Living in Big Spaces : Three things that makes a big difference



This May, we’re all about Small Spaces, a bread-and-butter topic on Spacio and a personal favorite of ours. No doubt we’ll cover lots of tips, inspiration and ideas for small-space living over the coming weeks, but first let’s revisit what we already know works. Here are three classic ways to make living little work for you.



Small is one thing, but small and dark is quite another. Almost nothing has the power to transform a room like lighting.


Work with the natural light available to you by keeping furniture low and out of the light’s path, using window treatments which let in as much light as possible, and by using reflective surfaces like mirrors to increase the light’s throw. In terms of artificial light, make sure you have sufficient general, ambient and task lighting for all the ways in which you use the space. Once it’s properly lit, even a small room can feel spacious.


Organization & Storage

It goes without saying that in a small space, storage, and more importantly, organization, is key.Furniture with added storage and built-ins are a great way to achieve the former, and the latter comes down to habit forming and learning to live with less. It’s a constant struggle for many of us, but tidying regularly and paring down will make a big difference in fully embracing your small home, not simply making do with it.


Versatility & Flexibility

In a small space with multiple uses, having a flexible layout and/or furniture can be a saving grace. Search out pieces with multiple uses: a desk/dining table hybrid (or even a wall-mounted dining table), a comfortable and stylish sofa bed, nesting tables and rolling pieces can all make life a little easier for the small apartment dweller.

Visualizations of Modern Apartments that Inspire

The beauty of visualization is that is able to capture the most current trends in interior design. It is such a live medium that changes can be made down to the wire and on the whim of either designer or client. Visualizations such as these, which give substance to modern apartment concepts, by SpacioDesigners. They serve as an indispensible reference for all those artisans who collaborate on a project and a source of stimulation for those members of the greater community seeking interior inspiration.










100 Living Room Pictures and Ideas

When it comes to the one place in our homes or apartments that we can really relax and recharge our batteries after a long day it’s our Living Rooms. So no wonder we spend so much time planning and decorating to create a place we will love and one that reflects our personality. Spacio Designers guides and inspires you  100 Living Room Pictures and Ideas to venture down the road to decorate your Living Room.

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10 Popular Home Design Trends — Timely or Timeless?

It’s hard to know what’s going to stick and what’s going to go down in history. Interior design trends come and go and come again, to be sure.

In the ’50s, people ripped out Victorian details and claw-foot tubs in favor of vinyl and plastic and elements with the sleek, modern aesthetic of the atomic age. In the ’70s and ’80s, Danish modern pieces and other icons of the ’50s were eschewed as symbols of a stuffy, bygone era. Now they are sought-after treasures with giant price tags.

In the last decade, we’ve seen some new decorating trends emerge. Some will have staying power, and some will go down. We may see them in 20 years and think, “That is so 2012-2013.” But which is which? Spacio Designers have their predictions. What are yours?



Moroccan Poufs

We are a huge fan of Moroccan poufs, says Navin Kanodia of Spacio Furniture. They are great extra seating. They are great footrests. They are both exotic and modern, and they come in a rainbow of colors.


They’re modern looking, but with just the right amount of flourish. Not too sleek, not too busy.


And they go with any decor: modern, traditional & eclectic. But are they here to stay?


Woods Wallpaper

This beautiful and serene pattern hit its apex in about 2010, when it was absolutely everywhere.


It’s simple, symmetrical and classic.


Midcentury Modern Wallpaper

All love wallpaper, and love the big, graphic patterns inspired by midcentury designs. But they’ve already done their comeback circle, and we are betting that in a few more years they are going to fall out of favor again.


In 1990 no one would have put this in their home. Now everyone is. What about in 2025?


Same goes for midcentury textured wallpaper. Trend.


Midcentury Starburst Mirrors

A design trend from our youth that now seems horribly misguided. The 50’s generation still cannot imagine why anyone would want this in a home where as the youth of today find it to be the trend and the in thing.


But many, many people do want starburst mirrors in their homes. You see them in all sorts of different styles. Does that make them a classic, or are they just enjoying one last moment of favor?


Midcentury Everything

All the midcentury design icons have made a huge resurgence in the past decade: Eames, Saarinen, Nelson , Bertoia. You can’t turn around without hitting your shin on a Tulip Chair.



Midcentury modern design has real beauty and a very recognizable aesthetic. It is grounded in the philosophy of its time, which sought a sleek simplicity and integration with the outdoors.


The ideas and designs of that time will never fade away. But the trend of creating a period-piece room will. We will always have Danish modern and Nelson lights, but we don’t think there will be quite so many rooms that look like Mad Men sets in 20 years.



Butterflies are the insect of choice for everything from little girls’ rooms to sophisticated dining rooms. In the early years it was birds; now it’s butterflies.


Nature never goes out of style, and we’ve been stealing its designs since we first wrote on cave
walls. But will butterflies scream “2012” in five years?


Old Globes

These are another staple of modern, eclectic design. Just try to score a cheap out-of-date globe at a garage sale. There is no such thing, such is the demand.


Old globes do have an innate loveliness. They are bright and round and colorful. They represent exploration and mystery.


But will the old globe’s current iniquitousness be its undoing? Ten years from now, will you be able to score one at a garage sale for next to nothing?


This is another big one in eclectic modern design. It’s funny and winking and ironic — very much a product of the time.


But animal heads fashioned out of cardboard, plaster and ceramic have a limited shelf life.


‘For Like Ever’ Posters

Already dated. They were just too popular for their own good.


It’s always possible that they will make a nostalgic comeback in 20 years when all the children of today recall them from their childhoods. But they will never be a classic.


They are great for people who can’t or don’t want to commit to wallpaper. And they are certainly a lot less expensive than art. But does the wall decal mural have a future?



We think wall decals might be here to stay for short-life rooms like nurseries, but their best days
are behind them for adult spaces.

Please let us know your views and comments.

Use Glass elements to give the luxurious look!

The theory of reflection to make things look gorgeous is an old trick used by Architects and designers globally. Spacio Designers share this great tip with you to give that cutting look edge to your interiors.

Home accessories and ornaments gives the impression of luxury to the home. Trick of glass can make attractive light reflection. The house will appeal if given the proper ornaments and accessories. One of them is by using with the help of various glass elements. Glass makes impression of the room always – rich, luxurious and elegant.


Using glass as a divider will always make the room look very special and spacious. Glass when widely used in furniture such as dining table, kitchen cabinet door set will always make the room much more spacious and rich as the right reflects through these pieces. Glass on the furniture combined with wood materials by finishing using dark melamine or bright colors not only add a sparkle to these pieces but will will also make it a focal point.

The rich & elegant impression will also arise from dark and bright colors of the room elements when glass is used. With a little planning and playing with light, for example using crystal chandeliers will make the room atmosphere charming and elegant.