Riviera – The Quintessence of outdoor style by Sifas

Sifas the outdoor furniture giant based at the Cannes has been designing our gardens and terraces for more than 50 years, drawing inspiration over the decades from the customs, mores, and wishes of lovers and connoisseurs of outdoor furniture. The values of sharing, authenticity, and durability are embedded in the DNA and history of Sifas. With this values the brand introduced new products of the year 2019 previously. Today in our blog we will be focussing on the Rivera collection which is quintessence of outdoor style.

outdoor furniture Sifas

Brand new for 2019, the Riviera assortment weds altogether different pieces, which regardless consolidate to make an outside Art Deco feeling as agreeable as it is classy.

Riviera ultramodern Sifas Furniture

The settees of the Riviera assortment demonstrate to console casings of solace, while as yet holding clean realistic lines highlighted by the ultramodern play of dim and white.

Riviera Scandinavian Outdoor Furniture

The partner bits of two low tables and the end table are bended, stifled, and moderate, apparently motivated by Scandinavian plan, yet with a fairly strong striped-impact aluminum base. The assortment’s two seats underline Sifas’ authority of outside materials. The intricate weave renders the seats incredibly comfortable and welcoming: who might have imagined that woven polyester could resemble this?

Braided lounge chair with cushions
Braided lounge chair with cushions
Round lounge chair in rope
Round lounge chair in rope

The Riviera collection is inspired by the best of outdoor design of recent years, but reinvented to give it a modern identity.

Spacio furniture is thrilled to unveil this collection on outdoor furniture during upcoming Indian winter as it is bound to bring the winter festivities outdoor with great prompt and show. Subscribe to our blog to know more on new collection, trends and more…

Sifas introduces novelties to brighten your outdoors during summers

Sifas the outdoor furniture giant based at the Cannes has been designing our gardens and terraces for more than 50 years, drawing inspiration over the decades from the customs, mores, and wishes of lovers and connoisseurs of outdoor furniture. The values of sharing, authenticity, and durability are embedded in the DNA and history of Sifas. With this values the brand introduced new products at the prestigious Salone Del Mobile fair at Milan. In this blog we will see some of the beautiful addition to the already remarkable collection of Sifas.

For 2019, Sifas offers us a beautiful range of new items that will surely be trending during this outdoor season.

Collection Basket inspired by design and elegance

Modelled on the extraordinary weaving of the Kalife collection, from which it takes its inspiration, the Basket collection, launched in 2018, exudes daring and sophistication. New in 2019: a méridienne (available in left and right versions), a chaise longue, and two end tables, one minimalist and svelte and the other a reflection of the spirit of the collection (weaving and a marble top) expand the Basket line, enhancing those lovely moments of relaxation in the sun.

Collection Kalife Sun and azure sky inspired

Whether one is lazing by the pool, reading a book in the shade of a pine tree, or admiring the view of the Mediterranean from the terrace, the Kalife collection is an ode to the Côte d’Azur art of living. Designed by Eric Carrère, it boldly sports an original and elegant weave in polyester, complemented by comfortable, cosy cushions in fresh, colorful fabrics.

In 2019, Sifas adds another equally imposing piece: a four-poster bed with an adjustable polyester canopy and drapes. Relax and lounge in true Southern fashion. Kalife also adds a new bench in aluminium and Synteak, the perfect complement to the collection’s four-poster bed and other pieces.

Collection Korol inspired by the 1950’s
Collection Korol inspired by the 1950’s

Round, with subdued, elegant lines, the Korol table evokes the New Look launched by Christian Dior in the 1950s, particularly the Corolle dress. Original and elegant, the Korol table matches perfectly with all Sifas dining chairs (Basket, Oskar, Komfy) and easily imparts to our summer terraces an air both timeless and avant-garde. The round shape calls for conviviality and the joy of sharing a good meal among friends and family under the Mediterranean sunshine.

New in 2019: this season, the Korol collection incorporates a new oval table. The ample size fits 6 diners around the table for a delicious snack or a tasty Provençal meal. Just like the collection’s round tables, the oval Korol table features an impressive marble-look HPL tabletop

Collection Umbrella Poetry and Delicacy
Collection Umbrella Poetry and Delicacy

For the very first time, Sifas creates Umbrella parasols to round out its offerings of outdoor furniture. Once summer arrives, they will undoubtedly be welcome next to a chaise longue or a méridienne for a well-earned siesta or reading interlude. Charming, playful, and just a tad vintage, Umbrella parasols are available in three timeless contemporary colours (white, blue, and charcoal grey) that match all Sifas collections.

Sifas was born in 1964 on the shores of the Côte d’Azur; the brand has always specialised in outdoor furniture and fabrics for terraces, swimming pools, and boats, giving it extensive experience and expertise in outdoor materials. Sifas’ designers and design studios carefully select the countries where the materials, components, and finished products are produced, hewing to the best criteria of craftsmanship and quality: all-weather (sun or storm), ease of use and care, and eco-friendly recycling. Sifas collections, whether made in Europe or Asia, are produced in accordance with the same human development and sustainable development guidelines. Spacio is delighted to have Sifas as one of its prime brand in outdoor furniture. Stay tuned to our blogs for more updates on outdoor furniture of this season.

Patio design ideas

During summer we in general tend to invest more quality time outside with pleasant evenings in solace of our yards or overhangs, having loved ones over for grills and sunsets. As the weather gets warmer, now is the time to seriously start considering and focusing on updating your patio and balcony. At Spacio we have devised simple ideas that you can apply to transform any sized outdoor space into a stylish and relaxing area making it a peaceful oasis.

Choose a weather resistant material like this statement piece from Gardeco. You can easily get intimidated by this sophisticated piece which will stand out and amplify as your personal style.

Want to add a touch of fun to your outdoor space? Cue the colorful accents. A terrace gets a bold pick-me-up from cushions in vibrant colors like yellow and modern prints like ikat, stripes, and eye-popping florals which can be added. Plus, swapping out your pillows is the easy and cost-effective way to upgrade your patio each season.

This stylish patio blends in beautifully with the natural environment thanks to the color scheme and materials. To make an outdoor space feel as put together as living room, introduce a wicker sofa, freestanding umbrella, and fire pit.

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A relaxed seating area with a fire bowl allows the family to linger outdoors on cool evenings. A little bit of luxury is an essential element to any outdoor space. The fireplace can be a great alternative for candles which provides the ultimate illumination with a sophisticated touch.

Your furniture for outdoors can make or break it since it is the centre of attraction for the space. While choosing the furniture it should fit your vision. Think about whether there’s a view worth facing. Lightweight sturdy furniture which has been tested against the outdoor elements should be your choice. To sum it up you can even create an ambience by including an accent chairs and sleek tables for a beautiful tete-a-tete in your patio.

The Creative Head of Spacio Mr. Navin Kanodia says “Outdoor spaces are as important as indoor spaces, with just the right direction you can create and focus on patio styling with the above simple guidelines and change the dynamics of your house in totality.”

Goebel: A summary on Artis Orbis Collection

“Tradition is not about preserving ashes, but about passing on fire“. This quote has been proved right by the German based porcelain honchos Goebel. The result is new and individual collector’s items in high quality, made by skilful hands trained porcelain painters and modellers.

Since the foundation of the company, special emphasis has always been given to artistic expression, quality and the finest craftsmanship. Goebel tells you how with experience, in close cooperation with renowned artists and designers, objects of porcelain, glass and similar materials become something very special. This is what the founders envisioned, and this is what quickly made Goebel an international success story. Dreams became reality.

Goebel deals with aesthetic things making life more beautiful, the little luxury for one’s soul. Goebel give spleasure – spontaneously but with lasting effect. No matter if it is traditional or trendy, the large assortment satisfies almost everyone’s taste.

The blog today on Goebel is about its famous Artis Orbis Collection. Artis Orbis collection from Goebel presents paintings of world famous artists as editions for collectors for a discerning clientele. Elaborate production and high quality manual work result in products of elegance and style. The exclusive and limited collections of Artis Orbis will let you re-experience great art. Artis Orbis is a versatile range and we will look into some of the artist great work through this collection.

Katsushika Hokusai’s series “Thirty-Six Views of Mount Fuji” became his most popular work. It includes the famous “Great Wave off Kanagawa”

Jean Baptiste Robie’s first success came in 1843 with a series of still lives with flowers and fruits in the tradition of the great Dutch masters from the 17th century. The cult around the rose is to be found in many of Robie’s works. His extraordinary technique, the detailed and imaginative presentation and the filigree textures soon made him famous in the world of art.

The almond tree porcelain flower vase from Goebel is an exquisite limited edition piece inspired by the famous artist Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings. Today his paintings belongs to the most expensive art gallery of the world.

Two years ago, Goebel successfully launched the two motifs peacock and parakeets by Louis Comfort Tiffany into the Artis Orbis collection. In 2018 a wall picture, a lamp, two vases and two useful items for everyday life enrich the series.

An icon of the Jazz Age, painter Tamara de Lempicka was an Art Deco diva. Her art and her life of great wealth, indiscriminate sexuality and endless intrigues epitomized 1920’s excess and indulgence. Tamara was a great beauty, a Polish aristocratic refugee of the Russian Revolution, she fled to Paris, where she studied art and made herself a name with her cool, sleek sensual painting style; a style that soon came to epitomize the glamorous Art Deco ‘look’.

Last but not the least in the list discover the Art Nouveau artist Gustav Klimt and his works of art through Artis Orbis collection.

Hence a composition of noble elements has made Goebel an extraordinary brand which has found a special place in Spacio.

Luxurious Open Air Home Built for Two

Researched by Team Spacio

This 450 square meter creation is the work of Barrionuevo Sierchuk Arquitectas, who designed it to suit the luxurious lifestyle of a couple without children. Intended for exclusive use, the house features just one bedroom for dinner (come bed and breakfast) guests and centers around the master suite, that like the rest of the house, conceals heavy wooden doors which completely open the entire structure to the elements.