Vastu Shastra for Kitchen Design

Spacio Designers help you understanding the Kitchen Design as per Vaastu

Kitchen is a very important room in our homes. It is the source of good health for all the members in the house. As per Vastu (also known as VastuShastra or Vaastu), the health of the members in the house depends on the placement of kitchen and its design.


Kitchen is the place where our daily meal is cooked. The health of the people in the house completely depends upon the quality of the food being cooked in the kitchen.


The food cooked with positive energy brings good health and prosperity. At the same time if the cooked food is with the negative energy of the room due to improper placement of kitchen, it results in ill-health and bad luck” adds Praveen Kanodia of Spacio.

Vastu for Kitchen Design
Vastu for Kitchen Design

Understanding the Placement and Kitchen Design as per Vaastu

As per Vaastu, the placement of Kitchen in the house should be in the SouthEast direction. This direction is also called as the AgneyaDisha (the Fire, source of Energy). Food cooked in this direction is full of positive energy.


While designing the Kitchen and the interiors of the Kitchen few things need to be kept in mind. The initial placement of the kitchen in the house and the things in the Kitchen resolves problems to a greater extent.


Tips on Vaastu for Kitchen Design

Always set up your kitchen in the South-east direction of the house and ensure that the kitchen is kept clean and hygienic. Don’t store unwanted and unused items in the Kitchen.


The placement of the stove should be in South-east such that the lady of the house faces East while cooking. This brings good health for the family members.


The placement of the Sink in the kitchen should be in the North or NorthEast direction. These are the direction ruled by the water element.

Drinking Water

The best and purest corner in the Kitchen is the North-east Direction. This direction should be used to keep Drinking water, water purifier or the water stored for drinking and cooking and hence his direction should be kept clean and empty.


The placement of refrigerator should be in the South-east, West or North Direction of your kitchen


The grains and other food items stored for the cooking should be stored in the North-west direction of the kitchen.

Dining Table

The placement of the dinning table should preferably be in the North-west direction as per vaastu for kitchen.


The utensils used in the kitchen should be stored or kept in the West or South-west direction.


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