Bathroom Lighting and Security Risk

Lighting is one of the most important elements in the bathroom. In the absence of adequate lighting, activities in the bathroom is not only difficult, but also dangerous for children, adults, and the elderly.


Activities in the bathroom without proper lighting at risk of causing accidents. In modest houses, bathroom lighting is generally only come from one source of light, which lights attached to the ceiling in the bathroom.


It is actually not wrong, it’s just, necessary to ensure there is no “dark room” due to the shadow in the bathroom. However, the bathroom with more complex features, improved quality of lighting can be either a reduction shadows and glare. This can be achieved by multiple light sources.


Lighting source that you can consider first is the lighting in the sink or vanity area. For women, the balance of light in this place can also facilitate the use of make-up.


Generally, the lights in the sink is a wall lamp. Make sure the lights are at the correct height.


Put on the sides of the glass to give the amount of light balanced between all sides of the glass. This can reduce the amount of shadow that will be formed if you only have one light source.


The second source of lighting you should consider is the lighting in the shower area. At least, provide a source of lighting in the area. If possible, include the natural light of the sun in your bathroom.


To make sure you still get the privacy, use glass block, dewy glass (frosted glass), or place the window far above your bathroom wall.



The third form of lighting lighting source pointer. Light is important for those who have problems in vision. You can place it in the bottom of the bathtub, on the sides of the cabinet, sink table, or around the bottom of your shower wall.

In addition to lighting the pointer, use a different color tiles between the bathroom floor and shower floor also helps the appointment area.

Kitchen Sink: A Perfect Blend of Elegance & Comfort


Ideas for Kitchen Sink Designs – Cleaning and Organizing

Hello all you lovely ladies out there! Today Spacio design inspirationists are going to share this very useful and interesting post on kitchen sinks and its designs.

We spend so much time in kitchen for preparing delicious food, cleaning the counter tops, washing the dishes and plates and of course cleaning kitchen sinks. Yeah, we love to see our kitchen organised and tidy, isn’t it? So why not make our work area stylish and comfortable.

While your read this post, you’ll also get to know about some of the famous and widely used materials preferred for sinks in the kitchen and some unusual and creative designs which will add a style to your work area.

Let’s begin with this stainless steel kitchen sink…


Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks & Faucets


The most famous of all materials used for making sinks for kitchen is stainless steel. So many of you must be having it, even I have one and I think it’s’ the best material which requires low maintenance and can be cleaned easily. Here’s how you can clean your stainless steel sink with an ease.

Phew! Cleaning kitchen sinks is the toughest part (at least for a lot of us) because we usually don’t have enough time for its maintenance. But many of us are so happy with stainless steel sinks, we clean it using scrubber and detergent or sometimes even baking soda and trust us, it shines as if it has never been used.

Now a days, you will find all types of sinks whether it’s a single bowl or double bowl kitchen sinks with strainers, that makes it easier for you to clean your vegetables, rinse knives etc.While you go for shopping stainless steel sinks, you must follow these important tips for buying it.

Using taps for sinks has become an obsolete and boring idea. The trend says you must have best suited sinks and faucets in your kitchen, not only to add style but also for your comfort and what can be better than faucets.

The elegant structure of faucets makes it easy for you to wash your dishes and prepare your food by providing a hurdle free work space and it’s curves & appropriate height gives you a lot of space and apt water flow.


This is the coolest thing we have seen and want to share it with you. Here in the image below, you can see a faucet with pull out spray head, it will not only simplify your task of cleaning each and every vegetable properly but move around the spray head for cleaning your sink as well. Isn’t it cool?


Here’s a double bowl sink we have told you about. Actually, there are several styles of sinks available in the market with one bowl, two bowls and even three. Whoa! Even sinks are getting trendy these days!

Single bowl sink is the most common design we find in Indian homes, where as a two bowl sink design is now in-trend. “I have seen in most of my friends and relatives kitchen with a single bowl sinks used for both washing dishes and for preparation of food. Eww…. Sorry but I guess things have changed and so do they have to change their sinks”, says Navin Kanodia from Spacio.

Thank god…we now have a two to three bowl sinks available in India which makes your cooking hygienic and creates a comfortable work space. Where one bowl is used for cleaning and second bowl for rinsing or cleaning dishes and the other for the preparation of food.


…and this is how you can create a WOW effect in your kitchen. Refer to the image below which shows a red colored blind in metal as a back splash for sink for a gorgeous effect.


Sink in Marble





Cast Iron Sink


Oh my, are you crazy enough to make your kitchen a fun place to work. Yeah, then you must check this cute sink in blue color made of cast iron. Ah..oh…on the other side these types of sinks are very heavy & get scratch marks easily. So, personally, I would not go for it for my kitchen.


Granite Kitchen Sink



Granite sinks definitely add a glamour to work space but will cost you a slightly higher amount. The best thing about granite based sink is…you will own a highly durable and a scratch free design of sink.

Concrete Sink


Beautiful Kitchen with Copper Sink

“Coolest of all yet traditional in looks, oh, am so in love with this sink in copper. Wish I could get one for my home too…” says one of the Spacio Designers.




Organizing, Cleaning and Decorating Sink Area


Have you ever thought of decorating your sink area? Oh, yes, it can be decorated. You can make every corner of your home beautiful. You can add flower pots, hanging pots with vine plants, beautiful curtains over the kitchen window or even a painting as a back splash. See, there are so many creative ways to decorate your kitchen…

You’ll get to know many more ideas for decorating your kitchen in my upcoming post. Stay tuned for it.


While you are done designing your kitchen and planning to place your sink, please be very particular about it and place it right under your kitchen windows. It will help you in removing odors & keeping your kitchen fresh.

Here’ how you can place or replace your sink. A step by step guide for the beginners…


Aww…this is so creative way to do your kitchen and personalizing it. Hanging a painting right above your sink in the kitchen is a great idea.

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Hmm…sick and tired of odors in your kitchen? Alright, you have a solution over here. Did you know, oranges, lemons, and limes act as a deodorizers for kitchen sink?


So, how do you make use of the space available under the sink in your work space. What…you don’t use it? Damn! Even I never thought of this idea of using below the sink area for storing all those things we use for cleaning and sanitizing our kitchen area

Look at this image below with tips on organizing every thing (naphthalene balls, scrubbers, brushes, hand gloves etc.)  in boxes and hanging spray bottles on a rod in the cabinet below…




Hey, how did you find the ideas that I have shared with you, like it? If you wish to add some other tips for organizing, decorating or cleaning sinks of your kitchen and counter top…do reply us with your ideas in the comment box below. We would love to hear from you…

100 Living Room Pictures and Ideas

When it comes to the one place in our homes or apartments that we can really relax and recharge our batteries after a long day it’s our Living Rooms. So no wonder we spend so much time planning and decorating to create a place we will love and one that reflects our personality. Spacio Designers guides and inspires you  100 Living Room Pictures and Ideas to venture down the road to decorate your Living Room.

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