The different kinds of Chairs for comfortable living

Chairs can be easily called an easy interior decorating resource. We can see a lot of varieties of chairs in the market which fits every space and need. Today in our blog we will witness some of the finest collection of chairs available with us.

In spite of the fact that the wing seat is an exceptionally conventional sort of chair, it has been reinterpreted and given a progressively contemporary flavor by numerous cutting edge designers.

Wingback seats are recognized by the side boards or “wings” on the back, which initially effectively shielded from drafts in a room, or inordinate warmth from the chimneys. Today, the wings give an agreeable surface to rest the head for taking naps. Perfect for reading or lounging.

Flute Armchair by Coleccion Alexandra's Emotions Avant Garde collection

Wingback Chair from our brand Coleccion Alexandra is perfect example to let you feel the breeze of this spectacular chair.

Christopher Guy Stylish chairs

Many chairs are only designed to accommodate one person at a time. However, loveseats up the cuddle-factor by allowing just enough room for two people to sit together. Some loveseats are big enough for two people to sit without touching, but many are designed to facilitate closeness.

Like a lot of living room chairs, loveseats come in all styles. Whether you want a modern look or something more classic, you can find a loveseat to fit your living room. Likewise, these chairs come in a wide range of colors and come upholstered in all kinds of fabrics.

This Love seat in the picture is from Christopher Guy and it boasts the signature style of the brand with luxurious blend of style and comfort.

Munna Chair

Accent chair or Complement seat is an umbrella term for an assortment of lounge seats including club seat, wingback, and English moved arm, Bergère, barrel and Lawson seats. They define the corner of a room just like the way this Munna Chair has uplifted this space in notches.

Chaise lounge for outdoors from Sifas

Chaise lounge for outdoors from Sifas. Displayed here is chaises from the Basket collection. A chaise is essentially a long chair, one on which you can stretch your legs without having to use an ottoman. The back is usually at a semi-reclining angle, and this is the chair you use for relaxing.

ottoman from Paulo Antunes

Sit back, unwind, and kick your feet up with an agreeable footrest. As you may expect, the starting points of this sort of furniture go back to the Ottoman Empire of the 1700s. From that point forward, these ottomans have become multi-useful, savvy pillars in parlors around the globe. The ottoman from Paulo Antunes sings the tune of relaxation for our feet.

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Cores Da Terra or Colours of the Earth

‘Ceramic’ comes from the Greek word meaning ‘pottery’. The clay-based domestic wares, art objects and building products are familiar to us all, but pottery is just one part of the ceramic world.

Nowadays the term ‘ceramic’ has a more expansive meaning and includes materials like glass, advanced ceramics and some cement systems as well. Today in our blog we will be seeing some great collection available with Spacio from the brand Gardeco on Cores De Terra collection.

Apple and Pear in different colour and sizes
Apple and Pear in different colour and sizes

A gist on the collection

Cores De Terra means “Colours of the earth” in Portuguese. Brazilian designer Selma Calheira opened her studio in this name at the age of 38. For years, she experimented and explored the possibilities of clay and painting. She organised workshops, events and meetings with other artists. The name begins to Selma’s greatest advantage in dirt and her unending investigation into natural pigments. This trademark is loaded up with workmanship and humankind and was worked by Selma along her entire life. From the earliest starting point, Selma deliberately hoped to enlist financially impeded men, ladies and young people from humble roots who she quietly arranged and professionalized as profoundly qualified ceramists. Her adventure has brought about an incredibly successful venture which has carried phenomenal accomplishment to the rustic economy of Bahia, Brazil.

Cherry in different sizes
Cherry in different sizes

These Cherries looks extremely artistic sitting pretty in coffee tables, dining tables or consoles.


Adorning the corner of a shelf the Negritas has to be the centre of attention and a conversation starter.

Botijas, Garrafas & Jarra
Botijas, Garrafas & Jarra

Sleek, smart and clean lines defines this collection of ceramic wonders. Can be stacked together to create story.


You will often get confused with its authenticity. Looks very real, this can be the hero on a coffee or console table.

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Ideas to light up your home with purple sofas

Purple Sofas are captivating, comfortable and welcoming furniture piece that we always cherish. It is accessible in various shades, from light to the dim one, making it the ideal proclamation piece for your living room set. Here are some ideas to modify your Living Room with Purple couches that will presumably make you want one!

Purple joins the quiet dependability of blue and the furious vitality of red. The colour purple is regularly connected with sovereignty, respectability, extravagance, power, and aspiration which can be the ideal colour statement furniture in your living room.

Having Purple Sofas is uncommon, being a shade of vitality and accordingly, is frequently observed as having unadulterated significance just the way it is shown here.

In a purple room, we get no opportunity to get angry severely, regardless of whether we came irate, all things considered. For its two based shading mix, the purple shading is made to unwind and unstress you. This living room above is sure to strike a chord within your heart.

In the event that you need to utilize purple in your Home Decor, the impact that you will cause is quiet the brain and nerves, upgrading the consecrated, making sentiments of other worldliness, expanding sustaining inclinations and affectability, and empowering creative mind and innovativeness. This Bohemian setting accommodates the purple sofa in such a creative manner as it blending just the right way!

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Styling Guest Bedroom

In India, guests are treated as equal as Gods. But how many houses have a separate room solely allocated for guests?

While furnishing the house or re-modelling it, many of us actually forget that there should be a closed space dedicated for the visitors, so that they can feel at home, and take fond memories with them when they leave. Let us see some of the styling options for guest bedroom.

Basic VS. Statement
The extra or visitor room can be one of two things. It very well may be a spot for you to seek after your most desired visitor room finishing thoughts, maybe a lively or brave plan that probably won’t be fit to your master bedrooms. On the other hand, this room could be more pared back, offering an agreeable and loosening up space to inviting visitors. Less frequently utilized, the visitor room may go about as your changing area when abandoned (or on the other hand an incredibly extensive stroll in closet).

The guest room may warrant a littler interest as far as the bed. Along these lines, while you may have enjoyed an agreeable divan for your very own room, a bedstead with an agreeable sleeping pad is the best approach here. This is an extraordinary move for a scope of reasons. Right off the bat, a bedstead offers an alternate look to your main room’s square shaped divan which may be increasingly fit to a differentiating interior scheme. Even better, there may not be such a great amount of requirement for the broad suspension and backing of a divan bed thus you can minimize expenses here by putting resources into a less perplexing bed outline that is similarly as in vogue. Frequently valued lower than a divan, the unassuming bedstead is an extraordinary choice for redoing the extra room on a spending limit.

Pick a Quality Mattress
Despite the fact that a bedstead doesn’t see the extra help of a sprung divan base, you can even now guarantee that your visitors have an extraordinary night’s rest in most extreme solace by picking an excellent bedding. High quality, Vispring and Hypnos offer unmatched solace, making pro sleeping pads for select use on bedsteads. No compelling reason to stress over support harm, these lavish sleeping pads are made with an extra layer for additional assurance and life span.

Then again, the extra room may go about as an augmentation of your main room. On the off chance that it’s an improvised changing area, putting resources into a lovely dressing table and floor mirror are a visitor room basic. Though, if this room goes about as to a greater degree a dumping ground for everything without exception (trailed by a mass clean up when visitors are booked to remain!), you may search out extra stockpiling furniture pieces, for example, closets and dressers or even a work area if the extra room is likewise your home office.

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How to pull off a green sofa this summer

Summer is all about adding greens to your interiors, be it fresh greenery or adding the colour green we have the perfect green furniture this season for you. It’s time for you to just hunker down on a green sofa housed at Spacio and we have some amazing ideas to play with it this season. Alleviating green is as calming as it is strong, and can own a delicate statement piece in any interiors. Let’s find out.

A little greenery can go long way to capture the optimism of the summer. But to make it dynamic arrange by putting a Green Sofa in your living or guest room. Adding green sofa as an accent is a striking move, however it’s absolutely worth your exertion. It’s superior to something that is pursued over and over by millions in other parts of the world.

Breathe life into a white decorating scheme with mixed shades of green and displays of real (or fake) plants. Our tip is to layer several shades of green for lush contrast – here, the blinds and a throw have been edged in a fresh lime fabric that stands out against the sofa’s similar shade.

Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. But here we are in the mood to have some fun. Make your sofa a statement piece against moody indigo background and patterned cushions throw to get fun in the story. A fresh idea for summer homes this season.

Opposite attracts but green and mustard yellow makes the perfect pair for summer interiors. Give your interiors the vibrancy and get close to your roots.

Get opulence with jewel coloured upholstery and muted but bold wallpapers to add that extra edge to your interiors. A fine use of yellow curtains is making all the difference creating a royal chic look.

The MD & Creative Head of Spacio Mr. Navin Kanodia says “Play it smart with green colour sofa this season. Whether you plump for the drama of forest green, go for playful lime green accents or keep it classic with a sage-green sofa we have all the available options to encapsulate your summers.”