Unveiling New collection from Mario Cioni

MARIO CIONI, the memorable accumulation which bears the name of the creator, stands out for its reaches dependent on the great groups of high caliber, artistic crystal ware. The Italian crystal brand in all its masterpieces, the exquisite quality of glass and crystal and the use of traditional crafting methods create eye-catching designs that bring ethereal elegance, unique decorative patterns, and intriguing designs into sophisticated homes. We bring to you some of its latest launch to be available only with us here in Spacio.


It is a formed name that gets from the Greek and signifies “endowment of Isis”.

Isis, in Greek folklore, is the Goddess of parenthood and ripeness.

The cone like and geometrical shape speaks to the expansion of the heavenly nature’s arms that are open in a grasp.

The reasonable and symmetrical etchings are the signs that dress the precious stone with splendid differentiations or smooth iced wrapping up. The shading precious stone circle is the association to its natural element to raise up its volume.

(the rocks rose)

Common Mediterranean bloom with a round and conspicuous shape. In nature the blossoming endures only one day. This remarkable minute is presently becoming animated in precious stone. Cistus collection is born. Every petal, each blossom is hand-shaped regarding the characteristic ease of the glowing precious stone, and the air held is fundamental soul. The delicate quality of the curves upgrades the shape to give spaces a blooming of light and hues.

Available in clear, bronze, amethyst, amber and violet flowers these Cistus vases are an extraordinary creation in crystal.


It is the water pushed by the pivot of the propeller. The speed has left pathways on its surface. It is the vitality of the hands that have engraved this unending development. The development leads to this creation called Speed.

This eponymous brand celebrates artistic crystal artifacts and glassware in several historic collections that showcase impeccable craftsmanship and timeless style and the above collection is one such fine example of it.

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