Neutral Kitchen ideas for an offbeat interiors

Kitchen is called the heart of the home, the kitchen is easily the most-used room in the house. From hosting parties and entertaining guests, to family meal times the kitchen is undoubtedly the most purpose solving interiors in the house. So it makes sense to incorporate practical, stylish interiors that stand the test of time into this multi-functional space with neutral colour and decorative ideas to make it look offbeat.

Classical neutral tones never go out of style, so making a kitchen utilizing an impartial palette looks great as well as bodes well. Let these unbiased kitchens motivate you to discover a look you’re certain to adore for a considerable length of time to come.

The wooden story
The wooden story

The wooden settings of this kitchen makes a rustic appeal as a result the kitchen looks very sophisticated in appearance. The unison of dark brown wood finish and light pinewood provides a natural connection. The lighting adds a bit of drama where the wine cabinets adds a pop of relaxation in the setting.

Texture play
Texture play

Marble has a natural texture which adds to the warmth in this kitchen environment. The cabinets painted in sage green colour looks more intriguing in this classical white space. The white pendant lights with golden touch is making this kitchen look more interesting.

Light, Bright and Uncluttered
Light, Bright and Uncluttered

Combining wood base cabinets with white upper cabinets instills this kitchen with an aesthetic that is light, bright, and uncluttered. Mixing cabinet finishes is a modern approach, but the timeless materials in this kitchen — white subway tiles and marble countertops respect the home’s aesthetics.

The act of balancing
The act of balancing

This kitchen successfully balances white with elegant cabinets and drawers. The greenery on the table balances well with the addition of brown carpet and subtle inclusion of wood utility items.

Organic Beauty
Organic Beauty

Eco-friendly materials and large windows showcasing a garden view create a kitchen that celebrates the simple beauty of organic forms coupled with clean lines. Stretching the length of the work core, an oynx-clad island stands as an easy-on-the-eye centrepiece. The stone complements a host of earthy companion materials.

The Creative Head and MD of Spacio Mr. Navin Kanodia says “Building neutral kitchens in Indian interiors can be challenging. From contemporary and modern designs to rustic and Scandinavian trends, here are plenty of beautiful kitchen design ideas that you just read and will help you create the perfect heart to your home. At Spacio we redefine any interiors and kitchen is one of them.

Dining room ideas to steal

Today in our blog we will be talking about distinct styles of dining room to inspire you with ideas for your own dining space. Let’s get started.

You may agree or disagree with us but what we feel is that all our happy memories involves food. It’s no big surprise that the meal times are considered the most significant moment of the day. Particularly at meals, when the whole family accumulates around the table to trade their day’s encounters. Regardless of whether you’re remaining in another city, supper times give the perfect respite in a feverish day.

What we feel personally that the eating territory merits more love than we show it. Regardless of whether you have a whole room committed to it or a little region of your lounge room or even only a table with few seats around it, we will give you an idea as to how you can upgrade the space with a couple of basic hints and deceives.

There are a few different ways you can play with colour, surface and accomplices to give the dining room its own character. For example, blended seating, eye catching highlights or statement pieces and novel wall accents would all be able to contribute towards making a separated region.

In case you’re one for controlled and limited stylistic layout decisions, then opt for a mix of various charcoal greys gives a differentiating background to the white, wooden table and seats. The look is finished by just two extras – stout pendant lights and crisp greens that give the main burst of colours. Here the style is more bent towards minimalistic designs.

We at Spacio is always up for anything that is luxurious and grand and this dining room lives it huge with a maximal style scheme. In this style, every one of the components need to work in pair to not overpower one another. For example, the pendant light adjusts the design roof and ground surface with strong examples. Also the golden chairs and dining table sits perfectly with the ambience, the table top décor breaks the symmetry adding a punch. The other elements is subdued to keep the dining table in focus. We feel this kind of décor can elevate your décor ideas to top notch settings.

We always has this keen belief that the subtleties improve the bigger picture. The wooden outline on the wall, splendid wooden feasting table and seats with upholstery meet up to make a cutting edge eating space. Having a basic highlight enables the table’s shading to sparkle with its magnificence. A subtle touch of greenery looks quite refreshing in this scenario.

We should say that dinning space should be bright with natural lights, just like in this picture. Inject a dose of brightness and nature therapy with greenery. Smart artwork which portrays your personality can be a very good idea to infuse. Adding elements like a big table accents can play an effective role in enhancing the décor.

We strongly believe that the dining space should speak about one’s personal taste as it is the place where you feel at one with your family members. Too much of elements to get the attention of your guests may take away the charm of personal space. We hope you liked the above ideas. Your valuable comments will always be appreciated. Subscribe to our blog to get latest update on interior styling and more.

Dining Tables & Chairs for Modern Set-up

Every lesson I learned as a kid was at the dinner table. Being Greek, Sicilian and Ruthenian – we are an emotional bunch. It is where we laughed, cried and yelled – but most importantly, where we bonded and connected. – Michael Symon

A dining table is one of the most integral part of our home! Our dining table is the place which sees many things; yes, it’s a place for dinners, family lunches and lazy breakfasts, but it is also a place to do our daily course of activities like making kids do their homework, play scrabble and lot many things. It is a vital centerpiece for your home and key anchor for your interior style.

If your table is well crafted and strong, it should outlive you by a long while and can even be a half decent investment piece, so it should never be something you purchase on a whim. We give you the need to know pointers to help you find the perfect piece to sit at the heart of your dining space.

The key for modern dining room

It is said that a family that prays and eats together always stays together. Keeping the eating part in mind, the perfect modern dining room would be a place where the entire family can sit together comfortably and enjoy a good meal. From breakfast to dinner, any meal that is served in the dining room should be consumed in the most comfortable manner, the dining table and chairs should be modern and the entire ambience of the room should be cheerful and joyful. All this put together would make the modern dining room. Comfort is one part and the other thing that should be kept in mind is that it is the prime focus of our dining room, the main centre of attractions lays on it hence it should carry the gravity with itself.

Finding inspiration for the right dining room & chairs

The modern dining room décor ideas are very easy to find. You will find some very innovative ideas on the internet just browse through our website and Inspiration for the ideal design for your modern dining room are abundant in your surroundings. Taking the advice from an interior expert and stylist is also suggested or browsing websites for interior décor magazines are other options to find some really innovative ideas and inspirations for the modern dining room.

Designing Dining room in modern style

Play with different colors and patterns. Every part of the room including the doors, windows, furniture and decoration items play an important role so you need to make sure that all these elements come together in perfect harmony. Also, the modern styling theme is about minimalism so you might want to consider not filling the room with unwanted things.If you are running short of ideas, then check designs for your particular room size, see what will brighten up your room, use the internet and take ideas from the experts to design your dining room. You can keep the shades of the furniture vibrant, yet chic, buy the latest design of the cutlery and glassware, use the lights efficiently and the latest designs of lamp shades.

Modern dining room furniture

While buying the modern dining furniture one should make sure they are simple, elegant and in sync with the overall theme that has been decided. It would be wise to invest in furniture that is easy to clean and not likely to get worn away if food or liquids are dropped on it. Dining room furniture includes not just the dining table and chairs, but also wall cabinets, wine holders, side tables and side cabinets etc. It is easy to get carried away when buying dining room furniture but one needs to be careful that they have space to accommodate all the things they buy. The upholstery, furniture, décor, cutlery, art pieces, lights and the good food are all that add charm to the modern dining room. Let us see some of the modern stylized furniture set up.

There is nothing cooler than a really great looking modern Italian style and this dining table is definitely keeping up with the times for modern Indian décor. Glass top dining table with curves of bent wood is perfect for the minimal modern décor especially when they are combined with latest dining chairs.

Get the joy of Art Deco in your dining room with an Italian solid wood rectangular shaped dining table combined with leather upholstered chairs.

Finished with glass top richly finished veneer in teak colour, this rectangular centre table is another in the series of fashionable and stylish designs. Besides being practical and durable, it will offer you a leisurely enjoyment. This dining set will definitely show off your sophisticated taste with a great icon of modernism. The matching chairs is a beautiful example of space saving furniture.

Circular dining set with a sturdy central base can accommodate a lot of people involving in chatters. It also offers plenty of leg room for your guests. A conventional yet modern set for contemporary interiors.

Marble dining table looks really trendy with its high polish base. The shine creates a sense of drama surrounding the set. Straight line designing is pretty inn these days that will truly enhance your dining experience.

Modern rooms are all about keeping in tune with the most up to date trends in interior design. Modern dining space will therefore often be easy to reshape and renovate, so that they keep up with style developments. Expect to use glass-topped tables, sleek metal chairs and plenty of natural light provided by large windows. The energy of the best modern dining rooms is also generally complemented by clever use of décor like modern artworks.

Wooden Floor for Beautiful Home

In Choosing wooden floor for your home interior is attractive options. Several styles and colors can make the home look expensive and elegant. lighter Wood colors will also make your home look more “young” and dynamic.



Actually, the choice of wood flooring is not only divided by color. Wooden floors are divided based on constituent material. You can find other types of wooden floor, such as solid wood flooring, laminate flooring, and engineering wood.


Solid wood


As suggested name, it is made from solid wood species are relatively expensive piece of wood. Unfortunately, although able to provide its own prestige value, solid wood flooring is not very suitable for tropical areas with high humidity levels.


In addition, solid wood flooring also has the possibility to expand and contract. This type of flooring is generally produced with a thickness of 10 mm to 18 mm. After being used for some time, you can sandpaper back.


Solid wood available with and without finishing. However, it can not be installed in the basement and can not be installed right on top of the concrete. So, if you want it, you should contact a professional to install this type of floor.


Engineering wood


Engineering wood using wood that has been treated with a multi-layer technology. This type is commonly referred to as parquet engineer. This type of wood is relatively resistant to shrinkage and bending, and are generally available with a thickness of 15 millimeters.


Engineered wood flooring you can use in the basement and attached directly to the concrete. Unfortunately, most of this type of flooring can not be re-finishing. Others may once or twice in re-finishing.


Laminate flooring


Laminated flooring is often also known as imitation wood. It is made from wood pulp pressed together with glue and paper decor with patterned laminated wood. Same with solid wood, this type of floor covering is also not suitable in environments with high humidity.


For laminate flooring, flooring is much cheaper than other types of wood flooring. You can put it in the basement or upstairs. However, unlike other types of wood, the type of wood will sound hollow and did not seem genuine.

Cooking With Color: When to Use Black in the Kitchen

Black is a classic hue in fashion — there’s the little black dress and the debonair black tuxedo, and we are sure that you are not the only one out there with way more pairs of black shoes in your closet than there are days of the week. Yet when it comes to decorating our homes, most of us tend to shy away from using black as more than a mere accent color. Yes, black can suck a good deal of light out of a room, making it appear cramped and dreary, but when used successfully it can be crisp, dramatic and elegant.


Check out eight gorgeous kitchens that feature this darkest of hues, along with tips on how to work with black in the kitchen, brought to you by Spacio Design Team.


Black absorbs rather then reflects light, so if you are using a large amount of the hue in a space, try to counter it with plenty of light — preferably of the natural variety. The high white ceiling, skylights and wall of sliding glass doors in this kitchen more than balance out the black.


But you don’t need to have walls of windows or skylights galore to make black work in your kitchen. There are other ways to balance it. For instance, this beautiful kitchen features cabinets that have a black-washed look that makes them less heavy and monolithic than cabinets painted solid black. And because the black is paired with plenty of light neutrals and reflective materials, this kitchen feels light and open.


Here, the large modern black pendants over the island contrast nicely with the vintage exposedbrick walls. So simple, and yet the effect is dramatic and elegant. The restrained yet rich color palette of blacks, browns and brick red is also very successful.


If you favor a black & white kitchen, we recommend adding another bold color or accents of warm neutral browns, taupes or beiges to keep it from appearing stark and cold. The wood floor in this kitchen warms things up nicely.


Use black to call attention to your kitchen’s interesting architectural details, finishes or fixtures.Against a light backdrop, these elements will stand out, whereas everything white will recede into the background.


Consider the sheen of the black surfaces in your kitchen, too. Matte black absorbs light and tends to look flat and dark. Glossy surfaces will reflect light back into the space — but you can really see the texture of the surface, so make sure it’s something you want highlighted. This kitchen has a nice mix of shiny and matte surfaces, and the crisp black really defines the space.


Since it’s a neutral, black works with any other color you want to introduce. These lemon-yellow counter stools add a nice twist to this handsome black kitchen.


Black brings a lot of drama to a kitchen, so it requires little ornamentation. You really can’t go wrong with high-quality finish materials and workmanship combined with a restrained palette heavy on black.


Most paint manufacturers carry a true black hue, but be sure to check out the many shades of black available that have subtle color differences. Some appear cooler, with hints of green, blue or purple; some are warmer — more of a brownish black. These subtle differences will be more noticeable in abundant daylight. As with any new paint color, it’s a good idea to test a few different blacks in the actual room you plan to use it in to see how the color looks in the space and changes throughout the day and night.