Tondo Doni: Michelangelo’s Painting Inspired Collection

TONDO DONI coined its name from the famous painting by Michelangelo – Tondo Doni that revolutionized the Renaissance painting art by introducing a new perspective.

TONDO DONI collection also reveals to our senses the perception of crystal as a precious material and at the same time an eye-catching design element.

Shape. Sensitive.
Cast of existence.
Soul. Delicate.
Eternal transparency.

These are some of the key words that defines Tondo Doni’s creation.

Tondo Doni expresses conceptual purity in purest crystal with over 24% lead content. It gives shape to inspiration in the only possible way, through man’s passion. The mouth which blows the crystal. The hand that grinds it.

Inspiration. Expression. Passion. That’s Tondo Doni for you.

It is the brand that introduce crystal into third millenium. All innovative collections of Mario Cioni & C. coined its name from the famous painting by Michelangelo-Tondo Doni that revolutionized the renaissance painting art. With its creations, Tondo Doni presents a collection of conceptual archetypes with a strong focus on the experimentation of the new forms, colours and designs. The concrete functional content assumes the guise of a hedonistic search for pleasure: visual, but also tactile, pleasure since the crystal provides an extremely strong and decisive physical perception. Who chooses Tondo Doni fascinated by an absolute original aesthetics, is merged in an experience that will involve all the senses; unique but repeatable.


Thoris from Tondo Doni is believed to have been crafted in a unique concept believing that the piece is a princess of the Martian state who has been mystically transported to Mars. Omnipresent it is capable of enriching infinite spaces surrounded by ornamental effects that dress the beauty of its spectacular symmetry. Thoris can be placed both ways.


Supernova creation is created following the concept of powerful star explosions occur in the galaxies, reshaping the cosmic order and spreading a new glow into the space. As well as in the cosmos, also in the interior space there is a new, beautiful, big and spectacular explosion of colors,: Supernova. Lightweight and fluctuating structure; decorative charisma given by the sense of stellar magnificence. Suspended and bright elements that recall the beauty of the stars above us.



Spacio Collection is your one stop solution to get hold of this collection extraordinaire.
The MD & Creative Head of Spacio Mr. Navin Kanodia says “Tondo Doni is a marvel in the world of crystal art. The collection is a tribute to the great Michelangelo and his paintings with pieces extraordinaire. Each piece is like a vision crafted in crystal. Spacio appreciates the uniqueness of this art and understands the value of the same in the Indian market.”

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