Riviera – The Quintessence of outdoor style by Sifas

Sifas the outdoor furniture giant based at the Cannes has been designing our gardens and terraces for more than 50 years, drawing inspiration over the decades from the customs, mores, and wishes of lovers and connoisseurs of outdoor furniture. The values of sharing, authenticity, and durability are embedded in the DNA and history of Sifas. With this values the brand introduced new products of the year 2019 previously. Today in our blog we will be focussing on the Rivera collection which is quintessence of outdoor style.

outdoor furniture Sifas

Brand new for 2019, the Riviera assortment weds altogether different pieces, which regardless consolidate to make an outside Art Deco feeling as agreeable as it is classy.

Riviera ultramodern Sifas Furniture

The settees of the Riviera assortment demonstrate to console casings of solace, while as yet holding clean realistic lines highlighted by the ultramodern play of dim and white.

Riviera Scandinavian Outdoor Furniture

The partner bits of two low tables and the end table are bended, stifled, and moderate, apparently motivated by Scandinavian plan, yet with a fairly strong striped-impact aluminum base. The assortment’s two seats underline Sifas’ authority of outside materials. The intricate weave renders the seats incredibly comfortable and welcoming: who might have imagined that woven polyester could resemble this?

Braided lounge chair with cushions
Braided lounge chair with cushions
Round lounge chair in rope
Round lounge chair in rope

The Riviera collection is inspired by the best of outdoor design of recent years, but reinvented to give it a modern identity.

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Must-have furniture which cannot be missed

Despite the kind of home you have or the style you decide for the interior design, there are a few components that never show signs of change. A few household items are must-have things and each home has them. They incorporate the rudiments like the end table or the chairs yet there are additionally different pieces that should exist in each home. For instance, you ought to consistently be set up with some additional chairs for your visitors and you ought not to decide to disregard things, for example, the end table or the bed seat, regardless of whether they probably won’t appear that significant and you would prefer to spare some space. Here are the household items that each home ought to have:

Esgrimas Console

Console is a versatile piece of furniture that can be used as a display space for decorations but that can also become functional if needed. For a stronger visual effect, display a mirror or piece of artwork on the wall, just above the console table. Made with solid American walnut, Esgrimas Console here utilizes the naturalistic concept of simple shapes joining to create a sum of beautiful unison.

Yaiza coffee table from Coleccion Alexandra
A living room doesn’t look or feel complete without a coffee table. It’s usually placed in the space that forms between the sofa and the armchairs or in the centre of the sitting area. It’s a piece that connects all the elements of the décor around it and it’s also functional. Yaiza coffee table from Coleccion Alexandra from the Emotions collection with Avant-Garde designs is simple unique in its own way. It is extremely eye-catching and perfect for your space.

Isadora lounge chair

Chair be it accent, lounge or dining has to be your most functional piece of furniture. Cosy, comfortable with a friendly texture but sometimes can be the statement piece of your home, the accent chairs plays a very vital role in home interiors. You never know when guests might come over so it’s best to always be prepared. Make sure you have a few extra chairs that you can use in case you’ll need them. Featuring above is the Isadora lounge chair from the brand Agrippa.

bedroom bench from Troyano

Bedroom benches are also versatile pieces of furniture. They make a nice extra place to sit on but they can also be used for storage. Some designs allow you to lift the top and reveal a storage space for things like extra pillows, blankets, clothes, etc. they usually match the bed in both design and color but other alternatives are also available. Featuring the bedroom bench from Troyano collection of Coleccion Alexandra.


The ottoman is another extremely versatile piece of furniture. It consists of an upholstered seat and usually has neither back nor arms. It’s often used as a stool or footstool and, in some cases, it may even make a nice coffee table replacement. Some models also have built-in storage inside. You can use an ottoman in the living room, bedroom, games room, guest room and basically anywhere else you might need it.

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Glass or not so glass?

Gardeco is a Belgian-based company, offering handcrafted pieces from around the world. Their goal is to introduce well-talented designers to a broader audience via exclusive shops, design stores, museum shops, art galleries, architects and interior designers. Spacio is delighted to house the ‘Cá d’Oro’ glass collection which is produced by the Seguso family. The family utilizes a strategy from Murano, an island of Venice, Italy. This glass creator’s
strategy has been being used since antiquated occasions, beginning in Egypt and Phoenicia, and is currently carried on by the Seguso family. In result, all pieces are handmade and the specialty work procedures used are equivalent to the antique glass maker’s. Let us see some of their creation through this blog:-

Triangle vases

Triangle vases
Resting at the centre of the table these vases is a work of art in glass.

Mini vases

Mini vase drop

Add a touch of luxurious glass effect on your side table with these exquisite vases.

Hippie vases

Hippie vases

Add rainbow effect to your interiors with these colourful vases. Creativity can be this colourful! We always thought so.

Vase 54 Ambar - Vase 55 Ambar

Vase 54 Ambar – Vase 55 Ambar

Vases that has an aura of its own. Make this piece the centre of attraction on any centre table or console.

Vase 92 – 96 Mini

Vase 92 – 96 Mini

The shape and texture of these makes them unique conversational pieces. Glass at its best.

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Festive ways to decorate for Diwali

Diwali is known as the festival of lights. We are just a few days away from Diwali and the preparations are on full swing. One of the best things about festivities is actually the anticipation, excitement, and the preparation that goes with it. We are sure that the scouting for décor and accessories are in its final stage and we at Spacio are equally excited just like you to open its bag full of accessories to kindle the festive spirit inside you. Let us go through some of the suggestion and products that we have at disposition.

Add warm tones

Let’s do things differently this Diwali. Along with glitter let’s get in warm tones of flowers for our console to get the chic festive vibe.


Traditional yet Modern Chic Décor

Revamp the look for Diwali this season with Dome Deco’s traditional Hurricane lights in their newest form. The hurricane lights sets a different level of decoration standards this season with their illumination which is beyond beautiful.


Be wall Ready

Germanium LED wallpaper from Meystyle is the new classy way of decorating your house this Diwali. Glam up your walls with inbuilt lights, instead of messy fairy lights.


Be celebration ready with Candle light Holders

Grant lighting creates a festive ambiance but t-lights or candle holders like this from Dome Deco brings an air of sophistication and celebration.


Gear up with Coffee Table Décor

Another simple yet effective way of decorating the house for Diwali is to decorate your coffee table with t-lights, fresh flowers and décor accents which proves beneficial for surprising guests during festivals and also helps in adding character to the coffee table. A perfect spot for having all the fun indoor amusement during the season.

The Creative Head of Spacio Mr. Navin Kanodia says – “You might get confused with the myriads of options thrown at you in the name of décor and accessories during Diwali. Spacio is a one stop solution for all your Diwali related interiors where you want to bring your personality before your guests. On a festive note I would like to sign off by wishing our readers a very happy Diwali from Team Spacio.

Nomon Home Furniture Which Exudes Elegance and Class

Nomon Home fuses passion for furniture design, creating an innovation, where the complementary furniture becomes the main role with elegance, style and sophistication.

Natural materials have an important role in aesthetics and they are related to truth and honest. Pure raw materials are used respecting the natural texture of wood and marble. Craftwork is an essential element when they introduce natural materials. Luxurious touch is obtained when hands caress takes part in the production.

The Designers


Andrés has been part of Nomon’s project from its origin and he wants to reflect in Nomon Home a lifestyle through the design of beautiful and functional objects providing well-being.


Stefano Bigi grew up between France and Italy. Out of this double culture, he acquired a taste for the chic and the beautiful. Studying at Art School, he specialized in design furniture, contributing a sculptural concept, fusion between art and object. Recognizable designs with great presence, artwork pieces worth of any gallery.

Nomon Home beautifies the concept of furniture through four collections namely Moments, Unique, Sculpture & Welcome.

Console from Moments collection
Console from Moments collection


Simplicity is the essence of its appeal

Its bold design is characterized by standing on just one leg. The piece hides an invisible wall-fixing, an amusing visual game that seems to challenge physics.


You will feel like a princess

Inspired by a sensitive, modern woman; without forgetting functionality, they have given care to softness in shapes and materials. Enjoy an intimate moment, a ceremonious act charged with delicacy and femininity. The velvet upholstered pouf with silk trimmings, is set at the base of the vanity for additional functionality. Metallic details and the original jewellery box make it a unique and delicate piece.


Organic design, subtle and essential

Discreet in height and monochromatic finish in black or natural walnut. Innovative positioning on the legs on a diamond shape.


We should all have fun decorating our houses

Tribute to the spinning top and childhood games while the object also becomes a floor mirror. With this special piece, we seek above all, to be happy in the place where we live.

Hence Nomon Home furniture has redefined the art of furniture through its sleek, modern and luxurious appeal which has paved the way for artistic furniture.