of solace, while as yet holding clean realistic lines highlighted by the ultramodern play of dim and white.

Riviera Scandinavian Outdoor Furniture

The partner bits of two low tables and the end table are bended, stifled, and moderate, apparently motivated by Scandinavian plan, yet with a fairly strong striped-impact aluminum base. The assortment’s two seats underline Sifas’ authority of outside materials. The intricate weave renders the seats incredibly comfortable and welcoming: who might have imagined that woven polyester could resemble this?

Braided lounge chair with cushions
Braided lounge chair with cushions
Round lounge chair in rope
Round lounge chair in rope

The Riviera collection is inspired by the best of outdoor design of recent years, but reinvented to give it a modern identity.

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Curtain raiser on Nomon Home’s new unique collection

We are ready with the big reveal from Nomon Home for the upcoming winter festivities. The jewellery for home Nomon fuses passion for furniture design, creating an innovative project, where the complementary furniture becomes the hero with elegance, style and sophistication. In this blog we will be focussing on two of their charming furniture statement pieces which is unique in its own way of appeal.

Collection Moments ESPEJO, the mirror
Collection Moments ESPEJO, the mirror

The singularity of this mirror is based on its caring proportions

Two options with floor-standing mirror or wall-mirror; a hand-made natural walnut shelf combines the softness lines of the mirror. Refer to the images below to get a clear understanding of the product.

Espejo the mirror from Nomon Home attached to the wall. Both the option is quite flexible as per your requirement. If you have space crunch then wall is a better option or else a stand with the mirror looks extremely classy and chic.

Collection Escultura

Designed by Stefano Bigi. A sculpture made by craftsmen, whose hands embrace a luxury touch.

Escultura ASTRO

Eclectic floor lamp, fusing tradition and innovation into modern design.

Indirect lighting to create a warm atmosphere which allures wellness. A piece of art for upcoming parties and get together considering New Year into mind.

The new collection speaks volume about the design aesthetics of Nomon and its innovative mind. We are thoroughly in love with the new designs and we hope you will fall in love soon after reading this blog. Follow and subscribe to our blog to know more about the trends and latest developments from brands.