Mirror mirror on the wall…

Mirror acts as a décor accent which adds depth to your wall. It applies character to the space with its visual appeal. Accent mirrors gives rooms a more spacious feel with their reflective glass. Maximising the style of the interiors is what mirrors do the best for your interiors. We will dwell into some of the most exotic mirrors for your living here in this blog.

Unconventional shapes creates a drama surrounding your wall. Living room is the perfect fit for such mirrors as it forms a sculptural attraction for your guests.

Mirrors, like this large dining room one, brighten the room, create additional luminosity and add dimension to the space. It visually expands the space.

Large mirrors can really anchor a room by creating a high-impact focal point. It acts as a statement piece. Using a framed, round-size mirror placed on the floor and resting on the wall can become an incredible asset in many ways in a bedroom, living room and even at the end of a hallway. Presenting Dome Deco’s creation for you to admire.

Mirror grouped together forming an art pieces on top of a console looks visually stunning and creatively appealing, just like these mirrors from Dome Deco.

The frames of the mirror gives a different dimension and edge to the look and feel of your mirror. They make the mirror look dressy and dramatic. No one in the world can do it better than Christopher Guy and his luxurious feet.

The MD & Creative Head of Spacio Mr.Navin Kanodia says “Accent mirror can bring miracles to a dull interior when placed correctly as it is the key. If you want to give luminosity to your space by adding character and dimension then Spacio is your ultimate destination for accent mirrors.

Affreschi & Affreschi’s Wall Fresco Still Love

Affreschi & Affreschi is the Luxury Italian art for the art connoisseurs – a collection of frescoes with classic & modern theme of art. The company – Affreschi & Affreschi is known worldwide for producing one of its kind frescoes on slim and flexible supports of wall made of Carrara & Travertine, in 1mm thickness. These plasters can cover large size wall, ceilings and even floors. Their roll-able system and modular panel makes the installation very easy. The company is known worldwide for producing one of its kind frescoes on slim and flexible supports of wall, which can be easily applied on the wall.

Affreschi & Affreschi, the luxury Italian Art brand’s contemporary style Still love’s idea came forth after a visit to the Louvre Museum in Paris. The designer Dario Roselli remembers the feeling of being held completely captive, yet fascinated by the Antonio Canova’s statue; Psyche revived by Cupid’s Kiss. Pleasure, was born from the union of soul and love. While he observed and reflected upon this work of art, an inner desire, bringing alive this love trough this charming collection and feel the desire to see the triumph of Love in the environment you live in.

An innocent kiss in the back of your bedroom is a cute little subtle story of love depicted nicely through this marvelous piece of wall fresco.

A beautiful butterfly in the backdrop of your living room is truly a marvelous piece of art.

Inspired by artist Gustav Klimt’s memorable painting the kiss this wall fresco is a timeless design

The last supper is a biblical representation of art wonderfully justified in this wall fresco.

Art is an expression of life and over the ages it has also been an expression of luxury living. Italian art is considered to be the epitome of human creativity with the medieval and renaissance masters creating the greatest artworks of all times. Affreschi & Affreschi represents the best of medieval Italian art and advanced graphic techniques to redefine luxury wall art.

The Perfect Sofas For Your Apartment

If lounging is a favorite past time, your living room space doesn’t have to cramp your style statement. We’ve got some of the best apartment sofas and small sectionals that are stylish, compact and comfortable enough to cozy up on. But what about the other essential piece of furniture that you plop onto after a long day at work — your couch?

Nothing makes a small apartment look smaller like a ginormous piece of furniture that devours most of your living room or small piece of furniture in a large room. Spacio recommends some of the trendiest sofas for urban living in this blog.

Fill the corner of your house with a beautiful sofa set in pastel and neutral hues, something that is comfortable and pleasing to the eye. It adds sombreness to even the dull corner of your house.

Add bold character to your living space with dark catchy colours. It adds a bit of drama and vibrancy to a space. Bold colours adds sophistication which enhances the beauty of the space.

Sofas which acts a statement piece. Add focal point and vanity into your living room with statement sofas.

Printed upholstered sofa are in vogue. It is quite popular and has a style of its own. Create a floral mood inside your apartment with floral printed sofas. It looks fancy and glamorous in any space.

A multifunctional sofa is all you want in today’s urban living module where space is constricted and you need to accommodate a lot of stuff inside your apartment.

Leather adds masculinity to a room also adds character to a space, easy to maintain and mostly recommended for bachelors pad.

The Creative Head and MD of Spacio Mr. Navin Kanodia says “ Finding your ideal sofa can be a strenuous task as that is the first thing which one notices after you enter a living space. Sofas are no more considered a mere functional furniture but doubles up as an asset of being an art piece. Hence Spacio understands the need of the hour and brings dreams in the form of sofa set for your living room.”

100 Living Room Pictures and Ideas

When it comes to the one place in our homes or apartments that we can really relax and recharge our batteries after a long day it’s our Living Rooms. So no wonder we spend so much time planning and decorating to create a place we will love and one that reflects our personality. Spacio Designers guides and inspires you  100 Living Room Pictures and Ideas to venture down the road to decorate your Living Room.

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