Use Glass elements to give the luxurious look!

The theory of reflection to make things look gorgeous is an old trick used by Architects and designers globally. Spacio Designers share this great tip with you to give that cutting look edge to your interiors.

Home accessories and ornaments gives the impression of luxury to the home. Trick of glass can make attractive light reflection. The house will appeal if given the proper ornaments and accessories. One of them is by using with the help of various glass elements. Glass makes impression of the room always – rich, luxurious and elegant.


Using glass as a divider will always make the room look very special and spacious. Glass when widely used in furniture such as dining table, kitchen cabinet door set will always make the room much more spacious and rich as the right reflects through these pieces. Glass on the furniture combined with wood materials by finishing using dark melamine or bright colors not only add a sparkle to these pieces but will will also make it a focal point.

The rich & elegant impression will also arise from dark and bright colors of the room elements when glass is used. With a little planning and playing with light, for example using crystal chandeliers will make the room atmosphere charming and elegant.

Fabric – Its importance & beauty in your home

Fabric plays a key role in your home. If you don’t believe this, just stop and take a look around any room of your choice. Its there in many forms, from curtains to cushions and bedding to sofas. Fabric is an important part of good interior design, so if you are looking to improve or change the appearance of your home, this is an excellent place to start.

Understanding this Spacio brings to you a collection of hand picked fabrics to upholster your furniture.