A feature on “Tree of Life” from White Domus

White Domus Designs is an avant-garde design studio, creating pieces of contemporary furniture and lighting, installations, sculptures and other décor items which creates a strong visual appeal giving it a non-conformist & maximalist vision towards aesthetics and design.

They are known for creating high-end, only one of its kinds, creative and usable creations for people who crave for something different and have a desire for more personal and emotional connect.

The studio’s strong manufacturing capabilities ensures uniqueness and exclusivity of their creations. Today the product focus will be on a very unique installations named Tree of Life.

Tree of Life
Tree of Life

Housed in Spacio, the stunning Tree of Life installation symbolizes many nurturing aspects of life. In its branches, it symbolizes reaching out to accept the nourishment of the sun. In its leaves, it captures that nourishment and cherishes it through transformation into life giving food.

Unique in its design and form, this installation promises to captivate the viewers.

Made in stainless steel, the leaves are finished in high gloss brass and the trunks in brass antique.

Tree of life in interiors
Tree of life in interiors

White Domus Designs was founded to redefine luxury to the new millennial who is the globetrotter, understands the contemporary world of design and is willing to adhere to the new age rules.

Featuring Tree of Life
Featuring Tree of Life

White Domus is a young, daring and contemporary decorative brand with a truly unique sensibility housed at Spacio for clients who cherish things that are different and unique.

Mirror mirror on the wall…

Mirror acts as a décor accent which adds depth to your wall. It applies character to the space with its visual appeal. Accent mirrors gives rooms a more spacious feel with their reflective glass. Maximising the style of the interiors is what mirrors do the best for your interiors. We will dwell into some of the most exotic mirrors for your living here in this blog.

Unconventional shapes creates a drama surrounding your wall. Living room is the perfect fit for such mirrors as it forms a sculptural attraction for your guests.

Mirrors, like this large dining room one, brighten the room, create additional luminosity and add dimension to the space. It visually expands the space.

Large mirrors can really anchor a room by creating a high-impact focal point. It acts as a statement piece. Using a framed, round-size mirror placed on the floor and resting on the wall can become an incredible asset in many ways in a bedroom, living room and even at the end of a hallway. Presenting Dome Deco’s creation for you to admire.

Mirror grouped together forming an art pieces on top of a console looks visually stunning and creatively appealing, just like these mirrors from Dome Deco.

The frames of the mirror gives a different dimension and edge to the look and feel of your mirror. They make the mirror look dressy and dramatic. No one in the world can do it better than Christopher Guy and his luxurious feet.

The MD & Creative Head of Spacio Mr.Navin Kanodia says “Accent mirror can bring miracles to a dull interior when placed correctly as it is the key. If you want to give luminosity to your space by adding character and dimension then Spacio is your ultimate destination for accent mirrors.

Tothora Furniture for Contemporary Settings

Tothora is a brand that designs and produces table, Wall and floor clocks along with sleek modern utility furniture. It has reinvented the concept of time keeping and looking for modern spaces, offering a new alternative, to the traditional objects in the decoration.

Tothora create art pieces whether it is a clock or furniture its simple, geometric and minimalist forms that turn into sculptures of time to create focal points in any type of space or simply to decorate any corner. A new opportunity to see the weather in another way, with new models and finishes. “Unique“, “singular” and “daring“, this is how their clients define their time sculptures and furniture pieces.

Innovation is the magic wand of the brand. Designer Josep Vera welcomes you to their time.


Console with rack, a practical and attractive formula for small spaces or to boast of it, no matter the order, easy to assemble, for you who like simplicity.

S’Agaró hanger, a minimalist design, simple and without any screws, easy assembly so you do not waste much time and you can hang your things in a few minutes.

Sa Tuna, wall hanger, friendly and practical, takes up little space, the necessity to hang the bag or leave the keys as you like it.