Dome Deco for Spacio Collections

Dôme Deco from Belgium is a brand that offers you a total interior concept built around furniture, home accessories and interior textiles. This beautiful brand is distributed through decoration, furniture and lifestyle stores.

Taking luxury interior décor market in India to its next Level, Dome Déco offers total interior concept built around furniture, décor accessories and home textiles. Based in Dilsen Stokkem, Belgium, the brand has its own legacy in the world of interior design.

The brand’s design philosophy revolves around contrast as the key element. It presents a harmonious, beautiful look created by combining absolute contrasts of content and form. Weaving the concept around the combination of warm-cold, light-dark, city-village, male-female, urban-rural, Dôme Deco creates a totally unique and genuine décor story that epitomizes luxury decor.

Led by Navin Kanodia, the retail brand Spacio is a leading name in the international home décor market. For more than two decades now, Spacio has been acclaimed for offering a wide range of designer home décor and accessories for contemporary Indian homes .The brand has redefined the luxury décor and interior styling in India by bringing in an array of international brands under its portfolio and Dome Deco is one of them.

Navin Kanodia, Creative Head & MD of Spacio says “We are very proud to bring Dome Deco in India as it brings in the global trend of total interior concept built around furniture, décor accents and home fashion textiles. Stefan Verheyen, the designer of Dome Deco is an extremely talented and world acclaimed interior designer and his vision comes alive beautifully with the brand’s styling. The brand evokes a sense of luxury which can be felt only when you actually experience the brand and its products”.

Cosmopolitan living, two words that capture everything Dôme Deco stands for. The brand creates interior collections with a cosmopolitan identity.

Their desire is to gather inspiration in search for the beauty that goes beyond the average. This translates into contemporary collections that are a unique combination of colors and textures. The result is a warm, sophisticated interior atmosphere. An interior look suited for those who enjoy an urban lifestyle with a touch of luxury. Avail this highly acclaimed brand only at Spacio.

5 Tips for Taking Care of Your Books

If you are a book lover and owner, you are, by default, a conservator. Here are five tools Spacio furniture Designers suggest you use at home to protect your precious library.


• A hygrometer (shown above) is used to detect levels of humidity. You can buy it from a local cigar store in your city, but here the difference is only that we will strive for the opposite range of moisture that cigars enjoy. Cigars like humidity (at 65 percent), while books love low humidity levels, in the 30 to 40 percent range. Less than 20 percent humidity causes paper to become brittle and susceptible to cracking. Rule of thumb: if you are comfortable, your books are as well. A similar looking  Analog Hygrometer is available for less than Rs. 1000 from Amazon.


• Keep your books dust-free with Lambswool Dusters (or something equally soft).

• Book Jacket Protectors (known in the book industry by their trade name, “Brodart”) preserve books and protect they from harmful UV rays.


• Bone Paper Holders are used to apply pressure and crease the corners over dust jackets. This authentic knife-like device is indeed made of bone, but is now also alternatively available made from Teflon.


• Books like a stable temperature (ideally, between 65 and 70 degrees Farenheit).

For more ideas, keep watching this space. And if you have any genius tips, let us know in the comments section.