Styling Guest Bedroom

In India, guests are treated as equal as Gods. But how many houses have a separate room solely allocated for guests?

While furnishing the house or re-modelling it, many of us actually forget that there should be a closed space dedicated for the visitors, so that they can feel at home, and take fond memories with them when they leave. Let us see some of the styling options for guest bedroom.

Basic VS. Statement
The extra or visitor room can be one of two things. It very well may be a spot for you to seek after your most desired visitor room finishing thoughts, maybe a lively or brave plan that probably won’t be fit to your master bedrooms. On the other hand, this room could be more pared back, offering an agreeable and loosening up space to inviting visitors. Less frequently utilized, the visitor room may go about as your changing area when abandoned (or on the other hand an incredibly extensive stroll in closet).

The guest room may warrant a littler interest as far as the bed. Along these lines, while you may have enjoyed an agreeable divan for your very own room, a bedstead with an agreeable sleeping pad is the best approach here. This is an extraordinary move for a scope of reasons. Right off the bat, a bedstead offers an alternate look to your main room’s square shaped divan which may be increasingly fit to a differentiating interior scheme. Even better, there may not be such a great amount of requirement for the broad suspension and backing of a divan bed thus you can minimize expenses here by putting resources into a less perplexing bed outline that is similarly as in vogue. Frequently valued lower than a divan, the unassuming bedstead is an extraordinary choice for redoing the extra room on a spending limit.

Pick a Quality Mattress
Despite the fact that a bedstead doesn’t see the extra help of a sprung divan base, you can even now guarantee that your visitors have an extraordinary night’s rest in most extreme solace by picking an excellent bedding. High quality, Vispring and Hypnos offer unmatched solace, making pro sleeping pads for select use on bedsteads. No compelling reason to stress over support harm, these lavish sleeping pads are made with an extra layer for additional assurance and life span.

Then again, the extra room may go about as an augmentation of your main room. On the off chance that it’s an improvised changing area, putting resources into a lovely dressing table and floor mirror are a visitor room basic. Though, if this room goes about as to a greater degree a dumping ground for everything without exception (trailed by a mass clean up when visitors are booked to remain!), you may search out extra stockpiling furniture pieces, for example, closets and dressers or even a work area if the extra room is likewise your home office.

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YY collection of wallpapers from Meystyle to rejuvenate during summers

Welcome to the world of Meystyle where LED wallpaper create deep visual experience and transforms wall into a work of art in this summer season and forever. Meystyle, the London based luxury design brand, innovative LED designer wall paper and fabric provides bespoke solutions where each wallpaper is hand-made to create tailored patterns to compliment other fixtures in the room. Today in our brand focus segment we will be concentrating on YY collection which has some charming neutral tones for fresh summers.

Resonance repeat and interval silver grey
Resonance repeat and interval silver grey

Reinventing the concept of bespoke wallpaper, the YY collection is made for those who want the benefits of a personalized wall without the bespoke lead times. Each YY design is printed on standard rolls measuring 625mm width by 3000mm height.  This allows for every design within a same colour theme to be mixed and matched with the others to form a continuous repeat or a feature display on a part of your wall that gently spreads out on your wall.

Interval sunny beige is a wallpaper is a soothingly beautiful wallpaper which reflects the summer vibe inside an interiors

Echo sunny beige is a wallpaper in grey tone which looks dapper.

These rolls looks extremely dynamic and totally apt to revamp the look of your summer walls. The YY Collection brings revolutionary ideas which displays a stunning range of bespoke wallpapers. Add characters to your walls with YY and let the world talking!

Agrippa: The mirror story

Agrippa furniture’s previously known as Camus is designed with the conviction to find something beyond geometry. They seek the origin of certain feelings, linked to sensory experiences. Strange alchemy occurs inside us when we see and touch certain things and Agrippa enchases this emotions through their designs. Their furniture’s are designed in certain way where they are to be seen, touched and above all to feel. Putting a face to dreams is what they believe in. Today in this blog we will be seeing their amazing creations of mirrors that can be easily called as priceless heritage.

Casiopea mirror
Casiopea mirror
Casiopea mirror
Casiopea mirror

AGRIPPA represents a myriad of life experiences and expertise brought together in a stunning collection like no other. AGRIPPA gives material form to shapes, lines, and compositions that are rousing and unexpected, yet integrate seamlessly with an existing interior layout. Each piece is meticulously engineered in an innovative way to highlight the natural beauty and attributes of the materials with a visible obsession towards quality. Impassioned and commanding, AGRIPPA is furniture with an unmistakable distinction.

Casiopea mirror is born from three rotating particles which triangulate their movement eccentrically. The first thing we can appreciate when viewing this mirror is its rounded triangular shape with a tendency to become an ellipse. This concept is repeated on a concentric basis creating an elliptic-kinetic effect that portrays (as an idealized caricature) the kinetics of the stellar orbits.

Love Me Do mirror
Love Me Do mirror
Love Me Do mirror
Love Me Do mirror

Inspired by the 60’s, this organic-shaped mirror is committed to the simplicity of concepts. If we cut its profile we could see a shape similar to a boat viewed from above, and oval with two tips, as an eye. This creates and inner and outer edge. The result of this is a round shaped profile pleasant to touch, but with the nerve and character provided by the edges. The LEG provides stability and establishes a beginning and an end within the curves circuit. “Love Me Do” whispers in our ear this mirror with a feline soul and a woman’s body.

Odissey Mirror
Odissey Mirror

The frames and centre in the mirror create an interesting effect which is soothing to the eyes. It can be hung horizontally or vertically to create amazing visual effect.

Their designs are handcrafted, with all rigor and perfection of craftsmanship. The experience and love for the profession that some artisans treasure is a priceless heritage that they believe in preserving and promoting. Hope you liked reading this blog. Share us your comments and suggestion to help you serve better through our artistic collection.

Luxurious living room design ideas

Since there’s something to be said about a very much judged, all around designated, hoisted living room or common room, we’re taking a gander at simple to oversee practices to help a standout amongst the frequently utilized rooms in your home. All things considered, luxurious living room interior design isn’t constantly about putting resources into the most costly things.

It’s certainly conceivable to make your lounge or living room look progressively lavish without spending a fortune. As the focal component of your home and regularly the main thing that meeting visitors see, your living room ought to mirror your own taste and identity. Our team of interior specialists at Spacio are here to dish living room structure thoughts that can help make your space look increasingly rich not with standing when your financial plan is restricted – immediately.

Here are few ideas underneath for your perusal and understanding:-

Think about timepieces
Get time pieces that you can pass into next generation. It not only elevates your wall but gives it a very sophisticated and classy look. Just like the Nomon clock displayed above.

Unique wallpapers
We are living in a world when everyday a new invention in happening in every field just like our LED Wallpaper from Meystyle which has its unique appeal in terms of wall decoration and beautification. This is not a regular wallpaper but a LED Wallpaper which can be the centre of attraction in your luxurious living room.

Sculptural furniture
Utilizing large pieces of solid American Walnut, Agrippa & Agrippina’s trademark is its unique and elegant curves. The nesting table pair have handles that merge seamlessly into a fully integrated yet functional design giving an edge to your luxurious living room.

Upgrade your lighting
Bring organic touch to your living room with Serip lights which signifies luxury embodied in the excellence of true craftsmen and haute couture decoration concepts: a whole world of timeless refinement guided by a quest for elegance. Lights sets a tone for drama in the living room adding the x factor that was missing in your house.

Think about accent chairs
Accent chairs plays a vital role in elevating the look of your living room. Grouping two or more accent chairs together will help you create a conversation area perfect for gathering guests or for curling up on your own with a good book. If your living room needs a pop of colour or texture, accent chairs are a great solution as they are often offered in a selection of accent fabric and colours just like this green piece from Christopher Guy adding grandeur to this living room setting.

The Creative Head of Spacio Mr. Navin Kanodia says “There are unlimited potential options for making a living room configuration to suit your identity and way of life. Regardless of whether you’re searching for a formal living room with legacy itemizing or a casual space for spending time with the family and engaging visitors, these best ideas will give you a lot of inspiration to make your living room the luxury abode of your life.

Dome Deco for Spacio Collections

Dôme Deco from Belgium is a brand that offers you a total interior concept built around furniture, home accessories and interior textiles. This beautiful brand is distributed through decoration, furniture and lifestyle stores.

Taking luxury interior décor market in India to its next Level, Dome Déco offers total interior concept built around furniture, décor accessories and home textiles. Based in Dilsen Stokkem, Belgium, the brand has its own legacy in the world of interior design.

The brand’s design philosophy revolves around contrast as the key element. It presents a harmonious, beautiful look created by combining absolute contrasts of content and form. Weaving the concept around the combination of warm-cold, light-dark, city-village, male-female, urban-rural, Dôme Deco creates a totally unique and genuine décor story that epitomizes luxury decor.

Led by Navin Kanodia, the retail brand Spacio is a leading name in the international home décor market. For more than two decades now, Spacio has been acclaimed for offering a wide range of designer home décor and accessories for contemporary Indian homes .The brand has redefined the luxury décor and interior styling in India by bringing in an array of international brands under its portfolio and Dome Deco is one of them.

Navin Kanodia, Creative Head & MD of Spacio says “We are very proud to bring Dome Deco in India as it brings in the global trend of total interior concept built around furniture, décor accents and home fashion textiles. Stefan Verheyen, the designer of Dome Deco is an extremely talented and world acclaimed interior designer and his vision comes alive beautifully with the brand’s styling. The brand evokes a sense of luxury which can be felt only when you actually experience the brand and its products”.

Cosmopolitan living, two words that capture everything Dôme Deco stands for. The brand creates interior collections with a cosmopolitan identity.

Their desire is to gather inspiration in search for the beauty that goes beyond the average. This translates into contemporary collections that are a unique combination of colors and textures. The result is a warm, sophisticated interior atmosphere. An interior look suited for those who enjoy an urban lifestyle with a touch of luxury. Avail this highly acclaimed brand only at Spacio.