Let’s welcome spring summer with Dome Deco’s new collection

Dome Deco reflects the signature European style of interiors. The brand stands for cosmopolitan living style that draws inspiration from across the world. Spacio showcases their spring summer collection 2019 which is inspired by a cosmopolitan collection full of warm sophisticated, luxurious textures with an attitude that goes beyond the usual. An interior look suited for those who enjoy an urban lifestyle with a touch of luxury.

The beauty of DOME DECO designs lies in its combination of contrasting elements. It is a beautiful brand from Belgium that has the European decor and design essence deeply embedded into it. The brand has earned noted reputation in the international world of interior design. Stefan Verheyen, Dôme Deco’s founder, is visionary with amazing design ideas. Weaving the concept around the combination of warm-cold, light-dark, city-village, male-female, urban-rural, Dôme Deco creates a totally unique and genuine décor story that epitomizes luxury décor.

Purist blue a new blue shade that stands for tranquillity, serenity and brings calmness into your interior from the avant-garde theme.
With traditional shapes and bold colors, Wanderlust is becoming the most warm and ethnic theme.
Bring a green and natural atmosphere in your interior with objects from Woodland theme.
As a part of wanderlust objects, Dome Deco brings a perfect styling tip for spring summer featured above. With traditional shapes and bold colors, Wanderlust is becoming the most warm and ethnic theme this summer.
Woodland Objects styling tips in leather and dark wood are key elements in this warm setting.

The spring-summer collection 2019 from Dome Deco brings an interior look suited for those who enjoy an urban lifestyle with a touch of luxury.

How to pull off a green sofa this summer

Summer is all about adding greens to your interiors, be it fresh greenery or adding the colour green we have the perfect green furniture this season for you. It’s time for you to just hunker down on a green sofa housed at Spacio and we have some amazing ideas to play with it this season. Alleviating green is as calming as it is strong, and can own a delicate statement piece in any interiors. Let’s find out.

A little greenery can go long way to capture the optimism of the summer. But to make it dynamic arrange by putting a Green Sofa in your living or guest room. Adding green sofa as an accent is a striking move, however it’s absolutely worth your exertion. It’s superior to something that is pursued over and over by millions in other parts of the world.

Breathe life into a white decorating scheme with mixed shades of green and displays of real (or fake) plants. Our tip is to layer several shades of green for lush contrast – here, the blinds and a throw have been edged in a fresh lime fabric that stands out against the sofa’s similar shade.

Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. But here we are in the mood to have some fun. Make your sofa a statement piece against moody indigo background and patterned cushions throw to get fun in the story. A fresh idea for summer homes this season.

Opposite attracts but green and mustard yellow makes the perfect pair for summer interiors. Give your interiors the vibrancy and get close to your roots.

Get opulence with jewel coloured upholstery and muted but bold wallpapers to add that extra edge to your interiors. A fine use of yellow curtains is making all the difference creating a royal chic look.

The MD & Creative Head of Spacio Mr. Navin Kanodia says “Play it smart with green colour sofa this season. Whether you plump for the drama of forest green, go for playful lime green accents or keep it classic with a sage-green sofa we have all the available options to encapsulate your summers.”

Chic Corner Styling Ideas for Your Nooks

Void corners will in general stand out and make generally wonderful rooms look ungainly—dead weight, however brimming with such a great amount of potential. Indeed, no space is finished until the majority of its niches are affectionately enlivened. Furthermore, fortunately, corner improvement will in general be simple. Sometimes all its take is an accent chair, a display divider, or an indoor plant. So continue perusing for sleek corner brightening ideas to finish every last trace of your home.

Creating Corner shelves
Creating Corner shelves

Free corner space makes an extraordinary setting for an implicit bookshelf. This corner racking is simple enough for tenderfoots to redo to their space and fabricate your own little corner. You can even include showpieces and small knick-knacks to give dimension to the corner.

Build green corner
Build green corner

In case you’re not keen on structure retires or accomplishing something sensational, here’s a basic arrangement: Add a little tree, which brings dimension, texture, and a genuinely necessary portion of greenery. We cherish how the plant here is adding life in this monochrome space.

Creating character walls
Creating character walls

Add a pop of character to the awkward small corner of the wall. A lacklustre living room or entryway corner can be transformed by a sculpture or piece of artwork.

A sectional is always Yay!
A sectional is always Yay!

In a lounge or family room, a sectional is the ideal seating choice to fit directly into a corner. The shape likewise promotes easier discussion, making it ideal for engaging family evenings.

Picture gallery with breakfast nook
Picture gallery with breakfast nook

A little breakfast nook like this one is the ideal method to spruce up a corner. Cuddle a seat or settee straight facing the wall, or a custom stall fit to the state of your corner. Also, drifting racks and fine art will stimulate the walls.  You needn’t bother with a huge wall for your fantasy exhibition of family pictures—a corner works pleasantly. Utilize a clear space to make an eye-getting, unbalanced presentation to relive the memories.

The Creative Head of Spacio Mr. Navin Kanodia says “A swoon worthy nook does not need great work of art. A little bit of aesthetics combined with smart usage of creative mind can make all the difference. Our ideas above is the right kind of mix one needs to create a nook of their dream.”

Trend alert to beat the heat – Spring Summer 2019

For spring-summer trend in 2019, the superseding theme is for greater sustainability and natural materials. Obviously, there are some stunning beautiful hues to grasp as well, however with regards to enhancing the home, the accentuation is on classics that are great and longer enduring, instead of something you’ll become weary of rapidly.

Let’s take a look at some key trends for spring/summer 2019 underneath.

The 70’s Scandinavian elements are all set to rock your interiors this summer. Follow the ‘less is more’ philosophy and don’t over clutter, pick out an accent furniture like Escritorio shown here. Escritorio is a desk by the elegant and modern design from Nomon Home. Made in beautiful walnut wood worked by Spanish craftsmen, each piece is distinguished by details derived from craftsmanship. A unique and prestigious desk that is characterized by craftsmanship and by the shelves that can rotate by varying their position. Escritorio can be your go to furniture this season.

In the trend – natural flowers, as well as green planters found in nature, ennoble will be the perfect decoration for your home this spring. Living plants can be located not only on the windowsill but also decorate the walls to add freshness during hot sunny weather. This kind of accent from Dome Deco is a thorough breather during spring.

Sleek lines, tapered table legs and an understated simplicity are the key ingredients to mid-century design. It’s a trend with longevity that suits the minimalist fan. Limit the colour palette to a few select colours and let the shapes do the talking. Just like these tiles from Theiatiles adding the warmth and greenery of summer in the interiors.

Mustard tints have been the go-to shade over the hotter months in our homes. It’s a modern color with great potential! It’s a versatile shade that works brilliantly with millennial pink, teal and indigo blue, and of course, crisp white if you want to create more of a fresh look. A splash of mustard accents as portrayed above from Norte Monde can be the right colour you were eyeing for this summer.

To check the moderate look, pattern is truly key this season – and one example as well as a blend of styles utilized together. The key is to keep the shading palette the equivalent tonally, for instance, here you can see that everything has a similar dimension of delicate quality and nothing emerges, so it’s everything adjusted outwardly with greenery in balance. The pattern is from I-mesh creating subtle elegance through aesthetics.

Colour of the year by Pantone, Living Coral is immaculate as a statement piece whether it’s in your lounge area, room or even kitchen. A delicate shading, for example, this one is ideal for a Spring/Summer home redesign. The Norte Mode décor piece adorning the interiors of your home.

The Creative Head of Spacio Mr. Navin Kanodia says “If you are looking for inspiration then Spacio is your guide for spring summer design trend. Feel fresh to a surprising design style we never thought it will come back. The trends this year go beyond the expected and we are delighted to fulfil the expectation of our customers with the trend.”

Add character to your space with accent chairs

Accent chairs as the name suggests is not an ordinary chair but a furniture piece which add character, cosiness and comfort to your interiors. Accent chairs can play both fashionable and functional roles in any seating area. Spacio has wide array of accent chairs in its kitty to update and invigorate your space. One or two accent chairs can turn the outlook of our room completely, let’s take a tour.

This chair lovingly known as Lady Sting chair from the brand Agrippa seemingly defies the laws of ergonomics, standing as a symbolic and aesthetic element in American walnut wood. It’s a beautiful pretty faced furniture with its delicate curves.

Chairs full of personality presenting Brabbu accent chairs which has the capability of spicing up your living room décor with its strong personality. Upholstered in velvet the chairs are for intimate conversations.

Sculptural accent chairs from Bessa denoting simple vintage style with modern sensibilities. The curvy and exaggerated shapes of the sofa´s arms symbolize the end of enclosed spaces which are transformed into open doors to freedom.

Contemporary style is clean and unfussy, and contemporary accent chairs are great for rooms where you need a simple addition without clutter. The legs and hardware are often imaginative and unique. Look for simple lines and sober colors.

High back lounge chair also called winged chair embodies an unpredictable strength. The chair personifies a strong attitude. The whimsical lines makes it an effortless accent piece holding a strong character.

The Creative Head of Spacio Mr. Navin Kanodia says “Accent chair is all about giving your space sumptuous feel. Spacio has the ideal accent chairs from International brands which will be a good investment option for complimenting your existing décor.”