GlammFire: The Beauty of 3D Water Vapour Artificial Fireplaces

Equipped with the most advanced and innovative 3D eco-friendly technology, the 3D fireplaces guarantee you a simple and safe use due to the effective operation of the water vapour release system. Glammfire the brand from Portugal has changed the perception of fireplaces around the globe for the last 10 years and counting.

The USP of this product is that water vapour delivers an amazing virtual flame that looks and feels remarkably realistic at any distance, a realistic aspect of real wood fireplace. As ideal solution for public spaces the 3D has the added value of presenting itself as an eco-friendly product that does not contribute to the waste of energy nor harms the environment. We will be seeing some of the products from the collection in the blog which are mind-blowing and uniquely interesting to feel.

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Assuming themselves as true protagonists in terms of decor, Kits Glamm 3D are conspicuous by their great versatility and ability to create a pleasant interior atmosphere. Owing to the use of 3D technology they provide also an incredible sense of visual comfort and aesthetic balance. The beauty of the spaces lies in the details. Kit Glamm series has various types of models.

The Glammbox 3D plus comprises same feature as Kit Glamm
The Glamm box 3D plus comprises same feature as Kit Glamm

Senses 3D adds both simplicity and good taste. With a strong ecological aspect, it not only contributes to the interior design but also to the heating. The realism of 3D technology is combined with a variety of finishes and colours, allowing you to find the best solution that fits well to the type and style of your decor. When the subject is modernity, choose simple lines and shapes.

Completely designed in natural stone, Gema presents itself as a model full of soul and life. In addition to prestige and exoticism, its simple approach gives a unique personality and timeless beauty to spaces. The decorative spirit of your home feels more reinforced with the incorporation of 3D technology.

The elegance of the straight lines that redeem for the present the reminiscences from the past. York creates an elegant and comfortable environment that appeals to the conviviality and sharing of experiences and emotions.
Made from the finest materials – black lacquered steel, brushed stainless steel and rusted corten steel – and running on an environmentally friendly fuel – the electricity -, York is a fireplace with its eyes set on an elegant future that does not leave the charm of the past.

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