Use art to give your home some personality with these 10 creative and budget-friendly decorating ideas.

Bare walls can make a space feel just that – barren. Adding art is a quick and easy way to make your house feel more like a home. Starting an art collection may seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to break the bank! And what better way to make your home a true reflection of you than by using personal keepsakes or your favourite fabrics. There’s no limit to what you can display or how you choose to display it. Even the smallest detail can make the biggest difference. For more creative ways to add art to your home, Spacio Designers suggest a few best budget friendly decorating ideas using artwork.



The Fabulous Design File: Personalized posters

“Our favourite budget-friendly decor tip is to have one of your own photos blown up into a poster-sized piece of art. You can have a 3′ x 5′ photo of the kids above a console table or a fireplace that can be printed at a local print shop or even at your home/ office using a good quality laser printer. It is unique, dramatic, personal, and affordable!



Sense and Simplicity: Edited photography

One of our favourite budget-friendly ways to add character to any home is to display photographs. Everybody loves hanging family photos or pictures from vacations – they’re personal, they bring back wonderful memories, they can easily be swapped out with newer photos, and they don’t cost a lot.

Why not try something other than a regular colour photograph? New technology gives us lots of options, such as using an online photo-editing program to change a colour picture to black & white or sepia; it’s even possible to order photos printed onto canvas. For example in the photograph above, an inexpensive bathroom renovation project, you can print some photographs your beach vacation photographs in black-and-white, use inexpensive white frames, and group the pictures for bigger impact. They look great lined up along the top of the bead board. Now, during those cold winter months, they’re a welcome reminder of warm summer fun.”



Just Bella: Fabricating art

There is nothing more affordable than shopping your own home to add some great quick decor updates. If you have been looking to change up the art on the mantle for quite sometime but just hadn’t found the right piece. While shopping your home, we are sure that you will come across some beautiful, bright, coordinating scraps of fabric that could be perfect for an easy and affordable DIY art. It’s as easy as picking out some great coordinating fabric, framing it and you’re done! An instant update that is affordable as they come – free!



First Time Fancy: Framed objects

Start to love to shop your home to find special pieces that you can frame and display to create budget friendly decor, adds Spacio Design Inspirationist – Navin Kanodia It’s a great way to add artwork and interest to your home for little to no cost. Like in the above picture we suggest framing an old key that had been laying around. You can take some khadi cotton or silk fabric and glue it to the back of the frame to add some texture. Then, using a hot glue gun, glue the key in place. The project would take you less than 45 minutes and believe us, would cost you barely anything. It will make a perfect addition to your entrance foyer/ entryway. This is just one idea, but with a little creativity you can frame almost anything in your home to make beautiful, and meaningful artwork adds Navin Kanodia.



Desire to Decorate: Floral frames

You will always find that the house almost seems naked once the holiday season passes. With your savings requiring a much needed rest after the dream vacation, one always is looking for a budget friendly decoration ideas that can take you through to a colorful spring season. You can purchase a pretty floral fabric on “Sale” and insert it into a simple white frame. The frame can sit on the console table in your entryway. You can buy fresh flowers to add an extra pop of colour. All in all, a simple, inexpensive and pretty idea!



Marcus Design: Boldly over matted

Displaying personal photographs and artwork in a bold and glamorous way is a bold, yet affordable way to update your home decor. You can implement this in many ways in your own home suggests Praveen Kanodia, Spacio Designer, but there is one particular way that seems to get a lot of attention and compliments: Personal photos in overmatted frames. They look bright, fresh, modern and deceivingly pricey, but they are as budget-friendly as artwork can get!

You can purchase or do home shopping for an inexpensive artwork just for the frames. Tear out the pictures and mattes that where included. Have the mattes cut with windows to the exact specifications at an art supply store. After printing personal photos in black & white at home, place them in my newly overmatted frames, and voila! A chic and bold look that you’d never guess was budget-conscious.



A Tranquil Townhouse: Jeweled decor

Pieces of interesting jewelry can make a fabulous art collection as shown in the picture above, whether framed or just hung on the wall. In the above case, there is a necklace and bracelet that probably you didn’t wear much, but looked fabulous hanging together. A bracelet that you probably had as a child that no longer fits; a set of bangles that weren’t really ‘you’; and a necklace that someone else broke – now, instead of being consigned to the bottom of a drawer, get a kick out of seeing them used as wall decor.



Little Bits of Lovely

Discover new artists and invest in affordable artwork. Pair it with a simple black frame. It is a great way to decorate your home.



Vintage Paper Parade: Decorative paper

This is one of our favourite tricks for creating wall art says Rajeev Gupta of Spacio. In this bedroom we have shown how you can use Japanese Chiyogami paper and plain frames to create a budget-friendly trio of art. In your children’s room you can also frame a piece of beautiful gift wrap and a vintage comic book. It instantly adds a fresh pop of colour and personality to the space. Sheets of gift wrap, vintage maps, book illustrations, comic books and even vintage postcards are also great options.


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