Uncluttered colorful bedroom…


With many people choosing to downsize in 2012 to cut down on their spending, space saving is likely to be at a premium even in 2013. Accordingly fitted bedroom furniture such as storage beds and wardrobes designed to fit to the specifications of the room will be popular choices.

This kind of furniture is also ideal to bring a little order to the potential chaos in our bedrooms. With the  weather continuing to be extremely unpredictable we often need our entire wardrobe at our fingertips, so we need as much storage fitted into any potential bedroom cubbyhole.


Bedroom decorating trends for 2012-2013

In the home we spend most of our time in the bedroom and if you’re a person that can’t just sleep anywhere, the styling of this area becomes of paramount importance. You’ll want it to be comfortable, relaxing, functional, but also stylish. As with anything the trend and style of home decor is subject to change and as the New Year rolls round the corner plenty of new styles will be entering our homes.

A lot of posts would follow this which would give you an idea of the bedroom styles you can expect to see in 2013.

Unique Bathrooms

For those of us who seek something a little different for their bathrooms, we have assorted a collection to blow our minds. In fact, these pieces might look more at home in the ceramics section of a department store than in your local bathroom fitters showroom. Unique lines and bold designs, along with everyday household objects, have been scaled up to find new homes in our bathrooms, cloakrooms, and ensuites.

A basin resembling a huge coffee cup is charmingly suited for purpose, with an integrated towel rail at the ‘handle’; this piece speaks for itself, so team with simple surroundings and a minimalist wall mounted faucet. The ‘cow’ collection gives us a herd of four legged friends for our wash space, the quirky form is available in striking black, or true farm yard lovers can go the whole hog with zany cow print.

If you’re not feeling so eccentric, alternative wow factor can be achieved with strong geometric shapes, or organic, wall hugging forms. Clean, seamless vessels become contemporary works of art when stark white ceramic is adorned with striking black line work and pattern, and the simplicity of a single sheet of curved glass floating beneath a waterfall faucet is clearly stunning.

Decorative Wall Arts from SPACIO

For those of us who aren’t necessarily living in our “forever” homes, it can become somewhat critical to leave as light a trace of our time spent in the rental homes in which we’re dwelling, so as to

minimize the irritation of moving on once it’s time to go.  In instances where leaving behind wall anchors, nail holes and the like simply isn’t an option, the vinyl industry has seen a need and found all sorts of brilliant ways to address it — namely, through Decorative removable wall art.  From individual decals that create patterns when used en masse to simple iconographic statement pieces that stand proudly on their own in the middle of a blank wall, these decor choices aren’t for shrinking violets by any means.  They are, however, for the fickle, the fanciful and the fleeting, so feast your eyes on these temporary visual stimuli before they’re gone.


Make your own Terrarium

How much we all have coveted our friends fabulous terrariums (live miniature gardens), which is the centerpiece of their stylish, cozy homes. We are sure that you all must be also secretly wanted one of your own for ages, and recently realizing that some artsy terrariums can sell for thousands, we share with you our secret of making your own Terrarium:

Get a large, clear, sphere-shaped glass bowl from SPACIO. A glass vessel of this shape is also called a “rose bowl” and they come in many different sizes. Ideally  a 15″ diameter at the widest point will be great to start with. Part of the success of these types of container gardens is providing for good drainage. This is because the glass container does not have a bottom drainage hole like a regular flower pot.

1. Start with a 1 1/2″ layer of small pebbles on the floor of the container.

2. Cover the pebbles with a thin layer of loose charcoal, which will help keep the water in your garden from stagnating.

3. Cover the charcoal with an inch layer of sphagnum moss. Look in the aquarium/terrarium section of a pet store for the pebbles, charcoal, and moss.

4. Now add enough potting soil so that the total contents occupy about 1/4 of the container. There will be some settling of the layers. Mine settled about 3/4″ over about 6 months, so add extra soil to account for this.

5. Choose small or miniature plant varieties so they do not overtake the container. Try lots of different types of plants as over a period of time, some will grow well and some will die. You will have to experiment to see what type of plants do well for you. Add rocks, driftwood, etc to create the atmosphere of your choice. Add some miniature plastic animals and ceramic animals and your Terrarium is ready.

The most important thing about the care of this type of garden is to avoid over-watering. Like we mentioned before, there is no drainage hole, so add enough water so that the soil is just moist. Error on the dry side because too much water will cause your plants to rot. There should not be a pool of standing water in the bottom pebble layer. We also recommend not fertilizing the plants to ensure that they remain small. Place your Terrarium near a source of natural light to keep it alive and well.

Happy terrariuming!