Luxurious Open Air Home Built for Two

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This 450 square meter creation is the work of Barrionuevo Sierchuk Arquitectas, who designed it to suit the luxurious lifestyle of a couple without children. Intended for exclusive use, the house features just one bedroom for dinner (come bed and breakfast) guests and centers around the master suite, that like the rest of the house, conceals heavy wooden doors which completely open the entire structure to the elements.











Discover the Ins and Outs of Pocket Doors (sliding doors)

Pocket doors will infuse an average space with architectural charm and can be great space savers— but they have their downsides, too. Spacio Designers give you here some coverage of both sides to help you decide if pocket doors are right for your new house or remodel.


Many people adore pocket doors. Whether traditional or modern, they are a sneaky detail to enjoy every day and show off on your home tour. Hardware accents and facade finishes can dress up a plain pocket door panel and help it mesh with any interior design.


The pocket door is an ideal solution for a tight bathroom where the wall space simply isn’t there to accommodate a full swinging door.


In addition to bathrooms, they’re good for closets or as connections between the two areas. Cladding the pocket door panel with a mirror for such applications further justifies the choice.


Pocket doors are good for giving a space physical privacy within a larger area, such as an office nook off the kitchen. The wood stain of this door is a nice contrast against all the white of the kitchen cabinets, and it marks the separation of spaces.


Pocket doors are space savers in the bathroom, as already mentioned, but the way they sit on their tracks means they don’t seal as tightly as a conventional door.


They will not create acoustic privacy. As gorgeous as these modern extra-wide doors are, the sounds of children playing are sure to be heard in the adjacent spaces. That’s not so good if you’re working or sleeping, but it’s very good if you’re taking care of small children.


A partial-height pocket door offers an elegant solution for keeping dogs or kids safe in one space.


Pocket doors allow you to play with textures and new materials without making a big statement,as the doors will remain tucked away some of the time.


They also offer an opportunity to incorporate architectural salvage and period-specific details to a historic house. They’re heavy, so install them on sturdy hardware.


Extra-tall doors look amazing, but they can be difficult to roll, hard to lock and challenging for smaller family members.


Pocket doors can help to regulate access to the outdoors in a breathtaking manner. But having an intricate system of multiple sliding pocket doors means that the structural integrity of the wall can be reduced, because the door cavity sits where wall studs would be located. Be sure to discuss your vision with an architect or engineer.


If you have a say in the wall thickness, try to install your pocket doors in walls thicker than 4
inches. It will make for a sturdier wall and door system overall.

We hope that the above article would give you a fair idea on the ins and the outs of the Pocket

Wood Or Carpet??


Choosing the right flooring for your home may be a tough task to do as there are a lot of things that need to be considered. Carpet and wood flooring are among the best flooring options available in the market today.How can you find the right option?Spacio Designers share the secrets with you about few things to know that will help with your search.

If you are interested in choosing one from these two options, it is necessary to check out the advantages and disadvantages of each type of flooring to help you make an informed decision.


Pros and Cons of Carpet Flooring

Carpet flooring has its own share of good and bad points. Here are the advantages of using this type of flooring:



This type of flooring provides warmth and color in any room. Carpet flooring also adds style and class as this comes with varied designs and textures. You can even find carpets with intricate patterns. Moreover, choosing a carpet flooring would also inspire the type of furnishings to add in any room, eventually creating the theme in a room.


Excellent Insulation

Carpet flooring options provide excellent insulation in a room. Whether a hot or cold temperature is experienced, carpets can help maintain the temperature in a room. Moreover, this type of flooring can significantly decrease the power bill.


Sound Insulators

Carpets are also good sound insulators. This type of flooring can absorb sound. The sound is isolated in a specific room and cuts down the echo effect.Here are the disadvantages of using carpet flooring:


Dirt Magnets

Carpet flooring tends to attract dirt, mites, bugs, and germs. In line with this, carpet cleaning is considered a tough task to do.


Respiratory Problems

Carpets hold dust; and dust can be hazardous for infants, elderly people, and people who have respiratory ailments and allergies.


Mold Growth

Carpets also tend to hold moisture, which eventually develops into mold. This can also become a serious health hazard.


Pet Problems

Carpets are not pet-friendly or can pose risks to household pets. Removing any results caused by these risks can become a difficult task.


Pros and Cons of Wood Flooring

Like carpet flooring, wood flooring also has advantages and disadvantages. Here are the positive points of opting for wood flooring:


Durable Options

Wood flooring is a durable option as this can withstand heavy traffic in a room.


Long Lasting

This type of flooring can also last long without requiring frequent repairs, replacement, and refinishing.


Versatile Flooring

Wood flooring is also considered a versatile option. Moreover, this type of flooring comes in 3 different styles, which include plank, parquet, and strip.


Easy to Maintain and Clean

Wood flooring is easy to clean and has low maintenance. Regular cleaning must be done using the right cleaning materials.Here are the negative points of using wood flooring:


Tricky Installation Process

Wood flooring installation is considered a tricky process. In fact, this must be installed over a sub-flooring. This requires a professional installer to handle the task.


Expensive Option

Wood flooring is considered one of the priciest flooring options available today.


Easily Damaged

Sharp and pointed objects can easily damage wood flooring.


Choosing the Best Flooring!

Before deciding on a house flooring option, it is best to do your homework and research on the features as well as the pros and cons of each type of flooring.

Comparing the features of various types of flooring is also necessary to determine the best one to install in your home. Whether you choose the carpet flooring option or wood flooring option, both options can add beauty, value, and functionality to your home.

Tip & Photos of 15 Girls Room Designs

Girl’s bedrooms are certainly not relegated to frilly beds and all-over pink decors any longer. In todays time, a girls’ bedroom is as varied as each girl’s personality or styles, colors and motifs. The options are in an endless range of possibilities. From baby girls nurseries to young girls bedrooms to preteen girls rooms to teen girls bedrooms, Spacio designers bring a room design and ideas for every stage of a girl’s childhood. Additionally, the 15 girls rooms designs, tips and photos that Spacio Furniture’s Design Inspirationist feature here, comes from around the world. We are sure that you will find a design that has your little or big girl’s name written all over it!




A colorful baby girl’s nursery features a nature motif with trees on the walls, leaves on the bedding and a floral rug.




A fairy tale nursery features a crib and a carriage toddler bed to accommodate a growing child or two children of different ages
Toddler car beds aren’t just for boys, this hot pink race car is sure to delight any little girl.




2-little-girls-bedroom-6 2-little-girls-bedroom-8 1-nursery-girls-bedroom-6 2-little-girls-bedroom-7

How to Decorate around your Flat Screen Television

You and your living room are happier because you have just acquired a flat screen television. Although, you seem to be having a small problem, everything around the television seems not to work. The furniture no longer faces the right direction, the wall art is being blocked, and the armoire you’ve placed the television in is too big. These are all common decorating dilemmas when you acquire a flat screen television. Read on to see how design experts at Spacio Furniture suggest the way you can keep that television and make the rest of your room look beautiful around your new addition to the family.


Plan for space:

One of the beautiful advantages to having a flat screen television is the ability to view it from many angles of the room. This same advantage is its disadvantage when it comes to placing furniture in the room. The challenge is that you can’t have obstacles that are within the line of sight of the television. Stand back in all angles of the room and assess what furniture is too tall and plan for space around it. Another trick is to stand at the television and look back at the room.
You will easily see what is obstructing the view and space.



Highlight the wall:

Your television can blend or it can be the focal point. “Most people want it to be the focal point as it costs a lot of money, and you want everyone to see it” says Rajeev Gupta of Spacio Furniture! For you, painting an accent wall that your television is hung or placed in front of will draw emphasis to this wall. If you are one that would like the television to blend, consider housing your television in a piece of furniture that can be closed, such as an armoire or
entertainment center.



Viewing height:

Depending on the height you choose to view your television will dictate how to add artwork or decorative items around it. For those that want it stand mounted on a low console, you will be able to optimize more of the wall behind it for artwork. While if you decide to mount it on the wall, the television can compete with artwork – which can be distracting. For larger rooms that have a long viewing range, a wall application will work better. While smaller, narrower spaces will benefit from the lower console.



Hanging artwork:

If you have high ceilings, artwork placed above the line of television sight viewing is a good idea. Consider making the artwork simple, and more abstract. Artwork that has physical content will cause television viewers to concentrate on the artwork. For shorter ceilings, but longer walls, consider putting small collections of artwork, paintings, photographs etc to the side(s) of your television. Whichever you design preference, try to let the television compliment the space, or be
left on its own. For visual interest for wall mounted televisions add wainscoting or build decorative architectural niches into the wall.