Spacio website has a new look!

The new web site we have been working on for months is finally live!

You will find a bunch of new content, like ABOUT US and OUR HISTORY, and we have moved over all the main pages for OUR GAMES and created a whole new section for the game rules for LOONEY PYRAMIDS in a nifty new RULES GUIDE. Much of the content of our web site is still over on our old server, and the store locator and online store don’t have the new look on them yet, but this is a big step forward! Things will continue moving to the new server over time… please be patient as we continue to move sections and roll out new features.

Are you looking for Wooden Flooring???

Wooden Flooring

A floor accounts for approximately 30% of a room. What are the priorities that need to be taken into consideration while choosing a wooden flooring?

Flooring is one piece of a bigger puzzle, and as such it needs to fit within the homeowner’s overall aesthetic and budget. If the home has a very neutral setting and décor, a more dramatic flooring might be appropriate, but typically the flooring is a complementary component of the design and should work with the style of home, paint colours, etc.

Aesthetics aside, choosing the correct kind of wooden floor also involves asking certain questions – Will you use area rugs? Is it in a humid area? Do you have pets or children?